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Eris, Sedna, Haumea and Quaoar position in houses: part I: ERIS and SEDNA

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I am making a big study in understanding what does the position of these novel dwarf planets, like the size of Pluto, mean in a natal chart.
Definitively they have an effect, as I have observed in many cases and documented in former posts.

Eris generally tends to put you at odds with the conventional, and while Uranus purpose is to evolve by individualization, Eris is to evolve further by making a group value.
So, Eris is commonly related to being at odds with the system, further more than Uranus might be.
Sedna is a very different energy, much less notorious, since it is much less personal and individual-related and very much more to collective trends and unconscious patterns.
Eris and Sedna seem to express easily by aspect to the natal Sun, in the common man. However, their energy in houses seems to manifest more promptly in people already more aware of their own spiritual purposes since this seems to be quite a high energy quality, and less in the common man.

Here are some examples:

With Uranus in the first house, the person is usually very assertive of its own difference, in a very original, unpredictable, fast-speed and individual way. Its life will have many paths and masks continuously changing. With Eris this expression is not so much individual-oriented, the person has still a tendency for difference and originality, but in a more refined way, less individualistic, and more prone to thinking in the overall, it also can take its ideals further on, but it may feel quite removed from the conventional (unlike what happens with Uranus that the person just does not care about it). Sedna energy in this house is more difficult to speak about, it tends to make a person quite prone to use brute force to assert itself sometimes, and very aware of its own body (but Sedna is now in Taurus, so this judgment might be subjective) .

With Uranus at the second house the person would make up an inventive and quite deattach approach to making money or having frequent swings up and down finantially speaking. With Eris the person would take those steps further and think how would it be possible to make money in an original way by radical new group and social activities, a way that may work for everyone. This can make a person much very devoted to self-reliant, which could be applied collevtively speaking, in very original and odd ways. Sedna seems also to make the person quite conscious to the second house affairs, perhaps more in a Neptune-like approach, somewhar aware of the trends of the collective, and also prone to some material dependency possibly on others. There could be sense of finantial victimization due to life circunstances.

While Uranus at the seventh house would make one attracting relationships that are not stable, that end in break-ups, or the person attracts Uranus-like individuals or complicate individuals or the person itself likes plenty of separation, freedom and space, with Eris in this position the person is even more prone to experimentation and a higher awareness of what relationships bring, therefore, experimenting much more in these. The person with Eris is also much more consciously aware of its own separation and desire for freedom, while with Uranus that seems more imposed with the relationship itself. Sedna position seems to impart a much more Neptune-like quality, the person let it flows easily.

In the tenth house, Uranus makes the typical person striving for a original and individual career, resisting authority, and seeking an inventive and new path. Much change in jobs may therefore occur (or a desire for it). The person is aware of the society and wants to make its own thing, a different and contributing job. Eris seems to be different. The person is much further resistant to this, and therefore may feel more removed. The person questions even more the social values and comes with higher insight. There is a very strong awareness of social and personal matters. Sedna seems to confer some Neptune, collective trend quality to this.

More studies will follow in soon.

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