Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Saturn transiting through the fifth to eleventh house

Saturn transiting the fifth house finds us assessing the way we express ourself, our self-confidence, the way we project ourselves, of course this affects and changes the way we relate to our friends and in close relationships. It also changes the way we manifest our creative potential.
Saturn transiting over the sixth house finds us throughly assessing whether something we do is useful or not, how can we become healthier in our habits, routine, more useful in work, as a self preparation to the next relationship transit. It is kind of the former transit on a more earthy basis.
Seventh house relates to our involvements in relationships. Saturn transiting in the seventh house provides us with a extensive study in how do our relationships work, what our behaviour are, what we need to compromise for, and valuing quality over quantity in relationships. Bonds are establishes as well as important social and professional partnerships.
Saturn transiting eighth house is a deep cut through our emotional way of relating in relationships, our obsessions, deep-seated habits, sexual compulsions and relationships, shared finances and debt, the way we have supersitions; all of this goes through a cleaning process as we strive to become more emotionally healthy people. This is a deep emotional cleansing period.
Saturn transiting through the nineth house is a more light period. It involves to assess our share of confidence in the world, way of believing in something and projecting that outwards. It involves starting new projects and preparing for the next transit, for standing for what we believe if that is solid enough.
Saturn transiting the tenth house involves realizing where we stand in the world, in society. Some will be reward with professional advances in carreer. This is a first step before realizing where are we moving towards (Saturn transiting the eleventh house). This is also a culminating of our incarnation, a climax, realizing we went up and now a old cycle is finishing and we have to accept it; finding social security in those things that were seeds during the transit over the fourth house: our emotional and fundation security.

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