Sunday, February 8, 2009

Revolution starting within the next few years

Every 83 years, Uranus brings a new wave of revolution, social awakening and reinvention of society, caused by some particular crisis.
In 1344 it was the Bubonic Plague, in 1430 it was the Hundred Years War, in 1513 the Colonization of Americas, Copernicus discoveries and Luther Protestant thesis, in 1680s the British Glorious Revolution, in 1761 the Seven Year War and subsequent American and French Revolutions, in 1844 the Irish Famine, the wave of European revolutions and new political ideas, in 1929 the Economic Crash and the World War.
In 2010 a new crisis will start which will cause a new social awakening and drastic change.
The cycle and its timeline and nearly perfect. Like the ringing of a clock.

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Idris said...

Clock work it is and it never misses a beat :0

Would like to have your comments on the current economic conditions and stock markets.

Your blog is in my favorites.