Monday, March 30, 2009

The nature of fourth house

A ground that breaks emotionally, after a period of personal focus, however lightly.
A overwhelming sensitivity that comes, moodiness and prompts for divine reconnection, to find giving love towards others. To find, mostly, a inner nurturing place...

Uranus transits. The Capricorn archetype

Today I also thought of these two energies: Uranus and Capricorn

ranus is always a great shaking up the ground.
It is an invitation for the unknown, the new.
It is above all, a creator of revolution, tensiom, breaking points, restlessness, and confusion, that prompts one to consider "change", even if it is radically unexpected change, one more accordingly to the divine plan, and maybe, aggitate things up, to stir up a moment of clarity and enlightning insight about a particular situation, even if it is just for a moment. But it will be a moment of glory and brightness.

Capricorn, like Scorpio, is one of those signs that few people like. Why? Because it is responsability, it is structure, it is acomplishing by hard-work, and because it means decay after the climax, or at least, a old cycle that will end for giving space to the new. Therefore Capricorn is a turning point, in the long cosmic night, or in the long freezing winter.
Capricorn is the door to the outside world, such as Cancer is the door to the incarnation world. Capricorn is the sign of the mountain, of spiritual initiation, of a banker that goes broke, and then shifts to a more positive, and God-aligned career.

Aquarius, the ruler of detachment, impersonal global love, and global networking and dreams. The humanistic fraternal nature

Powerful insights. Why discordance happens in life?

An Aquarius. A Cancer. A Virgo. A Sagittarius. A Capricorn. A Leo
Why so much divergence?
Why are there these learning archetypes in Mother Earth School, after all?

Because it is a long-lasting school for young and maturing souls.
Because the differences create diversity and an opportunity for knowing that attachments are always prone to breaks.
Because it's an opportunity for developing deep psyche talents, and tolerance, and love, and wisdom.
Because it excites.
Because the boredom, prompts one to see past the illusion.

Powerful insights. Natal Saturn in eighth house

I have natal Saturn in eighth house. This is shown as a very hidden attachment/fear/worry about losing certain important things in your life, even if you are not happy with them, such as a job, a relationship, a specific life situation.
This makes the person much focused in their own self-transformation, using brute discipline, although not overly visible to otherselves; by seeking wisdom, healing in the deep core of the (emotional) being, the way it relates to the outer world, to relationships, to finances and the job world, striving to achieve self-sufficiency and independence, very much alike the Scorpio-way.
Therefore, this is a energy that creates interest in spirituality, in psychology, in deep psyche probing such as hypnosis, past lifes, out of body experiences, the death process, occultism, and mysticism. It also, of course, creates much of these, in relationship to sexual matters. the individual may suffers fears, inhibitions, attachment for the removal of otherself, and sometimes oscilate with the obsessive probing character of Scorpio, thereby creating waves of chasticy/inhibition and sexual obsession. Earlier in life, the inhibition pattern may become the one by default and self-security, mostly before the age of 30.
This is the nature of Saturn energy, painfully and slowly dealing with the situation. A master of time, a dealer at the threeshold, a karmic guardian, a guiding teacher.

Monday, March 23, 2009

19 April 2009, 29 August 2009 and 23 October 2009, key events this year

Terence McKenna TIMEWAVE predicts these as key eventful dates this year
This is are also the same periods than those of my astrological predictions.

Accordingly to TIMEWAVE2012, Next turning key dates around:
  • 19 April
  • 29 August
  • 23 October
Precisely the same as the most critical astrological points of the year!!
There are also minor dates indicated in:
  • 13 February (economy worsens, satellites crashes)
  • 13-24 June
The former key Timewave dates in 2008 were:
  • 14 June (oil peak and social unrest)
  • 9 August (Georgia conflict)
  • A major point indicated at 3-8 October (the economy crisis)
So, you can see how the timewave from Terence McKenna correlates outstandingly with world changing events.

Ask me personally, if you are interested in a detailed astrological report for this year, and also the years ahead. It's 30 Euros. Mail to segurelha at

I will now go into a detail summarizing how the timewave will vary, accordingly to four different variation models.

Period 2008-2009
Most Timewave models have shown a major turning point in early October 2008, followed by events in mid April, mid June, and mostly by mid-late August and mid October 2009.
Watkins: breaks a big habit in 3 October 2008, down to 13 February 2009, a small habit peak in 19 April 2009 and a small novelty peak in 24 June 2009, and further down from 29 August 2009 to 23 October 2009.
Sheliak: goes down all through 2008 and 2009, from 30 March 2008 to 23 October 2009
Huang-Ti: a small habit peak in 4 June 2008, a novelty peak in 9 August 2008, a major habit peak in 13 February 2009 then a major descent to 19 April 2009, habit in 13 June 2009, and further to a bottom novelty in 29 August 2009, then further habit
Franklin: habit grows finnaly in 8 October 2008, and faster after 19 April 2009, up to the last breaking point in 29 August 2009, then a major descent in novelty to end of 2009, which accelerates in 23 October 2009

Period 2003-2005
2003 August European heat wave, 2003 November solar flares, 2004 December Tsunami, 2005 August Katrina and 2005 September solar flare
Most Timewave models have shown these events, mainly a turning point between August and November 2005, and a point in late 2004, in Watkins, Sheliak and Franklin.
Watkins: shows a habit growing all through 2003, mainly up in 3 May 2003, down in 8 July 2003, then to a habit peak 12 September 2003 to 22 May 2004, down to a novelty peak in 1 October 2004, peaking again in habit between 27 August 2005 and 12 November 2005
Sheliak: shows a habit growing from March 2003 to peak in 12 Sep 2003 down to novelty peak in 1 October 2004, then habit peaking in 27 August 2005
Huang-Ti: shows habit growing from 3 May 2003, breaking down in 1 January 2004 to a peak in 22 May 2004, then habit, and a new novelty peak in 21 October 2005
Franklin: grows fast in habit from 8 July 2003, and goes to novelty bottom all through the year since 12 September 2003 to 17 November 2003, until 1 October 2004 and 6 December 2004! Grows in habit in 16 August 2005.

Period 2001
Most Timewave models have shown the 911 event, Sheliak and Huang-Ti showing sharp new novelty, Watkins showing peak habit. August 2001 was one of the greatest changing points in novelty, in fifteen years leading to 2012.
Watkins: major habit plateau in 7 August-6 December 2001
Sheliak: major habit peaks in 7 August 2001 and then down, mostly after 1 October 2001
Huang-Ti: shows an abrupt novelty descent from 22 May 2001 to 7 August 2001 then a novelty plateau
Franklin: shows a novelty descent only in 2000, a novelty bottom peak in 22 May 2001 and then a gradual and sustained habit growth up to September 2003.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Astrological predictions for 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2020, 2030, 2050, 2080 and years ahead

The preliminaries astrological events of a big world change continue. These have began in mid 2008. In this year, the spring is full of intensity as Uranus continues an opposition to Saturn, and Jupiter joins with Neptune and Chiron, in Aquarius. This is a revolutionary and epic conjunction. The deconstruction of some portions of our society continues, with back and forwards steps.

Highlights are:
  • A mid April conjuntion of Uranus-Mars, promising full energy and activity; followed shortly by Mars progressing into Aries: may trigger new wars and tensions, military activity, and in general great actions, riots, great moves and decisions in people lifes. The economy may inflate again. There is an impulsive mood. Also because Uranus enters in square orb with Pluto.
  • the whole month of May featuring the epic Neptune-Jupiter-Chiron tripple conjunction, this is related to floods, epic events, and great activity in science or religion. This is optimal for group activity, scientific advances, and revolutionary moves. A highly idealistic and perhaps confusing time.
  • mid August to mid September, this is the stronger aspect this year. The Saturn-Uranus opposition is activated and triggered by a forming grand-cross with Mars and Pluto; there will probably be another wave of economical depression, job losses, and perhaps a great stock market crash. Society will feel greater energies of deconstruction and transformation.
  • October: a forming Saturn-Pluto square. this could mean traditionally war, economic depression, an heavier period, with fears and a sense of brutality. There could be a couple of riots and revolution in one or two countries.
  • Grand cross in Spring and Summer. After the introspective winter months, the months from March to August promise a return to great activity. Great moves by a part of the population, maybe due to important life decisions, probably connected with the overall global change. This feels as a year of depression, like 1931, since there is this grand-cross. Scientific discoveries and announcements could be amazing. Much technology surging. Much corruption and secrets come to surface. Impulsive and active moods from May onwards. In 2010 and 2011 there could be greater wars and natural disasters due to the grand-cross. Changes increase further.
  • April to August bring new intensity, probably the beggining of the next great depression, as Uranus crosses well beyond 0º Aries into the more fiery energies of this cardinal sign, and as in this spring the square between Uranus and Pluto begins! Finally, we have a long septile series between Eris, Neptune and Pluto! A global sense of change. Widespread fight for values. Continuation of the technology breathrough. Focus in geological/weather important changes. This period of change is reaching a climax peak. I would say that a crescendo of changes relates to social and economy deconstruction, secrets coming out, people changin radically their lifes and awakening to more spiritual things, weather and geological big changes, and sea levels rising. Overall, the population of the world will decrease significantly during the years ahead. It's a cleaning and a great leveling.
  • Mid year brings full strengh Pluto-Uranus square, and Uranus entering 10º Aries, traditionally a region of great power and change. There is more risk of a full blown economic depression and global conflicts this year, or also natural changes like weather o geological events. There is a marked cut from a global culture to a more localized and self-sufficient lifestyle this year, and also great changes start to happen in both science and religious fields. This will be an exciting year, a year of a climax in world change.
2013 and 2014
  • Continuation of global depression, localized economy, a few weather and geological changes, people will not be part of great cities and a global high-tech culture but instead focus in their own lives and local groups or families. Governments go to political extremes. Much change in people's lifestyles and novelty not unlike the sixties. There will be a sense of unbelievable change of these last years is compared to 2008, like it happened in 1969 or during the thirties. A climax and peak of change. The years 2015 to 2017 will bring much reorientation in people lifes, like the years of 2011 to 2014 also brought, but now more peacefully accepted. Slowly the light at the end of the tunnels surges.
  • This will be a period of revolution. One or two important revolutions may happen in important countries, with the impact of the American and French revolutions. Look at the years around 2022. There may be wars and decisions in certain parts of the world that change those regions in definitive. This is the years to look for a change in most parts of the world, now reaching towards peace and compromise. The economy depression continues, but the important changes in the socio-economic-political system during these years will be far-reaching into the future, as well as the focus in the more localized and green lifestyles. Energies for transportation will change. Transportation itself may change. Ecological changes and focus. A new world order or goverment may begin now. A great sense of renewal.
  • Prosperity returns now to a much changed society, with an incredible step forward. A boom of technology, mostly low-energy and green-based. Probably free-energy starts becoming explored. A great increase in the internet, communication, space travel, etc...

  • There will be highlights of change during this century, mainly around 2048, and then 2060 and again by 2080. The foundations of the society will be mainly changed during the first three decades, followed by greater changes in the way than mankind sees spirituality, health and the ecology around. The years around 2048 will bring possible climatic and geological disruptions, with society focusing further in local system instead of the global greeds and intrigues. By 2060-2080 there will be probably great emphasis in spiritual transformation of people, maybe since there will be important spiritual and religious inspiring leaders, leading to radical transformation in the beliefs and attitudes of people. By 080 the world will be a much different place, based more on trust, space contact, spiritual advance, and local group and rural and local-based economies, in constrast and in parallel to clean high-tech sustainable cities.

Influence of Moon and Astrology in Weather

I have ben conducting a study by following the weather for nearly five months, looking at how it changes when the Moon, and also the other planets, change astrological sign.

Overall, there is an astonishing clear relationship between the Moon transiting sign and the weather, with few exceptions. The tendency seems to be there, pretty clear.
This was not for winter months. I expect that the influence may be slighty different during summer.
Here are the conclusions:
  • Moon in Aries: weather warms, drier weather, sun spells
  • Moon in Taurus: weather is stable and calm, a bit more humid and cooler.
  • Moon in Gemini: weather warms considerably, with temperature fluctuations. Dry weather, windy and unsettled. Some sun and clouds.
  • Moon in Cancer: weather cools very significantly at the end of the sign. Brings wet weather and colder temperature.
  • Moon in Leo: weather settles, it is stable and moderate, tendency to warm and become slighty drier
  • Moon in Virgo: weather becames again unsettled, cool, but it warms towards the end of the sign. May bring rains and heavier precipitation and brisk winds.
  • Moon in Libra: tends to bring better weather, more sun, but windy. Also warmer, but with more ample temperature fluctuations, bringing generally a mix of warm and cold.
  • Moon in Scorpio: weather varies between sun/clouds/dry, and clouds/humid weather. Initially warm but then generally cools significantly.
  • Moon in Sagittarius: weather is calm, generally more sunny, moderate and dry. Temperatures may cool gradually.
  • Moon in Capricorn: weather may cool and rain, followed by calmer weather
  • Moon in Aquarius: weather generally warms, but presenting wide temperature fluctuations, however it generally feels cold, dry and windy. May vary between sun and punctual precipitation.
  • Moon in Pisces: brings calm, moderate weather, generally cool, fresh and humid, then followed by a slight warming.
This is still my preliminary observations:
  • Sun in Capricorn: weather cold, with a tendency for stable, usually drier
  • Sun in Aquarius: weather more windy, more sun, with a tendency for warming, but also more cold spells
  • Sun in Pisces: weather usually becomes more moderate, mild, may be wet at times, sunny
  • Mars in Capricorn: pushing cold, drier
  • Mars in Aquarius: more windy, fresh and brisk, unsettled
  • Mars in Pisces: colder and more moderate weather
  • Mercury in Aquarius: Colder and windier weather
  • Mercury in Pisces: Wetter and more stable weather
  • Venus in Pisces: reinforces cold tendencies
  • Venus in Aries: reinforces warming of temperatures
  • Aspects to Saturn reinforce tendency for cooler rainy weather.
  • Aspects to Uranus reinforce tendency for extreme weather; cold spells, storms, high winds
  • Aspects to Neptune reinforce tendency to bring damp, rainy weather, and fresh
  • Aspects to Pluto reinforce tendency for sustained colder extremes and snows.
Influence of Astrology in last centuries Climate
Apparently the pattern is not so clear....
It seems that the movements of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, when combined, may explain the changes. Furthermore, the long cycles of Eris and Sedna may add further change.

Weather was :
warming 800-850
warm 850-1000
cooling 1000-1100
cool 1100-1300
much colder 1310-1340 Pluto and Eris in Pisces, Neptune in Scorpio, Uranus in Sagittarius
cool 1340-1400
frigid cooling 1400-1500
cool 1500-1550
cold 1550-1570
frigid 1570-1630, 1570 all in earth/water, 1595 all in fire/air... Eris in Taurus, Sedna in Pisces
cold 1630-1660
frigid 1660-1720
warming 1720-1760
cooler 1760-1800
much colder 1800-1830 Pluto-Sedna in Pisces, Neptune and Uranus in Sagittarius, Eris Aquarius
milder 1830-1870
cold 1870-1880
cool 1870-1880
cooler 1880-1910
warming 1910-1930 Entry of both
Eris and Sedna in Aries
warm 1930-1940 Eris, Sedna, and
Uranus in Aries, Pluto entering Leo. Cardinal cross.
cold 1945-1970
Uranus enters Cancer? Followed by Neptune in Scorpio, Pluto in Virgo
mild 1970-1990 Neptune enters Sagittarius, Pluto and Uranus in Libra
warming 1990-2006 Pluto is Sagittarius and both Neptune and Uranus in Aquarius.
cold 2007-now Pluto, Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter entered earth (or water) signs (2008)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy Spring!

Yesterday, 20th March was the first day of Spring, the astrological and astronomical March Equinox. As you probably know it, the Equinoxes and Solstices are powerful cardinal points.

  • The Equinox or the Solstice marks a cutting edge transition between one astrological period of 3 months and a next one. In the three days surrounding the Echonix or Solstice there is a powerful energy in the air. Sensitive people can even feel the difference in energy a couple of weeks before. The three days surrounding the Echinox or Solstice mark a new beggining of energy, where things may be seeded. So, what you actually do and feel during these days is of extreme importance, as the waves of energy of these days reverbate through the entire Spring period. If you are sad, you will have plenty of emotional introspection during the coming trimester. If you are excited, you will attract more of that in the coming trimester. Hehe, I assume I will spend all the Spring blogging, painting, having spiritual conversations and walking lovely in the nature. The same, yet smaller effect, happens during every New Moon.
  • Make a colorful board with your main wishes for this new trimester during these days surrounding the Echinox. Make a small ritual. The effect is powerful and creative. I have personally done this and followed the manifestations coming powerfully into reality. I remember that the Spring energy is one of activity, criativity, novelty, colours, flowers, flow, music, nature, warmness, and romance.
  • An acute effect is that Mercury is currently in conjunction with Uranus (from 21 to 23rd March), amplifying greatly the Uranian energy, one of individuality, criativity, change, assertiveness, excitement (or disruption) and mental energy. Give yourself the day to make completely new things, talk about completely new things and excite yourself. There will probably be plenty of this feeling in this upcoming Spring (either one of worry/disruption or criativity/excitement/great actions). It sounds surely one energy of increased communication.

Which house system should I follow? How Astrology works?

The wisdom behind the chart houses is perhaps one of the areas in Astrology less understood.

I have came to the insight that as I am 27º Aquarius ascendant, I am also 27º Pisces second house, 27º Aries third house, 27º Taurus fourth house (with 10º Gemini IC), 27º Gemini fifth house, and so on...

A equal-degree system of planetary houses
Therefore, an Aquarius ascendant would have generally a mystical approach to money, talents and the issue of self-sufficiency, it will flow its stability as to say (Pisces 2nd house). Then, it will be very assertive and active when it comes to education and communication matters, firing its arguments towards siblings (Aries 3rd house), will like to have its own place of familiar retirement and natural house and be a calm person at house with plenty of rest and peace (Taurus 4th house), a very creative, changeable and curiousity approach to criativity, children and romance (Gemini 5th house) but a moody, emotive approach to its routine, seeking to consider his/her daily colleagues as friends, and loving to work in group so as to feel its belongs there (Cancer 6th house), and so on...

MC and IC
The 10º Gemini IC will only be a point of major astrological strengh in the fourth house, when transiting planets exert a major and very critical importance. I have Uranus in 2º Sagittarius, so it is before my MC, but I would say it belongs to tenth house. As I still love to search and experiment with philosophies (I have a 9th house Jupiter too), my approach to carreer is certainly one of confrontation of authority, doing my own thing, and desiring to work for the change to the better of mankind. Thus, I would say my Uranus is already in tenth house. However, the major influence of my tenth house comes defitively after planets transit my MC.

Ascendant Aquarius or Pisces?
Furthermore, it would be important also to consider that I have most of my first house occupied with Pisces, my second house with Aries, my third house with Taurus... therefore, it always feels during the transits that I am dealing with the following sign energy. For example, a Virgo energy in relationships instead of my Leo seventh house cusp (descendant).
Furthermore the energies of each sign blend one into the next one.

Energies entering through the Chakras
When a person is born, a flow of enegies coming from the space (from the core of the galaxy, super logoi, to the sacred 12 constelations of the sideral Zodiac, and then proceeding to the solar system and the solar logos, where planets (located in specific sky arrangements, houses, and specific sky background positions, signs, focus this energy into the new born, entering through his/her seven chakras, and causal/astral bodies.

Metaphors to the Ascendant and 12 houses configuration
The houses of a chart is nothing more as a (geometric) relation of the 12 Zodiac constelations and energies one to each other. The dominant pattern is called the Ascendant and it seems to be focus in the rising eastern sign, maybe because that's the position where cosmic energies are entering the Earth biosphere from space, like the meteors during a meteor shower, or the sun light and warm, at sunrise. Can you ever feel that energy?
Maybe it is also an effect akin to the lunar tides.
I would speculate since the ASC, DSC, IC and MC have such strong effects, if the mid 2nd house, mid 8th house, mid 11th and mid 5th house (like the mid Spring point, mid Summer, Halloween, and Groundhog day...) would work as more stronger energy points in one chart.

"As above so below"
In reality, the below mundane human nature is a fractal remembering the patterning nature of the macrocosmos, the cosmic sky of the 12 Zodiac constelations and planetary energies. Therefore, "as above so below", a fractal, a wave, a pattern.

The true secret key to the Zodiac energies is one: we are all one
The energies blend one into the other, if you can see the magic circle or energies, like a reflection of light, like a spectrum of 12 colors whereas all blend into pure and complete white color. Certainly there are points where the red color is stronger, and others where the red color blends into a orangish color. Just between Taurus and Gemini, the energies blend into a mix. Just at tropical Aries end, the red fiery energies are stronger. And just before Cancer end, at around 10-20 July, the emotional and criative energies are stronger, since it is just there the powerful all mighty Leo cusp. One that most astrologers choose to ignore.

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius cusps: a true key to Zodiac

These three key cusps are one of the stronger cusps in the whole Zodiac.

Sometimes even stronger than the Libra or the Cancer cusp.

Just look at the world wars, or the mighty seven years war. They happened when planets where transiting the cusp of Leo!
Things always change when energies cross this powerful and criative cusp.
After all, it is the end of the introspective and powerful transformation of the dense Cancer energy.

The Aries, Leo and Sagittarius cusps are somewhere between 0-10º of each sign. The effect is notorious for around 10º Aries, for both 0º Leo and 10º Leo, and also for the early degrees of Sagittarius, although the cusp seems to be also at 5-10º Sag.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

2007 OR10 Astrology, Haumea Astrology, Makemake Astrology...

Dear fellows,

In spite that I will talk a lot more about this in my upcoming book, I will write a little bit about the Astrology implications of the newly discovered dwarf planets:

Please read my post from July 2008 for the Astrology of Sedna, Eris, Makemake, Haumea and others here:

I will try to be one of the first astrologers in the world, to have a say about the astrological energies, if any, of these newly discovered dwarf planets. And please realize that I don't consider such things as chart of the discovery or the myths surrounding their name. I prefer to be objective and analyse in detail their possible influences, if any. I humbly feel the energies of the planet both intuitively and by looking rather (I must say rather obsessively!) at mundane events and dozens of charts.

2007 OR10 and 2002 TC302 astrology

Perhaps the striking news is that the newly discovered 2007 OR10 , near in size to Pluto, seems to has a strong astrological effect, at least derived by mundane astrology observations.
The fact is that in the recent millenia, 2007 OR10 has been orbiting near Eris, just beyond it, with a similar orbital period, and therefore makes things a little bit confusing to distinguish.
I see that every time 2007 OR10 has entered Aries a whole lot of global changes have happened: this was circa 150-50 BC, 350-450 AC, 1000 AC, 1470-1520 AC and now 1990-2040.
2007 OR10 will enter the mid degrees of Aries in the years ahead, as it did in 1490, the years of the discovery (and conquests) of America, or approximately during the fall of Rome circa 350-410, or during the Roman conquests of the Greece and Egypt, two powerful and influencing civilizations. It enters the critical 10-11º Aries in 2010-2014, (like in 1492) then stays during the more intense Aries energy until 2047 (like in 1520).

Therefore, we predict a new unfolding wave of discoveries, 'conquests' and societal reconstruction, a civilization shift in balance.

Its still too soon to assert its astrological meaning. But judging by several chart readings, it seems that 2007 OR10 is full of positive energy, vibrant and a strong creative and ever-flowing energy (but it is in Aries too).

I have also studied 2002 TC302, another candidate for dwarf planet status, but it does not seem to possess such a stronger energy. However it seems to be visible, it seems to bring a reshape of what the other dwarf planets brought (transiting in nearby signs like 2007 OR10, Sedna or Eris). Now entering Taurus, seems it will reinforce our change in attitude to resourcese, energy and money. Remember that in the years following 2020, Sedna, Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Neptune, 2002 TC302 and Eris will one following the other, transit in Taurus, like they did in Aries. A "revolution".



I continue to see Haumea and Makemake as beautiful energy planets. Haumea linked to a more air energy, a strong energy, rather mystic and different, eccentric to a certain point, valorizing simplicity, and bringing understanding, magic, virtues and values, spiritual awakening and devotion.
Makemake as a feminine energy, a Venus-like, the realization of our life (and spiritual) purpose, again a link to nature and mysticism, and a more earth-nature, like of enduring the life challenges to a positive (therefore linked to realize challenges), awakening, beautiful, coincidence-flowing and sociable energy.
Noting that both share similar orbital periods, it is not strange that they share similar energies.
These planets may be clearly visible if in important aspects to luminaries or rising degree, but not apparent in any mundane astrology influence (unlike Sedna, Eris or 2007 OR10).

It also seems that Quaoar shares this kind of energy, in its own way, more mental and awakening, more Mercury-based, scientific and higher intelligence, Aquarius-Leo polarity, and again no visible effect in mundane astrology. However, like Ixion too, clearly visible effects when transiting important point of a natal chart. Ixion heralds a more plutonic-tone transformation. Curiously both will be at 0º Capricorn around 2020!

These two are already well known. With a clear effect in mundane astrology cycles (picture the ages of Sedna transiting through each sign), and with some strong effects in natal charts.
Sedna seems large-scale changes, kind of cosmic-scale, use of brutal or strong strengh, genious or confusing mind, higher intelligence, a fiery fighter for values and minorities, obsessive energy of the sign where it is located, the Isms of our 20th century society, in a word: our collective impulse. Sedna now in Taurus seeks to transform our approach to resources, economical values, approach to Earth and nature, fighting for peace and for obsessive prosperity, our self-worth. Sedna transits now the critical 20º Taurus (I will speak about this "critical degrees" later).

Eris is reconsilliation, our social values and ethics, our technological and cultural advances, great individualism, ahead of times, controversy. Both planets seems to be linked to advance, fighting for social values and great transformation (Eris more air energy and Sedna a mix fire/water). Eris is still recreating a world of great individualism but its next entry into Taurus, a decade ahead, will confer a greater dedication to resources, the funtioning of society and usually it heralds a great rebirth (destruction and construction) to civilization.

Eris will be also in 20-30º Aries, an intense period of transformation and rebirth, during 2012-2048, which it was between 1492 and 1520. Particularly the region 20-25º Aries is the stronger (Eris transits this circa 2004-2024). It is also in 2024 when Uranus transits the revolutionary 20º Taurus degree. But first Uranus will transit 0º Aries in 2010-2011, 10º Aries in 2014, and 20-25º Aries in 2017-2018, years of climax change.

In summary, look at the years 2010-2011, 2014 (should I say 2010-2014), 2017-2018, 2024 (should I say 2017-2025), and the beautiful sextiles of 2027-2030 (prosperity returns).
Disruptions and advances in 2010-2014, after 2014 things are then in full speed, great catalyst change in 2017-2020, a revolution peaks around 2024, then returning to normal by 2027.

Has anyone missed the 2010-2030 great renascence?

If Pluto influences our lives, then Eris, Sedna and other similar-size dwarf planets must have an influence too!