Monday, May 4, 2009

Moon in eight house

This is the description of my Natal Moon in Eighth House:

This is a difficult position to talk, as it is very personal and private. Let me put it this way: Moon in the eighth house is a bit alike the Moon in seventh house, wishing security in another, therefore being interested in relationships and companionship, but here the Moon wishes more intimacy, a more profound encounter and a intense transformation, so individuals are more likely to, instead of seeking many partners and colleagues, to prefer a single partner company, more alike the energies of the eighth house.
This is a position of quite some loneliness. Since, the individuals with this position may become quite obsessed with their own issues (of transformation and inner energies/motivations/etc). This is not easy. It requires a continual renewal of our personality and our inner compulsions, to control our inner mechanisms.
Sometimes it is a personal relationship (partner, family, work partner) that creates this urge. Sometimes, a disease that we have to fight. Or sometimes, we just encounter the dark side of the society, or we find ourselves too obsessively thinking about the transformations occuring in the society, in ourselves, in others, in the earth planet!
Individuals with this position tend to think, feel and plan for the worst-case scenario. And this makes us aware of all inner workings of reality, and our inner issues. This of course, related to the eighth house money/sex/resources, makes one very sober and clever when dealing with resources, particularly money. This may make one to save excessively and spend little. Or with a talent to control resources, which could be good for financial advice, banking or accounting.
In my particular case, I save much more than I spend, I am quite obsessed with the idea of self-reliance and always preparing for my own survival. Sometimes, I think this position creates so much emotional catharsis, so much inner and constant transformation, that one has to seek the occult and spiituality to "save" itself from the dark side or from falling down. This is the meaning of the "valley of the death" of this house. In my own case, I am since childhood, very aware of death and now I don't fear it, due to having had a few out of body experiences. However, I am quite aware that life is finite, a cycle, so I tend to transform myself and seek myself in life profoundly.
This position creates an interest in research, psychology, and the occult, metaphysics and, in my case, astrology. Understanding other psyches is a talent, due to our emotional and psyshic sensitivity.
This position may make one very attached and devoted to find emotional security in another, so his is a position where one intimate relationship assumes a main role in our lifes. Sometimes, there is a sense of deep personal sacrififice of interests for the sake of relationship security. Or it could be a deep-seated loneliness. There is much the sense "we are here by ourselves, by our own" that can make one not to trust in others or to become alone. This is not the wisest choice, I must say. There may be feelings of possessiveness, guilt or responsability. In general, there is strong feelings, but that run really deep and not so in surface. In my own case, I have experienced one relationship betrayal, but it was also in the early beggining (and I intuitively discovered beforehand), so now I have learnt to follow even more my own intuition and inner feelings of trust. Trust the heart, follow compassion to yourself and others is a key lesson for this house. This house is a sacrifice of the ego, or self desires.
Speaking about sex, there is a deep emotional component to it, but also some insecurity. Therefore, it is not advisable to go intimate with someone, if you don't feel trust and a deep bond with the other. There may be some obsessive thoughts about sex, some adictive patterns, requiring that we really tune in to the sensitive and spiritual energies of sex and union with another, as I prefer to call it. There may be an interest in tantric sex, slow sex, an emotional one. Sex is also seen as a peace-maker to our emotions, with this position. Or I guess a source of worry, if you are not prepared or tuned. Instead of feeling separate, there is a need to feel a deep union with another and oneness, to transcend our egos.
Frequently, it is the fact that people with this position are born to parents that had some emotional distance or problem between them (or with the child) which created this drive to find emotional security and depth.
There may be a sense of continuous (hidden) threat throughout life. Be it, in external events (which are really internal worries), or through agitated dreams. Protection from the astral energies, or spiritual protection is an important issue.
There is also, like I said, a deep focus in shared resources. This is related to inheritances, joint property or business, etc. There is a great focus in "money or resources coming from others". Even salaries may come from another source (like a grant). There may be an interested in finding our own business or associating with partners, concerning this. However, take care of the advice said here.
Seeing the "dark side of society" may make one sometimes too sensitive in work, and therefore we can assume a quite low-profile personality in our jobs, getting afraid of our colleagues or bosses, due to our drive of finding emotional security not being corresponded by the cool and deatached environmental of nowadays job companies and the rat-race society. (I also have Scorpio midheaven)
The individual can imagine and picture how painful it would be to feel other's suffering. Indiduals can see through other people's motives, thoughts and actions. What is outside is insignificant, what is inside is profound. There is both a strong interests in healing and counselling.

I have Moon in Virgo, with no particular aspect.
Saturn is currently conjunct with my natal Moon.

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