Monday, April 27, 2009

A day of great change in my astrological paradigm

I just realized I got probably my natal chart wrong in a few degrees for trusting more in the oficial birth hour than my inner feeling about it.

So, instead of being born at 11:30 with a 27º Aquarius rising, possibly I was born around 11:00 with a 16º Aquarius.

And, of course, as I recently discovered to myself, equal-degree house systems are the best way to trace the house cusps! This is still just my assumption. I will see if it works fully.

So the greater transformation I had in 1999-2000 instead of being caused by Pluto transiting MC, as I thought, would be caused by Uranus transiting my ascendant and Saturn transiting my fourth house cusp! In that year I had had a greater emotional period and depression, very unstable moods and events, which resulted in a major change in my personality.
In 1999 I have entered University. I was a young shy person but that year all new crazy social life from the University turned my personality upside down. Initially, I went against the traditions of the University as freshmen. Then, a crazy social life came, with drinking, partying, questioining about life, and finnaly a crash and depression due to, at the time I did not know, but Uranus sort of thing. I began spirituality, I began surfing in the internet, I began reading new age things. This was all happening back in 2000. I have also seen an UFO in 1999. What more Uranus can you get? The six years that followed, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 have seen major changes, I did not really appreciate the University as academic formation as much I did with my crazy social life (after a shy chilhood and teens). I even smoke pot, and tried with psycoactive drugs, when Neptune was then entering my rising in 2003. I began studying astrology, my relationship were Uranian, coming and going, always full of input and output. I was into politics and science (Uranus), then spirituality, arts and nature (Neptune). I went abroad three times. What else could this Uranus have been? From a shy person, I was liberated and awakened. This happen first in 2000, but then again in 2002 as Uranus squared itself and Neptune came to the rising. My life goals were clear: spiritual awakening, questioning, go ahead.

And my greater transformation of 2003-2004 instead of being caused of Uranus transiting my ASC, would be caused by Neptune transiting over my ASC. So, I would not be having a Neptune transiting over my ASC this year as I have thought. In those two years, I still had a Uranus-Uranus square, but maybe the Neptune would explain much more that were unleashed.
Come 2003 and I completely turn myself more sensitive and spiritual-interested. I experimented with psycoactive drugs for about 2 years, and I entered theather and my relationships changed much in the first year, but then it came a loniless in 2005 and a vague sense of fog (this was probably when Neptune hit the rising degree). My friends have gone away, I was returning to the shy state of childhood, and returning to flowers, an interest in nature, and meditation, and vegetarianism. It will be 14 years of Neptune, so this last since 2004 to 2018. Since those years, I have no clear idea about what i should follow in life. Just that life is something. Just that I would like to express more my artistic and humanitarian side. In 2004 and 2005 I was in the theather, and in the psycotropic explorations (I want to follow a new direction but did not know really which), In 2006 and 2007 I was experimenting with natural and communitarian alternatives (I just knew this could be one way, but I was not sure). In 2008 and 2009, while abroad the sense of isolation progressed, but the meditative and artistic sides came again, but now alone (I was much sure that what a new path could be, living in nature, devoting to ecology and gardening, but some social exciting is lacking). Sometimes excessive eleventh house could be two idealistic and lonely. You dream, idealize of a better world, but you do those things alone, while forgetting about the community around, or just touching with it, through web means.

I would have Mars having transited my ASC back to first days of March 2009, mid March 2007, early April 2005, mid May 2003, mid November 2001 and mid December 1999, all important new cycles of experience.

Anyways, my rising degrees work somewhere between 16º and 28º Aquarius, which would make a tenth house cusp between 16º and 28º Scorpio (Pluto transit in 1988 to 1993), or the typical 4º and 13º Sagittarius MC (Pluto transit in 1996 to 2000). S
o, instead Pluto had entered my tenth house cusp in 1988, 1989 and 1990, during another time of heavy transformation and traumatic experiences, which I thought were caused by the Uranus/Saturn transit over my natal Sun, so not only! In 1988 I was starting the second year of my primary school. In 1990 I started the fourth year, in 1991 I started the fifth year. These were very heavily charged years. With major health concerns, conflits with my father, a big familiar change (I was raised first with my grandmother then moved to my parents house), confrontations in school, a change of residence. This was also Saturn transiting my twelfth house. It was probably the heavier period of my life! (Saturn transiting the fourth house, was the other major one!) 1992 onwards were much the more relaxing and introspective years of my teens (sixth year of school).

So, accordingly to these changes, today I have realized I have a natal Saturn in ninth house, a natal Moon in eighth, Sun definitively in eleventh house, a transiting Neptune already in first house, a transiting Uranus already in second house, and a transiting Saturn already in eighth house!!!
Uranus has entered my 2th house cusp in 2007. I wanted to quit my job. I did not do it at the time since that could cause legal issues over money, but since then I have though greatly about job alternatives. In 2008, the grant finished and money began behaving erratically. Some strange bills to pay, some money that came unexpectely. But not that much. It is more a focus in upheavel in the things that you do really value. And also a discovery of your talents and self-reliance. But I think Uranus initially is always bumpy, only after a couple of years it begans inventing itself.

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