Sunday, May 3, 2009

Planetary nodes (Heliocentric nodes)as keys to predict the new century!

Pluto: 20º Cancer
Neptune: 11º Leo
Uranus: 13º Gemini
Saturn: 23º Cancer
Jupiter: 10º Cancer
Mars: 19º Taurus
Venus: 16º Gemini
Mercury: 18º Taurus
(well, all are situated in between Taurus and Leo, mainly in Gemini and Cancer!)

Pluto in Cancer and Capricorn nodes: transformation times in society: 2017
When Pluto passed through the north node, it was 1929, the stock market crash! Or 1684 and 1435 previously, during the Glorious Revolution and the end of the 100 years war.
Pluto will transit its south node in 2017, as it did in 1771 and 1525, years of revolutions, during the start of the America Revolution and the 1525's peasant war/revolution in Europe.

Uranus in 13º Gemini node:a fight for democracy and freedom values: 2029!
Uranus transited its north node in 1945, 1862, 1778, 1694, 1611, 1527, all years of revolutions or shortly after. In 1527, the founding of the peasant war, the sack of Rome, the siege of Vienna, the colonolizations of Americas, the founding of the Mughal Empire in India; in 1694 after the Glorious Revolution in England, in 1778 around the time of the declaration of the Independence of the US, in 1862, in the American Civil war and end of slavery, in 1945 during the second world war. The next times comes in 2029!
Uranus transited the south node in around 1985, 1900 and in 1817, which are times of great expansion (Sagittarius) but not so much revolution. However, the Pluto/Saturn opposition transited this node in 2001, so you still see its importance.

Neptune transiting Nodes: ideal-inspired revolutions, plagues...
Transited north node in 1918, during the Russian Revolution, a worldwide flu pandemic, and the end of the first world war, in 1755, during the start of the seven years war, 1591, 1427 and 1263.
Neptune transited the south node in 1348, during the black plague, 1512 during the discoveries of Americas, 1676 during the Glorious revolution, 1840 during the Irish famine, and in 2004. What this was, we are still to see it. Neptune squared the node previously in 1962, another time of great change. The next squares and aspects will be in 2044 and 2085, key period of changes in our global ideals.

2029 will be a key year (of revolution)
However, Pluto transited the Neptune north node in 1945 (second world war), in 1987 (end of cold war) and next one in 2029, reinforcing the revolution and war/end-of-war energy.

2017 will be the beggining of these very large scale (revolution/war) changes
The decades ahead of full of energies for dramatic change. First, we have this mighty cardinal alignment between 2009 and 2011, with Uranus/Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter/Neptune. Then, 2012 onwards, Uranus enters Aries (already a powerful shifting point) and squares Pluto for a few long five years, promising great times of change. As this is not enough, when Uranus approaches the point of maximum transformation in late Aries in 2017, Pluto enters its Capricorn node, a point where usually large-scale revolutions start, and until 2029, for a long 12 years, the transit of Uranus into Gemini and its own node, Pluto into Aquarius, Saturn conjunct with Pluto, Sedna entering Gemini, and then Neptune and Pluto transiting the Neptune node, all promises really a worldwide movement fighting for freedom, democracy and values alike. I never seen such a large-scale indicator of fight and revolution, even bigger than the American/French Revolution or the second world war.

It is between 2017 and 2029
In a way, around 2014 or 2015, we will see how the transformation energies, of people coming with assertive action, decisions and moves, will be rising. It seems so powerful to see Uranus pluto squaring each other in the mid degrees of Aries and Capricorn.
This will be during the depth of this next second great depression, which will be a catalyst for many inner change in everyone. Then, by 2017, 2020 or 2022 at latest, this energy will be transformed and manifested in a more solid outwards visible form. Revolution or war will be generated in many western countries. As well, as a great sense of the new, as a revelation.
Realize that Pluto is damn revolutionary when transiting Aquarius, as is Uranus in Gemini!
Maybe, we will be discovering (officially) of extraterrestrial life, or of great earth and climatic changes. But surely the revolutionary times in our society will manifest as a new worldwide event, starting between 2017 and 2022, and finishing between 2022 and 2029. Likely, the revolutions will start as street uprising in 2013 to 2015, then gain an inspiring ideal of freedom and liberation around 2017 to 2020, and this climaxing by 2022 and a few years following. I prefer to call this, as a revolution than as a war, as I think the fight will be a rebalance of our inner values towards greater equality, assertive action and harmony. Wonder that some seemingly negative events, such a nuclear explosion, an asteroid colision or a small worldwide flood, a pandemic flu, a critical war, alien disclosure of all the secrets hidden, are so extremely powerfully changing to our psyches, that any of these will be a catalyst to a much needed return to the love realms, to peace values, to our reconnection with simplicity and with nature and the sacred, to a recognition we are all creatures from the same one source. In the end, it is not so important what may be happening outwards but inwards. A return to a more spiritual energy and a phasing out of material energy is a part of what will be happening.

2009- 2011: a large-scale change begins, with many events unfolding
2012-2017: a shift from the globalism to localism,very high energies, uprisings, the depth of the second great depression, a new period begins, when many new things and changes come to surface
2017-2029: as energy peaks, large-scale changes, along with social revolutions
2030-2044: assimilation of these first large-scale changes
2045-2050: changes in routines, health, nature, religion, science and spirituality
2060-2090: another great period of more gradual transformation in our identities
2090: a sense of a great novel ear is solidly established

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