Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Transit of Uranus and Neptune over my first house

Uranus and Mars
in my first house: December 2000, November 2001, June and September 2003
in my second house: May 2007, April 2009

The transit of Uranus over my first house
1999: 9º to 17º: this year Uranus reached my ASC (15º). I saw an UFO first, and in the same I gain a contest to go for an astronomy international conference and entered University, all in a period of two months. That was really exciting but then it followed quite some rollercoaster months in the University, definitively due to being an outsider and with rebel ideas against the establishment there.
2000: 13º to 21º: a crazy years with plenty of new social contacts, but also a major depression, which was quite a shock at the time at a certain time (typically Uranus), followed by my spiritual awakening later in the year. No more Uranus like this!
2001: 17º to 25º: continuation of new political, spiritual, personal ideals and social life, still some moody months
2002: 21º to 29º: continuation of changes in ideals, social contacts, goals, philosophy of life, but much better self-confidence
2003: 25º to 3º: went abroad with a radical crazy time, as Uranus squared itself, many new relationships and really rollercoaster time (partys, new people, exciting things, changes, moods)
2004: continuation of still heavy exploration of new personal ideas, many new social contacts again, theather and much personal experimentation. the personality is now much more outgoing.
2005: continuation of still new ideals and questioning of social order, but now more quiet moods, still exotic travelling
2006: as the transit ends, radically and now more solid new ideals about what my path of life should be unfold, new important relationships are formed, decisions, went abroad
The transit of Uranus over my second house
2007: 11º to 19º: as Uranus enters my second house, the priorities shift now to self-reliance and a quest to find new talents, jobs and ways of working my self-sufficiency. Since Uranus is sudden, now the shock was seeking to change my carreer altogether! A renewed interest in nature is gained. Many new possibilities are weighted
2008: the quest for self-reliance continues, now more calmer but with the awareness that a long path still needs to be walked. The possibilities from last year start to be slowly explored, like writting a book, make a garden, etc... The sudden changes in income came.
2009: the quest continues, now more agitatted as Uranus squares natal Sun. Unemployed. Money, inner talents and self-worth issues (2nd house) came really to surface.

Uranus and Sun:
in my first house: February 2000, February 2001, February 2002, February 2003, February 2004, February 2005, February 2006,
in my second house: March 2007, March 2008, March 2009

Uranus - Mars as opposed from:
seventh house: September 2000, August 2002, August 2004, August 2006
eighth house: August 2008

Neptune and Mars:
in my first house: May 2003, April 2005, March 2007, March 2009
The transit of Neptune over my first house
2003: 9 ºto 14º: as the transit starts subtle, a change to the cosmic awareness comes, a complete acceptance of spirituality. This comes really powerful at this time, but was starting a couple of years before. The use of psycoactive drugs was a main factor at this time. Despite the lot of inspiring ideas coming to mind and personality, there is a wide confusion that is not acknowledge. Life is a mix. Professional and relationship choices are somewhat confusing.
2004: 11º to 16º: major changes in reaching a contact with cosmic awareness and spiritual revelations. Theater and major inspiration. Prolific social contact. Volunteering interest grows. A growing discontent and fog with the life direction appears. Vegetarianism
2005: 13º to 18º. Major fog in life direction. Neptune is still around the ASC (15º) degree. Contact with natural ideas comes after psycoactive use that is now discontinued.
2006: 15º to 20º: Major major changes in ideals, now contact with nature and communitarian ideals makes main interest. Major changes in life. Major contact with nature, but still a sense that I should be somewhere else. Lots of meditation now happens. Plenty of natural communion. A sense of freedom and liberation, even if for a while. New relationship. Still many path directions which gradually became focused. Now, a shift from social life to isolation.
2007: 17º to 22º: Life direction becomes focused again. Ideals surround nature and gardening and artistic expression is performed at a large scale. Yoga.
2008: 19º to 24º: Life becomes calmer, more meditative, isolate, and clear, but still ideas are somewhat confusing. A heavy interest in nature and in meditation grows. Much dreaming.
2009: 21º to 26º: Plenty of spiritual practice and gardening. Choices are still quite unclear.

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