Monday, May 4, 2009

Saturn in ninth house

This is the description of my Natal Saturn in Ninth House:

I did not have Saturn transiting my ninth house yet. My natal position of Saturn in 9th makes me study really hard, a kind of scholar position, or self-teached. I think it gives ability to research, science and teaching. I also makes me very sober and serious. Others see me too sober, serious and hard-learning. But people came to see to seek advice.
I am not religious but deeply spiritual that I found by myself. I did not had a religious education. Before I was spiritual, I was very skeptical! This position makes one not to believe but to prefer to realize existence of something by proof or empirical evidence or life experience. After hard study, I came to understand the spiritual, social and scientific realities, but now I struggle against other skepticisms! Like to show them, how one can have for instance an out of body experience or the workings of astrology. When it comes to an issue (for instance, global warming), I don't see the two sides, I prefer to study the issue myself and came with my own conclusions.
Somewhat I mistrust the academic structures in our society. This position also makes me very law-abiding and interested in ethics. I guess this is a position for astrologers ans sages, since astrology is in fact higher law. I am interested also in philosophy and also in politic ideals (left wing libertarian but not radical). I live abroad but encountered some distancing from my natal culture. There is a long struggle to find my life purpose (and right career).

I have Saturn in Libra, sextile to natal Sun.

(previously I thought Saturn was in my eighth house, but no, it is in the early start of ninth house, this makes more sense, and instead my moon instead of my seventh house, is in my eighth house cusp, which also makes deep sense)


Idris said...

Could you repost the article you posted on May 10?

segurelha said...

Dear friend,

I am sorry to have taken it out, but I was not happy to have it the way I have it written.
Therefore, I have rewritten it, and remove the specific predictions I have made.

I think our focus should be on the positive not on the potential negative!
Thus, I only wrote about specific time dates of increased energy, which, theoretically, would affect the world, and everyone. Just with energy pushing towards renovation of structures and ideas.
I defintively dont want to have here a old aged medieval like astrology.

Have fun!