Sunday, March 22, 2009

Astrological predictions for 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2020, 2030, 2050, 2080 and years ahead

The preliminaries astrological events of a big world change continue. These have began in mid 2008. In this year, the spring is full of intensity as Uranus continues an opposition to Saturn, and Jupiter joins with Neptune and Chiron, in Aquarius. This is a revolutionary and epic conjunction. The deconstruction of some portions of our society continues, with back and forwards steps.

Highlights are:
  • A mid April conjuntion of Uranus-Mars, promising full energy and activity; followed shortly by Mars progressing into Aries: may trigger new wars and tensions, military activity, and in general great actions, riots, great moves and decisions in people lifes. The economy may inflate again. There is an impulsive mood. Also because Uranus enters in square orb with Pluto.
  • the whole month of May featuring the epic Neptune-Jupiter-Chiron tripple conjunction, this is related to floods, epic events, and great activity in science or religion. This is optimal for group activity, scientific advances, and revolutionary moves. A highly idealistic and perhaps confusing time.
  • mid August to mid September, this is the stronger aspect this year. The Saturn-Uranus opposition is activated and triggered by a forming grand-cross with Mars and Pluto; there will probably be another wave of economical depression, job losses, and perhaps a great stock market crash. Society will feel greater energies of deconstruction and transformation.
  • October: a forming Saturn-Pluto square. this could mean traditionally war, economic depression, an heavier period, with fears and a sense of brutality. There could be a couple of riots and revolution in one or two countries.
  • Grand cross in Spring and Summer. After the introspective winter months, the months from March to August promise a return to great activity. Great moves by a part of the population, maybe due to important life decisions, probably connected with the overall global change. This feels as a year of depression, like 1931, since there is this grand-cross. Scientific discoveries and announcements could be amazing. Much technology surging. Much corruption and secrets come to surface. Impulsive and active moods from May onwards. In 2010 and 2011 there could be greater wars and natural disasters due to the grand-cross. Changes increase further.
  • April to August bring new intensity, probably the beggining of the next great depression, as Uranus crosses well beyond 0º Aries into the more fiery energies of this cardinal sign, and as in this spring the square between Uranus and Pluto begins! Finally, we have a long septile series between Eris, Neptune and Pluto! A global sense of change. Widespread fight for values. Continuation of the technology breathrough. Focus in geological/weather important changes. This period of change is reaching a climax peak. I would say that a crescendo of changes relates to social and economy deconstruction, secrets coming out, people changin radically their lifes and awakening to more spiritual things, weather and geological big changes, and sea levels rising. Overall, the population of the world will decrease significantly during the years ahead. It's a cleaning and a great leveling.
  • Mid year brings full strengh Pluto-Uranus square, and Uranus entering 10º Aries, traditionally a region of great power and change. There is more risk of a full blown economic depression and global conflicts this year, or also natural changes like weather o geological events. There is a marked cut from a global culture to a more localized and self-sufficient lifestyle this year, and also great changes start to happen in both science and religious fields. This will be an exciting year, a year of a climax in world change.
2013 and 2014
  • Continuation of global depression, localized economy, a few weather and geological changes, people will not be part of great cities and a global high-tech culture but instead focus in their own lives and local groups or families. Governments go to political extremes. Much change in people's lifestyles and novelty not unlike the sixties. There will be a sense of unbelievable change of these last years is compared to 2008, like it happened in 1969 or during the thirties. A climax and peak of change. The years 2015 to 2017 will bring much reorientation in people lifes, like the years of 2011 to 2014 also brought, but now more peacefully accepted. Slowly the light at the end of the tunnels surges.
  • This will be a period of revolution. One or two important revolutions may happen in important countries, with the impact of the American and French revolutions. Look at the years around 2022. There may be wars and decisions in certain parts of the world that change those regions in definitive. This is the years to look for a change in most parts of the world, now reaching towards peace and compromise. The economy depression continues, but the important changes in the socio-economic-political system during these years will be far-reaching into the future, as well as the focus in the more localized and green lifestyles. Energies for transportation will change. Transportation itself may change. Ecological changes and focus. A new world order or goverment may begin now. A great sense of renewal.
  • Prosperity returns now to a much changed society, with an incredible step forward. A boom of technology, mostly low-energy and green-based. Probably free-energy starts becoming explored. A great increase in the internet, communication, space travel, etc...

  • There will be highlights of change during this century, mainly around 2048, and then 2060 and again by 2080. The foundations of the society will be mainly changed during the first three decades, followed by greater changes in the way than mankind sees spirituality, health and the ecology around. The years around 2048 will bring possible climatic and geological disruptions, with society focusing further in local system instead of the global greeds and intrigues. By 2060-2080 there will be probably great emphasis in spiritual transformation of people, maybe since there will be important spiritual and religious inspiring leaders, leading to radical transformation in the beliefs and attitudes of people. By 080 the world will be a much different place, based more on trust, space contact, spiritual advance, and local group and rural and local-based economies, in constrast and in parallel to clean high-tech sustainable cities.

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