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2007 OR10 Astrology, Haumea Astrology, Makemake Astrology...

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In spite that I will talk a lot more about this in my upcoming book, I will write a little bit about the Astrology implications of the newly discovered dwarf planets:

Please read my post from July 2008 for the Astrology of Sedna, Eris, Makemake, Haumea and others here:

I will try to be one of the first astrologers in the world, to have a say about the astrological energies, if any, of these newly discovered dwarf planets. And please realize that I don't consider such things as chart of the discovery or the myths surrounding their name. I prefer to be objective and analyse in detail their possible influences, if any. I humbly feel the energies of the planet both intuitively and by looking rather (I must say rather obsessively!) at mundane events and dozens of charts.

2007 OR10 and 2002 TC302 astrology

Perhaps the striking news is that the newly discovered 2007 OR10 , near in size to Pluto, seems to has a strong astrological effect, at least derived by mundane astrology observations.
The fact is that in the recent millenia, 2007 OR10 has been orbiting near Eris, just beyond it, with a similar orbital period, and therefore makes things a little bit confusing to distinguish.
I see that every time 2007 OR10 has entered Aries a whole lot of global changes have happened: this was circa 150-50 BC, 350-450 AC, 1000 AC, 1470-1520 AC and now 1990-2040.
2007 OR10 will enter the mid degrees of Aries in the years ahead, as it did in 1490, the years of the discovery (and conquests) of America, or approximately during the fall of Rome circa 350-410, or during the Roman conquests of the Greece and Egypt, two powerful and influencing civilizations. It enters the critical 10-11º Aries in 2010-2014, (like in 1492) then stays during the more intense Aries energy until 2047 (like in 1520).

Therefore, we predict a new unfolding wave of discoveries, 'conquests' and societal reconstruction, a civilization shift in balance.

Its still too soon to assert its astrological meaning. But judging by several chart readings, it seems that 2007 OR10 is full of positive energy, vibrant and a strong creative and ever-flowing energy (but it is in Aries too).

I have also studied 2002 TC302, another candidate for dwarf planet status, but it does not seem to possess such a stronger energy. However it seems to be visible, it seems to bring a reshape of what the other dwarf planets brought (transiting in nearby signs like 2007 OR10, Sedna or Eris). Now entering Taurus, seems it will reinforce our change in attitude to resourcese, energy and money. Remember that in the years following 2020, Sedna, Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Neptune, 2002 TC302 and Eris will one following the other, transit in Taurus, like they did in Aries. A "revolution".



I continue to see Haumea and Makemake as beautiful energy planets. Haumea linked to a more air energy, a strong energy, rather mystic and different, eccentric to a certain point, valorizing simplicity, and bringing understanding, magic, virtues and values, spiritual awakening and devotion.
Makemake as a feminine energy, a Venus-like, the realization of our life (and spiritual) purpose, again a link to nature and mysticism, and a more earth-nature, like of enduring the life challenges to a positive (therefore linked to realize challenges), awakening, beautiful, coincidence-flowing and sociable energy.
Noting that both share similar orbital periods, it is not strange that they share similar energies.
These planets may be clearly visible if in important aspects to luminaries or rising degree, but not apparent in any mundane astrology influence (unlike Sedna, Eris or 2007 OR10).

It also seems that Quaoar shares this kind of energy, in its own way, more mental and awakening, more Mercury-based, scientific and higher intelligence, Aquarius-Leo polarity, and again no visible effect in mundane astrology. However, like Ixion too, clearly visible effects when transiting important point of a natal chart. Ixion heralds a more plutonic-tone transformation. Curiously both will be at 0º Capricorn around 2020!

These two are already well known. With a clear effect in mundane astrology cycles (picture the ages of Sedna transiting through each sign), and with some strong effects in natal charts.
Sedna seems large-scale changes, kind of cosmic-scale, use of brutal or strong strengh, genious or confusing mind, higher intelligence, a fiery fighter for values and minorities, obsessive energy of the sign where it is located, the Isms of our 20th century society, in a word: our collective impulse. Sedna now in Taurus seeks to transform our approach to resources, economical values, approach to Earth and nature, fighting for peace and for obsessive prosperity, our self-worth. Sedna transits now the critical 20º Taurus (I will speak about this "critical degrees" later).

Eris is reconsilliation, our social values and ethics, our technological and cultural advances, great individualism, ahead of times, controversy. Both planets seems to be linked to advance, fighting for social values and great transformation (Eris more air energy and Sedna a mix fire/water). Eris is still recreating a world of great individualism but its next entry into Taurus, a decade ahead, will confer a greater dedication to resources, the funtioning of society and usually it heralds a great rebirth (destruction and construction) to civilization.

Eris will be also in 20-30º Aries, an intense period of transformation and rebirth, during 2012-2048, which it was between 1492 and 1520. Particularly the region 20-25º Aries is the stronger (Eris transits this circa 2004-2024). It is also in 2024 when Uranus transits the revolutionary 20º Taurus degree. But first Uranus will transit 0º Aries in 2010-2011, 10º Aries in 2014, and 20-25º Aries in 2017-2018, years of climax change.

In summary, look at the years 2010-2011, 2014 (should I say 2010-2014), 2017-2018, 2024 (should I say 2017-2025), and the beautiful sextiles of 2027-2030 (prosperity returns).
Disruptions and advances in 2010-2014, after 2014 things are then in full speed, great catalyst change in 2017-2020, a revolution peaks around 2024, then returning to normal by 2027.

Has anyone missed the 2010-2030 great renascence?

If Pluto influences our lives, then Eris, Sedna and other similar-size dwarf planets must have an influence too!

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