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Uranus cycles of revolution!!! Uranus in Aries. Every 83-84 years! Next time is... around 2012!

2012, 1929, 1846, 1763, 1680, 1597, 1514...
The revolutionary period grow for about 20 years starting in this dates...
Let´s see!

see former periods of 1763 (wars in Europe, US independence, and then later French Revolution), social and economic changes, and 1680 (Glorious Revolution) and former ones
In 1799, roughly after the US independence, there was also the Sikh Empire in India and Pakistan, which lasted until 1858, next Uranus in Aries/Taurus period. In China there were popular uprisings which culminated in eigh years of the White Lotus Rebellion (1796). In 1756-1763, the Seven Year war involved almost all Europe and resulted in many changes of borders and US independence and in other colonies. It involved France, UK, Austria, Russia, Netherlands (in India) and later Spain and Portugal. It was even described as a first world war.

1846-1866: Uranus in Aries and Taurus
1846: Great famine in Ireland, crop failures, unrest and poverty grow around Europe.
1848: the year of revolutions, a wave of revolutions towards democracy, nationalism, socialism and mainly liberalism. This was caused by unrest, economic problems, poverty and little work rights, lack of liberalism in ruling classes. There was the Great Famine in Ireland during this decade (1845-52), and a little bit of these problems all around continental Europe. The revolutions started in January 1848 in Sicily, progressed with the French Revolution of 1848, and soon spread to almost all Europe nation! Poland (military uprisings towards independence), Ireland (Famine and protests against British rule, elimination of feudalism in Prussia), Uk (some popular unrest), Switzerland (civil war, a new constitution), France (revolution, end of monarchy), Italy (revolutions and war inside their states, Italy would be unified a decade later), Germany (popular mass demonstration and military unrest for nationalism and liberal rights, Germany would be unified a decade later), Austria empire (unrest, rise of nationalistic movements and struggle for Hungary independence, elimination of feudalism), Netherlands, Brazil (some revolts inspired by the French Revolution), Sri Lanka (a massive peasant revolt), Ottoman Empire (unrest in some regions of the empire), Denmark-Norway (end of absolute monarchy and lasting liberal reform). Only in Russia there was no revolution due to the strong aristocratic rule. However Russia entered an important war with UK-Ottoman Empire-Ireland a few years (Crimean War) later in 1853-1856. This war was a major one with first use of modern arms technology.
In New York, there is a femininism convention for women rights. America was also at war with Spain, in Mexico (1846-1848) something that help triggering the America Civil war and end of slavery (a parallel to end of feudalism in Europe!!).
1848: Karl Marx published the Communist Manifesto (1848) and gained popularity, secret societies spread. Socialism was a theme for the defense of working rights and a cause of much of 20th century ideals and conflicts.
1850: Charles Darwin published the evolution of species, Neardertals were discovered, production of steel revolutionates industry (1855), advances in telegraph technology, railroads as main mean of transport in the US, first distillation of petroleum (1854)! First Industrial revolution started also in 1760s, in the former Uranus in Aries period. More advances (nuclear energy, computers) would come later in 1930s-1940s.
1851: In China, the Taiping Rebellion occured in almost a third of China leading to changes in regime. China was then involved in small wars with Japan and France.
1854: battles in the US precipitate a few years later the American Civil war.
1858: India passes from Islamic rule to British rule. India was ruled by the british company in 1757-1858. In 1857 there was the first great war for independence by civilians, but the region remained under an even greater rule of the British Empire. After the thirties, independence was proclaimed by both Pakistan and India (Gandhi), which effectively was achieved in 1947 after the second world war. It seems that Uranus in Aries/Taurus periods are not only relevant to Europe and Americas but also to India history!!

Other important critical marks, again surrounding the cardinal signs of Libra and Capricorn:

see history of China, Spain, arabs...

1929-1949 period: Uranus in Aries and Taurus
Again much change happened in the world, due to first the economic depression which lead to new changes in politics and social and working rights, and then the rise of extreme political movements, and the world war II. After this, many countries changes borders and were rebuilt. India gained independence. Again the changes were important for Germany, Italy, UK, France, Russia, US, Austria. Spain was again not involved but had a devasting civil war. Portugal had a dictatorship and poverty.

The Uranus-Pluto conjuntion in 1968: in nearly every western country, there were social unrest, such as the student uprising in France (May 1968), the hippies movements and Summer of Love in 1967 and Woodstock in 1969, the US landing a man in the Moon in 1969, the Cold War tensions (particularly in 1962 and 1974), Vietnam war (earlier) which lead to extensive anti-war demonstrations in the US, Martin Lutther King fighting for rights of minorities, and JF Kennedy. There was unrest in other countries (spring of 1968 in Prague), in Spain and Portugal unrest lead to the end of dictatorship in both countries.
The Uranus-Neptune-Saturn in 1989: All Eastern Europe and Russia had very important revolutions, popular unrest and changes in regime. Berlin Wall fall that year, the Cold war ended. Even in China, there was the Tiananmen Square protests which lead to great economic and political reforms. In Europe and the US, this was good news, and during the end of the decade, two important technologies also came out: the web and mobile phones, and the widespread use of computers.

2010-2030: Uranus in Aries and Taurus
economic crisis
new union and polotical order, treaty, currencies, politics
new rights for minorities
disclosure of corruption, big corporations, aliens, technology problems, global warming
the food problem, the energy and oil problem
changes in US, Europe, India, Pakistan, Arab countries...

Following the line of 1770s, 1840s and 1930s revolutions and wars, I think there will be new important dramatic changes in the borders of several countries. First a great economic depression since the thirties should overthrow much of an old world order, old politics, ways of thinkings and big corporations (Pluto in Capricorn), then by late 2010s and early 2020s (Pluto reaching Aquarius), some great and inspiring revolutions should happen in the line of the French and American revolutions and the revolutions of 1848. It is probable that some wars may happen before (2010-2020) and during that period (2020-2030) that may reshape the border of different countries. Probably all Europe should be affected to some degree, mostly in Central Europe, France and UK. Spain should be dealing more with its internal divisions. And a few European countries with heavy popular unrest and uprisings. The US may suffer its first important changes (who knows about a division and a union with its neighbours). India and Pakistan may confront themselves and this could lead to rebellion both in Europe and US. China may suffer internal uprisings challenging the central authority (already happening, and also in Tibet) and some unrest with its neighbours though we think it should remain as it is.

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