Saturday, March 21, 2009

Which house system should I follow? How Astrology works?

The wisdom behind the chart houses is perhaps one of the areas in Astrology less understood.

I have came to the insight that as I am 27º Aquarius ascendant, I am also 27º Pisces second house, 27º Aries third house, 27º Taurus fourth house (with 10º Gemini IC), 27º Gemini fifth house, and so on...

A equal-degree system of planetary houses
Therefore, an Aquarius ascendant would have generally a mystical approach to money, talents and the issue of self-sufficiency, it will flow its stability as to say (Pisces 2nd house). Then, it will be very assertive and active when it comes to education and communication matters, firing its arguments towards siblings (Aries 3rd house), will like to have its own place of familiar retirement and natural house and be a calm person at house with plenty of rest and peace (Taurus 4th house), a very creative, changeable and curiousity approach to criativity, children and romance (Gemini 5th house) but a moody, emotive approach to its routine, seeking to consider his/her daily colleagues as friends, and loving to work in group so as to feel its belongs there (Cancer 6th house), and so on...

MC and IC
The 10º Gemini IC will only be a point of major astrological strengh in the fourth house, when transiting planets exert a major and very critical importance. I have Uranus in 2º Sagittarius, so it is before my MC, but I would say it belongs to tenth house. As I still love to search and experiment with philosophies (I have a 9th house Jupiter too), my approach to carreer is certainly one of confrontation of authority, doing my own thing, and desiring to work for the change to the better of mankind. Thus, I would say my Uranus is already in tenth house. However, the major influence of my tenth house comes defitively after planets transit my MC.

Ascendant Aquarius or Pisces?
Furthermore, it would be important also to consider that I have most of my first house occupied with Pisces, my second house with Aries, my third house with Taurus... therefore, it always feels during the transits that I am dealing with the following sign energy. For example, a Virgo energy in relationships instead of my Leo seventh house cusp (descendant).
Furthermore the energies of each sign blend one into the next one.

Energies entering through the Chakras
When a person is born, a flow of enegies coming from the space (from the core of the galaxy, super logoi, to the sacred 12 constelations of the sideral Zodiac, and then proceeding to the solar system and the solar logos, where planets (located in specific sky arrangements, houses, and specific sky background positions, signs, focus this energy into the new born, entering through his/her seven chakras, and causal/astral bodies.

Metaphors to the Ascendant and 12 houses configuration
The houses of a chart is nothing more as a (geometric) relation of the 12 Zodiac constelations and energies one to each other. The dominant pattern is called the Ascendant and it seems to be focus in the rising eastern sign, maybe because that's the position where cosmic energies are entering the Earth biosphere from space, like the meteors during a meteor shower, or the sun light and warm, at sunrise. Can you ever feel that energy?
Maybe it is also an effect akin to the lunar tides.
I would speculate since the ASC, DSC, IC and MC have such strong effects, if the mid 2nd house, mid 8th house, mid 11th and mid 5th house (like the mid Spring point, mid Summer, Halloween, and Groundhog day...) would work as more stronger energy points in one chart.

"As above so below"
In reality, the below mundane human nature is a fractal remembering the patterning nature of the macrocosmos, the cosmic sky of the 12 Zodiac constelations and planetary energies. Therefore, "as above so below", a fractal, a wave, a pattern.

The true secret key to the Zodiac energies is one: we are all one
The energies blend one into the other, if you can see the magic circle or energies, like a reflection of light, like a spectrum of 12 colors whereas all blend into pure and complete white color. Certainly there are points where the red color is stronger, and others where the red color blends into a orangish color. Just between Taurus and Gemini, the energies blend into a mix. Just at tropical Aries end, the red fiery energies are stronger. And just before Cancer end, at around 10-20 July, the emotional and criative energies are stronger, since it is just there the powerful all mighty Leo cusp. One that most astrologers choose to ignore.

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