Sunday, April 12, 2009

The economy in 2009 and 2010

  • The stock markets and economy crashed in the early days of October 2008 due to the square of Jupiter to Sun, in a time of a Saturn/Uranus opposition and Pluto entering Capricorn. Mercury was also retrogade at the time. Please also remember that in 1929 a stock market crash happened 3 years before a main cardinal alignment (and Uranus/Pluto square) in 1932, at the depth of the great depression. So, now we are again 3 years before a main cardinal aligment and Uranus/Pluto square in 2011 and 2012.
  • The period around 10 April has a Jupiter sextile to Sun, which is usually good for the economy, despite the fact of the fiery energies of Mars conjuncting Uranus. Besides some mood of unpredictability, the economy may recover slighty. However, realize that the Jupiter-Neptune is also synonym of a idealistic bubble. A grand time for creating a new mass ideal, but it may also worsen our sense of illusion, for instance, about our economy models. It could be something related to a new oil bubble, since Neptune rules oil. Since this aspect correlates also with great scientific advances and discoveries, I would look to improvements in alternative energies, climatic action, eco-living and local community activity, as solutions.
  • 15 May 2009 is more interesting. The Jupiter/Neptune conjunction is now exact, Mars is transiting fiery Aries and Jupiter is again is square to Sun. This can be some major rioting and protest due to the worsening of the unemployment situation. The exciting mood in economy recovery may stall again. There could be some religious extremism (due to the square to Neptune), or great spiritual insight. In fact, this period may seem rather epic, active and exciting! And... Mercury goes again retrogade (and in Taurus!), so stock markets may fall again. But I would say that they would be just unstable, ups and downs, due to the illusory nature of Neptune and impulsive energy of Mars in Aries.
  • Mid June 2009 brings another Jupiter/Sun trine, so this brings again a new sense of economy recovery, this of course depends in what happened in the last month. This recover can also be a surge in the prices of oil.
  • In July, the entry of Mars in Gemini promises again much more again. Probably the tonge will be rather assertive, confict-like, protest and rioting. This is the more protest-like energy of 2009.
  • But it is only by 15 August, that a Jupiter/Sun opposition occurs, at a time that Mars squares both Saturn and Uranus! And Uranus is now just a 5º orb from the square to Pluto! This is a powerful recipe for a stock market crash happens, not only between 10 and 15 of August, but also along the next two months. Saturn enters again in exact opposition to Uranus, so press again the new full speed change.
  • September will feel not very good. It is during this summer that the second great depression may really set in. The stock market should crash again like it did in late 2008, and the economy worsen. Mars is in Cancer and this does not bode well for popular agreeement and conditions. The masses will feel restless. And Saturn now not only makes a square to Uranus as it also makes to Pluto! Mercury is retrogade. It is the period between 16 September to the early days of October, when this energy sets in. Some powerful events may really happen during this period! They will be very important and bring about a critical transformation of the Pluto energy, now integrated into the cardinal alignment. Mercury will be dancing back and forward into the aligment. The last days of October Mars squares Sun, as Saturn squares Pluto. The mid days of November Sun squares Jupiter and Neptune. So this Autumn is perhaps one of the greater dynamic energies of the whole period between 2008 and 2020!!! The following winter seems calmer.
  • I will only discuss briefly 2010 and onwards. 2010 brings the cardinal alignment into full power, as well as 2011. March 2010 seems powerful, but even more is the period between June and August 2010. Late September 2010 and mid December brings new action.
  • April 2011 has lots of Aries energy, mid May brings a powerful trine to Pluto. Mid June 2011 is a new formation of the cardinal cross (now with Pluto/Uranus tight square). Critical periods for the economy follow in early August, mid November 2011 and mid January 2012.
  • In 2012, Uranus enters Aries; June and July 2012 inner planets activate this intense Uranus energy. Neptune enters Pisces; its energy is activated powerfully between April and June 2012, and again in early October. Powerful energy occurs again by 24 November 2012 as Sun and Mars square respectively Neptune and Uranus/Pluto, and this happens again in the famous date of Christmas 2012. This year, Uranus is in exact square to Pluto, bringing a mood of radical mass change like the thirties or the sixties.

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