Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy Spring!

Yesterday, 20th March was the first day of Spring, the astrological and astronomical March Equinox. As you probably know it, the Equinoxes and Solstices are powerful cardinal points.

  • The Equinox or the Solstice marks a cutting edge transition between one astrological period of 3 months and a next one. In the three days surrounding the Echonix or Solstice there is a powerful energy in the air. Sensitive people can even feel the difference in energy a couple of weeks before. The three days surrounding the Echinox or Solstice mark a new beggining of energy, where things may be seeded. So, what you actually do and feel during these days is of extreme importance, as the waves of energy of these days reverbate through the entire Spring period. If you are sad, you will have plenty of emotional introspection during the coming trimester. If you are excited, you will attract more of that in the coming trimester. Hehe, I assume I will spend all the Spring blogging, painting, having spiritual conversations and walking lovely in the nature. The same, yet smaller effect, happens during every New Moon.
  • Make a colorful board with your main wishes for this new trimester during these days surrounding the Echinox. Make a small ritual. The effect is powerful and creative. I have personally done this and followed the manifestations coming powerfully into reality. I remember that the Spring energy is one of activity, criativity, novelty, colours, flowers, flow, music, nature, warmness, and romance.
  • An acute effect is that Mercury is currently in conjunction with Uranus (from 21 to 23rd March), amplifying greatly the Uranian energy, one of individuality, criativity, change, assertiveness, excitement (or disruption) and mental energy. Give yourself the day to make completely new things, talk about completely new things and excite yourself. There will probably be plenty of this feeling in this upcoming Spring (either one of worry/disruption or criativity/excitement/great actions). It sounds surely one energy of increased communication.

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