Thursday, February 26, 2009

Period 10-15 March: look out for more news of change

The current aligment Saturn-Uranus should be strongly activated in the next week, in the week from 10 to 15 March, which should be a period of major changes in the current economic disruption. I would expect further aggitation, as structures are shattered, old solutions discarded and new solutions pushed forward.

This period starts by 2nd of March and unfolds during the 10-15 March when the Sun aligns with Uranus-Saturn configuration in Pisces. Then, in mid April, Mars conjoins the alignment and that should be even more action-related! Job losses, land disputs, energetic conflicts, corruption problems equal much Mars energy. Look for this in April. Mars equals "things have to be solved".

Remember that I have told in 2008, several months ago, that this would be followed by social unrest at least, and probably riots. It is that, collectively, humanity is discarding the old attachments to money and all that Capricorn and Saturn represents. Certainly the news in mid March and then in mid April should be interesting to say the least. Many things will happen. Can you see how much news of crashes have happened recently (satellites, submarines, planes..)?
I wonder that much has still to be shattered before major changes that are necessary (economically and socially speaking) are implemented and manifested.

At least in this mid March, and mid April, the reality of this "crisis" will become more and more intense, and show up the need for a big change. The news will reflect that. The state of people thoughts will reflect that.

I guess those changes should speed up between March and May, and then really gain a strong momentum by August and September 2009, when the trio Pluto-Uranus-Saturn forms.
Have you grasp this?

But remember, Uranus has not yet entered Aries. It will do only in 2011, and it is then when the real action speeds up.
Pluto has already entered Capricorn, that you can see by the slow, persistent and pervasive erosion of social structures and of socio-economico-political powers. There is a potential for a revolution in one or a few important countries. Iceland already had it. It is a longlasting period.

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