Thursday, April 16, 2009

I just wonder, how wonderful it is to know that the overall collective of Earth mankind seems to be making well.

In the depths of this great Saturn/Uranus/Pluto alignment, heralding a great transformation for about ten years in our global society, yesterday I have read plenty about Utopian ways of making economy, or creating local sustainable societies, based in the share or services, goods, not so much after the dollar or euro, but after inner fullfillment.
I am unemployed like many, growing now a food garden is a radiant joy of saving my resources. I look with flowing faith to a new occupation, I live the small moments in life, my close ones and dear relatives.

Yes, I know I am an idealist but what else would we want? To live a life of dispair or non-sense? I have hope!
It is good to see that in this highly energetic spring (astrologically speaking), and particularly this mid April highlight period, that there are no great disasters. Yes there are hard times, but so this energy pushes all of us to do specific action, to transform our ways of being and doing. The Mars/Uranus insight.
Uranus is well said to be a great awakener. Saturn a great teacher. Pluto a great purifier. Don't you see that in mankind, in the news, in the global state of affairs?

Thank Universe.
Even though I know that the greater changes still lie ahead.
Even though yesterday I have a great epic dream about the greater changes coming. They are an archetypal symbol for this transformation.
This is Jupiter/Neptune alignment.

I think, from now on, it is much wiser and healthier to speak more in terms of archetypal changes, and the practical solutions for common man, than of predicting dates and changes!

In gratitude,

Wishes of high spirit courage for everyone,

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