Thursday, April 9, 2009

Period 10-27 April: radical energies

In these next days, there will be an increased energy again.
Mars is now conjuncting Uranus, and it had just opposed Saturn, in the scope of the Uranus/Saturn opposition.
That is the energy behind the G20 protests, the North Korea rocket, and Italian earthquake.
I had pointed it out this period as a very energetic one, about one year ago.

But, the peak of the energy is still unfolding. Today is Full Moon, which is exactly conjuncted Eris, so therefore the potential for a few riots, and odd and confronting energies.
The Full Moon is already sufficiently energetic.

Between now and the 16th April, Mars conjuncts Uranus, so you have the highest peak of energy. This can bring further natural disasters and radical new moves by people. Ideas will be on air, since this strongly activates the Uranus in Pisces energy.

Then, between the 23rd and 27th April, Mercury conjuncts Sedna, squares Neptune and Jupiter, and Mars makes a strong quadrature to Pluto, when it enters cardinal point in Aries. This is even a stronger energy, and may gives us clues about the nature of the radical events this August and October and during next year. I would expect further radical transformation around us. Look for natural disasters and/or scientific advances or ideals inspiring, due to the Neptune and Jupiter energy. Look for religion and spirituality having some change and activity. And look for the entrance of Mars in Aries as a brutal energy requesting action, moves, protest, self-reliance, self-focus, and fiery acts of assertive behavior. Consider this as a start of a new 2-year cycle, right in the cardinal alignment, the start of a much deeper transformation.

Mars was in Aries in June 2007, July 2005, January 2004, February 2002, March 2000.
Look at what you have done, what you have changed, what you have began (or ended) during those periods (look at the months before and after too). Then, think what this next cycle might bring to you. Mundane, this transits tends to bring riots, explosions, heatwaves or extreme weather, and more fiery moods.

Please send light energy all around the world to avoid any extreme acts of agression, and to harmonize the great deal of energy required for iniciating action and change.

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