Sunday, February 1, 2009

2009 February. We are almost at a tipping point of a big change and set of events

We are still well before the very "hot" dates of around 15th April and May, when a set of very important events for the world shall occur.
These include secrets coming out, corruption exposed, the economic depression is accepted at a mainstream level and manifested clearly, some extreme climatic and/or geological events, riots and protests in several countries, big changes at a personal level, a gradual awakening to act and change.
Around the 9th February it is probably the next wave of protests and/or some war just after the last January events and wave of unemployment.
April and May should be bring more significant dramatic change, in this context.
By August the market shall crash, and by September the US and the world will have some really important events of change. These may include rioting, one civil war, a larger middle east war, economic depression, revolution in a few countries, and who knows disclosure of alien activity.
Let me make it, very very very clear: the economy will get really bad, and people will really revolt themselves!!!!! A few will stay sad, stuck, but many will stir individual unrest and action. Things will CHANGE! Because society will be seen unworkable!
This will last during the next 10 years, brining a radical new way for society, based in local and grassroot association of people.

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segurelha said...

Looking back to the cardinal cross activation periods, we have main periods of transit activation in mid June 2008 (peak oil prices and large social unrest), mid August 2008 (Georgia war, Russia-US tensions), early October 2008 (beginning of the large-scale Economic crisis), mid December 2008 (Greece riots, India-Pakistan tensions, Israel-Gaza war)

The 9th February came, but with no main revolts, just another wave of unemployment, and further decline in the crisis.

However, tensions should grow once again in the next activations of mid March and mid April 2009, and followed particularly by the summer.