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Uranus in Aries and also a politic history of left-wing, libertarian, utopian and communal ideals

2012, 1929, 1846, 1763, 1680, 1597, 1514...
The revolutionary period grow for about 20 years starting in this dates...
Let´s see!

1520s: Revolt and revolution in religion, politics against authority
Protestants, German peasant war in 1525 (t was Europe's largest and most widespread popular uprising before the 1789), Anabaptist utopic ideals of society (almost anarchist and communal)
Thomas More's Utopia

1590s: Bolotnikov rebellion for the abolition of serfdom in Russia times of trouble, scarcity and famine

1640s and 1680s: Gerrard Winstanley, the True Levellers or "diggers" reclaim lands and advocated the abolition of private ownership of land, Christian Communism during this time by Plymouth Colony, English civil war and anarchism
Quakers originate to end slavery, war and promote women rights
Rhode Island (1636-1648) commune
English Glorious revolution later (1688)
anarchist commune: Holy Experiment (Quaker) in 1680
Libertatia (1670s to 1690s)
John Locke social ideas which would influence many ideals and revolutions in centuties following

1760s-1790s: french and american revolution, ideals of Thomas Jefferson advocated a society with no government sometimes, François-Noël Babeuf ideals of communism (word not yet coined at that time)
Voltaire advocated free trade
commune of New Lanark founded in 1786
earlier philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau had also ideals of power in the hands of people, and ideals of liberalism and socialism which would influence the french and american revolutions

1840s and 1850s: Bakunin, Marx, William Godwin, John Goodwin Barmby, Proudhon, Hengels, Benjamin Tucke, Kropotkin, Max Stirner... Thoreau... experimentation with (utopian) communes start: start of theosophy and new age spirituality: first ideals of women rights and
Étienne Cabet and Robert Owen ideals
anarchist commune: Utopia in 1848, modern times in 1852, Icarian communes
socialism ideals also practiced by mormons and other religious groups~
first mentionings of ecology

1930s: Gandhi, Communists in Russia, Spanish Revolution in 1936 and Anarchist Catalognia, Free territory in Ukraine, anthrosophy, nazis and world war, first ideals of deep ecology and animal rights
communes following Leo Tolstoy ideals during the 1920s. Koren anarchism in thirties
much was done in social rights during this decade due to the great depression
(1960s: hippies and communes, new age, feminism, drugs, ecology, social rights)
interest in ecological habits, ecosystems grow very significantly (thankfully!)

2010s: free software, human rights, deep ecology, utopian philosophies again, these liberalization waves starts to spread to other regions of the world such as in islamic societies too, much more realistic and widespread communal, familiar and indidivual experiments with self-sufficiency and community living;
more social-economical-ecological-utopian-communal-political-revolutionary experimentations!!!

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