Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sign polarities as viewed by Alice Bailey

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this polarity is balancing our passion with harmony, self with others, the way we project our energy towards the external world.
this polarity related to desire and security.
this polarity relates to dedication, focus, knowledge, listening to our intuition, communication and action. Sagittarius will aim intensively to direct his/her focus to just one spiritual purpose. Aries, Taurus also tend to rush blindly until Sagittarius directs and focus, while
this polarity is very important as relates to our incarnation urge, pull and purpose.
this polarity relates to the way we express our self-potential in concern to otherselves, in the best way possible.
this polarity relates to our relationship with the soul, the way we may put it in service to others. While Virgo concerns with help aiming towards every detail and material way, Pisces will now that he eventually will have to transcend the self-worrying and material way of Virgo. However Pisces can only serve other when balanced in a perfected and material way of Virgo.

While Taurus in concern with desire satisfaction and peace, material security; Virgo goes inward to the service that the soul may put to service to otherselves in this regard, it is a nurturing way; Capricorn realizes that such as a strife ends nowhere, and aims to retain as high it can, before it knows the eventual fall and the start of a new cycle, eventually he or she will reach a spiritual initiation


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