Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Transit of Uranus and Neptune over my first house

Uranus and Mars
in my first house: December 2000, November 2001, June and September 2003
in my second house: May 2007, April 2009

The transit of Uranus over my first house
1999: 9º to 17º: this year Uranus reached my ASC (15º). I saw an UFO first, and in the same I gain a contest to go for an astronomy international conference and entered University, all in a period of two months. That was really exciting but then it followed quite some rollercoaster months in the University, definitively due to being an outsider and with rebel ideas against the establishment there.
2000: 13º to 21º: a crazy years with plenty of new social contacts, but also a major depression, which was quite a shock at the time at a certain time (typically Uranus), followed by my spiritual awakening later in the year. No more Uranus like this!
2001: 17º to 25º: continuation of new political, spiritual, personal ideals and social life, still some moody months
2002: 21º to 29º: continuation of changes in ideals, social contacts, goals, philosophy of life, but much better self-confidence
2003: 25º to 3º: went abroad with a radical crazy time, as Uranus squared itself, many new relationships and really rollercoaster time (partys, new people, exciting things, changes, moods)
2004: continuation of still heavy exploration of new personal ideas, many new social contacts again, theather and much personal experimentation. the personality is now much more outgoing.
2005: continuation of still new ideals and questioning of social order, but now more quiet moods, still exotic travelling
2006: as the transit ends, radically and now more solid new ideals about what my path of life should be unfold, new important relationships are formed, decisions, went abroad
The transit of Uranus over my second house
2007: 11º to 19º: as Uranus enters my second house, the priorities shift now to self-reliance and a quest to find new talents, jobs and ways of working my self-sufficiency. Since Uranus is sudden, now the shock was seeking to change my carreer altogether! A renewed interest in nature is gained. Many new possibilities are weighted
2008: the quest for self-reliance continues, now more calmer but with the awareness that a long path still needs to be walked. The possibilities from last year start to be slowly explored, like writting a book, make a garden, etc... The sudden changes in income came.
2009: the quest continues, now more agitatted as Uranus squares natal Sun. Unemployed. Money, inner talents and self-worth issues (2nd house) came really to surface.

Uranus and Sun:
in my first house: February 2000, February 2001, February 2002, February 2003, February 2004, February 2005, February 2006,
in my second house: March 2007, March 2008, March 2009

Uranus - Mars as opposed from:
seventh house: September 2000, August 2002, August 2004, August 2006
eighth house: August 2008

Neptune and Mars:
in my first house: May 2003, April 2005, March 2007, March 2009
The transit of Neptune over my first house
2003: 9 ºto 14º: as the transit starts subtle, a change to the cosmic awareness comes, a complete acceptance of spirituality. This comes really powerful at this time, but was starting a couple of years before. The use of psycoactive drugs was a main factor at this time. Despite the lot of inspiring ideas coming to mind and personality, there is a wide confusion that is not acknowledge. Life is a mix. Professional and relationship choices are somewhat confusing.
2004: 11º to 16º: major changes in reaching a contact with cosmic awareness and spiritual revelations. Theater and major inspiration. Prolific social contact. Volunteering interest grows. A growing discontent and fog with the life direction appears. Vegetarianism
2005: 13º to 18º. Major fog in life direction. Neptune is still around the ASC (15º) degree. Contact with natural ideas comes after psycoactive use that is now discontinued.
2006: 15º to 20º: Major major changes in ideals, now contact with nature and communitarian ideals makes main interest. Major changes in life. Major contact with nature, but still a sense that I should be somewhere else. Lots of meditation now happens. Plenty of natural communion. A sense of freedom and liberation, even if for a while. New relationship. Still many path directions which gradually became focused. Now, a shift from social life to isolation.
2007: 17º to 22º: Life direction becomes focused again. Ideals surround nature and gardening and artistic expression is performed at a large scale. Yoga.
2008: 19º to 24º: Life becomes calmer, more meditative, isolate, and clear, but still ideas are somewhat confusing. A heavy interest in nature and in meditation grows. Much dreaming.
2009: 21º to 26º: Plenty of spiritual practice and gardening. Choices are still quite unclear.

Monday, April 27, 2009

A day of great change in my astrological paradigm

I just realized I got probably my natal chart wrong in a few degrees for trusting more in the oficial birth hour than my inner feeling about it.

So, instead of being born at 11:30 with a 27º Aquarius rising, possibly I was born around 11:00 with a 16º Aquarius.

And, of course, as I recently discovered to myself, equal-degree house systems are the best way to trace the house cusps! This is still just my assumption. I will see if it works fully.

So the greater transformation I had in 1999-2000 instead of being caused by Pluto transiting MC, as I thought, would be caused by Uranus transiting my ascendant and Saturn transiting my fourth house cusp! In that year I had had a greater emotional period and depression, very unstable moods and events, which resulted in a major change in my personality.
In 1999 I have entered University. I was a young shy person but that year all new crazy social life from the University turned my personality upside down. Initially, I went against the traditions of the University as freshmen. Then, a crazy social life came, with drinking, partying, questioining about life, and finnaly a crash and depression due to, at the time I did not know, but Uranus sort of thing. I began spirituality, I began surfing in the internet, I began reading new age things. This was all happening back in 2000. I have also seen an UFO in 1999. What more Uranus can you get? The six years that followed, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 have seen major changes, I did not really appreciate the University as academic formation as much I did with my crazy social life (after a shy chilhood and teens). I even smoke pot, and tried with psycoactive drugs, when Neptune was then entering my rising in 2003. I began studying astrology, my relationship were Uranian, coming and going, always full of input and output. I was into politics and science (Uranus), then spirituality, arts and nature (Neptune). I went abroad three times. What else could this Uranus have been? From a shy person, I was liberated and awakened. This happen first in 2000, but then again in 2002 as Uranus squared itself and Neptune came to the rising. My life goals were clear: spiritual awakening, questioning, go ahead.

And my greater transformation of 2003-2004 instead of being caused of Uranus transiting my ASC, would be caused by Neptune transiting over my ASC. So, I would not be having a Neptune transiting over my ASC this year as I have thought. In those two years, I still had a Uranus-Uranus square, but maybe the Neptune would explain much more that were unleashed.
Come 2003 and I completely turn myself more sensitive and spiritual-interested. I experimented with psycoactive drugs for about 2 years, and I entered theather and my relationships changed much in the first year, but then it came a loniless in 2005 and a vague sense of fog (this was probably when Neptune hit the rising degree). My friends have gone away, I was returning to the shy state of childhood, and returning to flowers, an interest in nature, and meditation, and vegetarianism. It will be 14 years of Neptune, so this last since 2004 to 2018. Since those years, I have no clear idea about what i should follow in life. Just that life is something. Just that I would like to express more my artistic and humanitarian side. In 2004 and 2005 I was in the theather, and in the psycotropic explorations (I want to follow a new direction but did not know really which), In 2006 and 2007 I was experimenting with natural and communitarian alternatives (I just knew this could be one way, but I was not sure). In 2008 and 2009, while abroad the sense of isolation progressed, but the meditative and artistic sides came again, but now alone (I was much sure that what a new path could be, living in nature, devoting to ecology and gardening, but some social exciting is lacking). Sometimes excessive eleventh house could be two idealistic and lonely. You dream, idealize of a better world, but you do those things alone, while forgetting about the community around, or just touching with it, through web means.

I would have Mars having transited my ASC back to first days of March 2009, mid March 2007, early April 2005, mid May 2003, mid November 2001 and mid December 1999, all important new cycles of experience.

Anyways, my rising degrees work somewhere between 16º and 28º Aquarius, which would make a tenth house cusp between 16º and 28º Scorpio (Pluto transit in 1988 to 1993), or the typical 4º and 13º Sagittarius MC (Pluto transit in 1996 to 2000). S
o, instead Pluto had entered my tenth house cusp in 1988, 1989 and 1990, during another time of heavy transformation and traumatic experiences, which I thought were caused by the Uranus/Saturn transit over my natal Sun, so not only! In 1988 I was starting the second year of my primary school. In 1990 I started the fourth year, in 1991 I started the fifth year. These were very heavily charged years. With major health concerns, conflits with my father, a big familiar change (I was raised first with my grandmother then moved to my parents house), confrontations in school, a change of residence. This was also Saturn transiting my twelfth house. It was probably the heavier period of my life! (Saturn transiting the fourth house, was the other major one!) 1992 onwards were much the more relaxing and introspective years of my teens (sixth year of school).

So, accordingly to these changes, today I have realized I have a natal Saturn in ninth house, a natal Moon in eighth, Sun definitively in eleventh house, a transiting Neptune already in first house, a transiting Uranus already in second house, and a transiting Saturn already in eighth house!!!
Uranus has entered my 2th house cusp in 2007. I wanted to quit my job. I did not do it at the time since that could cause legal issues over money, but since then I have though greatly about job alternatives. In 2008, the grant finished and money began behaving erratically. Some strange bills to pay, some money that came unexpectely. But not that much. It is more a focus in upheavel in the things that you do really value. And also a discovery of your talents and self-reliance. But I think Uranus initially is always bumpy, only after a couple of years it begans inventing itself.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I just wonder, how wonderful it is to know that the overall collective of Earth mankind seems to be making well.

In the depths of this great Saturn/Uranus/Pluto alignment, heralding a great transformation for about ten years in our global society, yesterday I have read plenty about Utopian ways of making economy, or creating local sustainable societies, based in the share or services, goods, not so much after the dollar or euro, but after inner fullfillment.
I am unemployed like many, growing now a food garden is a radiant joy of saving my resources. I look with flowing faith to a new occupation, I live the small moments in life, my close ones and dear relatives.

Yes, I know I am an idealist but what else would we want? To live a life of dispair or non-sense? I have hope!
It is good to see that in this highly energetic spring (astrologically speaking), and particularly this mid April highlight period, that there are no great disasters. Yes there are hard times, but so this energy pushes all of us to do specific action, to transform our ways of being and doing. The Mars/Uranus insight.
Uranus is well said to be a great awakener. Saturn a great teacher. Pluto a great purifier. Don't you see that in mankind, in the news, in the global state of affairs?

Thank Universe.
Even though I know that the greater changes still lie ahead.
Even though yesterday I have a great epic dream about the greater changes coming. They are an archetypal symbol for this transformation.
This is Jupiter/Neptune alignment.

I think, from now on, it is much wiser and healthier to speak more in terms of archetypal changes, and the practical solutions for common man, than of predicting dates and changes!

In gratitude,

Wishes of high spirit courage for everyone,

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The economy in 2009 and 2010

  • The stock markets and economy crashed in the early days of October 2008 due to the square of Jupiter to Sun, in a time of a Saturn/Uranus opposition and Pluto entering Capricorn. Mercury was also retrogade at the time. Please also remember that in 1929 a stock market crash happened 3 years before a main cardinal alignment (and Uranus/Pluto square) in 1932, at the depth of the great depression. So, now we are again 3 years before a main cardinal aligment and Uranus/Pluto square in 2011 and 2012.
  • The period around 10 April has a Jupiter sextile to Sun, which is usually good for the economy, despite the fact of the fiery energies of Mars conjuncting Uranus. Besides some mood of unpredictability, the economy may recover slighty. However, realize that the Jupiter-Neptune is also synonym of a idealistic bubble. A grand time for creating a new mass ideal, but it may also worsen our sense of illusion, for instance, about our economy models. It could be something related to a new oil bubble, since Neptune rules oil. Since this aspect correlates also with great scientific advances and discoveries, I would look to improvements in alternative energies, climatic action, eco-living and local community activity, as solutions.
  • 15 May 2009 is more interesting. The Jupiter/Neptune conjunction is now exact, Mars is transiting fiery Aries and Jupiter is again is square to Sun. This can be some major rioting and protest due to the worsening of the unemployment situation. The exciting mood in economy recovery may stall again. There could be some religious extremism (due to the square to Neptune), or great spiritual insight. In fact, this period may seem rather epic, active and exciting! And... Mercury goes again retrogade (and in Taurus!), so stock markets may fall again. But I would say that they would be just unstable, ups and downs, due to the illusory nature of Neptune and impulsive energy of Mars in Aries.
  • Mid June 2009 brings another Jupiter/Sun trine, so this brings again a new sense of economy recovery, this of course depends in what happened in the last month. This recover can also be a surge in the prices of oil.
  • In July, the entry of Mars in Gemini promises again much more again. Probably the tonge will be rather assertive, confict-like, protest and rioting. This is the more protest-like energy of 2009.
  • But it is only by 15 August, that a Jupiter/Sun opposition occurs, at a time that Mars squares both Saturn and Uranus! And Uranus is now just a 5º orb from the square to Pluto! This is a powerful recipe for a stock market crash happens, not only between 10 and 15 of August, but also along the next two months. Saturn enters again in exact opposition to Uranus, so press again the new full speed change.
  • September will feel not very good. It is during this summer that the second great depression may really set in. The stock market should crash again like it did in late 2008, and the economy worsen. Mars is in Cancer and this does not bode well for popular agreeement and conditions. The masses will feel restless. And Saturn now not only makes a square to Uranus as it also makes to Pluto! Mercury is retrogade. It is the period between 16 September to the early days of October, when this energy sets in. Some powerful events may really happen during this period! They will be very important and bring about a critical transformation of the Pluto energy, now integrated into the cardinal alignment. Mercury will be dancing back and forward into the aligment. The last days of October Mars squares Sun, as Saturn squares Pluto. The mid days of November Sun squares Jupiter and Neptune. So this Autumn is perhaps one of the greater dynamic energies of the whole period between 2008 and 2020!!! The following winter seems calmer.
  • I will only discuss briefly 2010 and onwards. 2010 brings the cardinal alignment into full power, as well as 2011. March 2010 seems powerful, but even more is the period between June and August 2010. Late September 2010 and mid December brings new action.
  • April 2011 has lots of Aries energy, mid May brings a powerful trine to Pluto. Mid June 2011 is a new formation of the cardinal cross (now with Pluto/Uranus tight square). Critical periods for the economy follow in early August, mid November 2011 and mid January 2012.
  • In 2012, Uranus enters Aries; June and July 2012 inner planets activate this intense Uranus energy. Neptune enters Pisces; its energy is activated powerfully between April and June 2012, and again in early October. Powerful energy occurs again by 24 November 2012 as Sun and Mars square respectively Neptune and Uranus/Pluto, and this happens again in the famous date of Christmas 2012. This year, Uranus is in exact square to Pluto, bringing a mood of radical mass change like the thirties or the sixties.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Period 10-27 April: radical energies

In these next days, there will be an increased energy again.
Mars is now conjuncting Uranus, and it had just opposed Saturn, in the scope of the Uranus/Saturn opposition.
That is the energy behind the G20 protests, the North Korea rocket, and Italian earthquake.
I had pointed it out this period as a very energetic one, about one year ago.

But, the peak of the energy is still unfolding. Today is Full Moon, which is exactly conjuncted Eris, so therefore the potential for a few riots, and odd and confronting energies.
The Full Moon is already sufficiently energetic.

Between now and the 16th April, Mars conjuncts Uranus, so you have the highest peak of energy. This can bring further natural disasters and radical new moves by people. Ideas will be on air, since this strongly activates the Uranus in Pisces energy.

Then, between the 23rd and 27th April, Mercury conjuncts Sedna, squares Neptune and Jupiter, and Mars makes a strong quadrature to Pluto, when it enters cardinal point in Aries. This is even a stronger energy, and may gives us clues about the nature of the radical events this August and October and during next year. I would expect further radical transformation around us. Look for natural disasters and/or scientific advances or ideals inspiring, due to the Neptune and Jupiter energy. Look for religion and spirituality having some change and activity. And look for the entrance of Mars in Aries as a brutal energy requesting action, moves, protest, self-reliance, self-focus, and fiery acts of assertive behavior. Consider this as a start of a new 2-year cycle, right in the cardinal alignment, the start of a much deeper transformation.

Mars was in Aries in June 2007, July 2005, January 2004, February 2002, March 2000.
Look at what you have done, what you have changed, what you have began (or ended) during those periods (look at the months before and after too). Then, think what this next cycle might bring to you. Mundane, this transits tends to bring riots, explosions, heatwaves or extreme weather, and more fiery moods.

Please send light energy all around the world to avoid any extreme acts of agression, and to harmonize the great deal of energy required for iniciating action and change.

Eris, Sedna, Haumea and Quaoar position in houses: part I: ERIS and SEDNA

Do you want to send me your feedback?
Please tell me your rising degree or you were born.

I am making a big study in understanding what does the position of these novel dwarf planets, like the size of Pluto, mean in a natal chart.
Definitively they have an effect, as I have observed in many cases and documented in former posts.

Eris generally tends to put you at odds with the conventional, and while Uranus purpose is to evolve by individualization, Eris is to evolve further by making a group value.
So, Eris is commonly related to being at odds with the system, further more than Uranus might be.
Sedna is a very different energy, much less notorious, since it is much less personal and individual-related and very much more to collective trends and unconscious patterns.
Eris and Sedna seem to express easily by aspect to the natal Sun, in the common man. However, their energy in houses seems to manifest more promptly in people already more aware of their own spiritual purposes since this seems to be quite a high energy quality, and less in the common man.

Here are some examples:

With Uranus in the first house, the person is usually very assertive of its own difference, in a very original, unpredictable, fast-speed and individual way. Its life will have many paths and masks continuously changing. With Eris this expression is not so much individual-oriented, the person has still a tendency for difference and originality, but in a more refined way, less individualistic, and more prone to thinking in the overall, it also can take its ideals further on, but it may feel quite removed from the conventional (unlike what happens with Uranus that the person just does not care about it). Sedna energy in this house is more difficult to speak about, it tends to make a person quite prone to use brute force to assert itself sometimes, and very aware of its own body (but Sedna is now in Taurus, so this judgment might be subjective) .

With Uranus at the second house the person would make up an inventive and quite deattach approach to making money or having frequent swings up and down finantially speaking. With Eris the person would take those steps further and think how would it be possible to make money in an original way by radical new group and social activities, a way that may work for everyone. This can make a person much very devoted to self-reliant, which could be applied collevtively speaking, in very original and odd ways. Sedna seems also to make the person quite conscious to the second house affairs, perhaps more in a Neptune-like approach, somewhar aware of the trends of the collective, and also prone to some material dependency possibly on others. There could be sense of finantial victimization due to life circunstances.

While Uranus at the seventh house would make one attracting relationships that are not stable, that end in break-ups, or the person attracts Uranus-like individuals or complicate individuals or the person itself likes plenty of separation, freedom and space, with Eris in this position the person is even more prone to experimentation and a higher awareness of what relationships bring, therefore, experimenting much more in these. The person with Eris is also much more consciously aware of its own separation and desire for freedom, while with Uranus that seems more imposed with the relationship itself. Sedna position seems to impart a much more Neptune-like quality, the person let it flows easily.

In the tenth house, Uranus makes the typical person striving for a original and individual career, resisting authority, and seeking an inventive and new path. Much change in jobs may therefore occur (or a desire for it). The person is aware of the society and wants to make its own thing, a different and contributing job. Eris seems to be different. The person is much further resistant to this, and therefore may feel more removed. The person questions even more the social values and comes with higher insight. There is a very strong awareness of social and personal matters. Sedna seems to confer some Neptune, collective trend quality to this.

More studies will follow in soon.

For a personal consultation or report, please contact me. 30 Eur/40 USD, per report.
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