Thursday, May 28, 2009

The turning point of global change starts in 2013 , followed by great period of novelty, moves and changes ;The revolution of 2023-2029

Assuming the orbital period of Uranus:

  • FIRST SIGNS OF A GREAT GLOBAL CHANGE (2007/2008 onwards)

1923-24=1840-41=1756-57=1505-06= 1420-21=2007-2008
Start of this revolutionary and changing period for the world!
(German hyperinflation, start of civil unrest, Seven Year War begins, economic recession begins, early discoveries begin by Portuguese and Spanish), first signs of a great world change appear
Strangely, now we have the global economic recession and oil/food crisis, the climate crisis, the risk of a pandemic flu, and middle east/iran and pakistan/korea war tension

  • GREAT PERIOD OF SOCIAL CHANGE AND NOVELTY BEGINS (mid 2013 onwards, peaking in 2015-2023)

October 1929 = January 1846 = April 1762 = July 1678 = April 1511 = July 1427 = October 1343 = July 2013
Stock Market Crash, Start of Irish and European famine, Seven year war expands, Colonization of Americas advances, the start of important changes
Climax of social unstability and societal transformation advances faster now, a turning point
(Depression, Year of Revolutions, Joana d'Arc, Magellan goes around the world; Black Plague begins)
Acellerated societal change, unstability and novelty, climax period now and for more four year
(Martin Luther posted his thesis, the Spanish enter Americas, inventions, wars, Black Plague)


September 1939=January 1858= June 1688=March 1521=1353= June 2023
Start of world war II, battles leading to American Civil War (1857-58)= Glorious Revolution (started in November)= Spanish conquest of Americas, Luther declared an heretic (January-April) which would lead to the start of Peasants War (1524), the start of a great revolutionary period
September 1945=January 1864=1694=March 1527= June 2029
World war II ends, American Civil war ends (1864), The Spanish conquer the Aztecs (Ausgust 1521), Sack of Rome (1527) and Siege of Vienna (1529), the end of such revolutionary period

In 1340s, the black plague, changes the european world from the medieval to look for new horizons, and also the early starts of discoveries and a more global trade
In 1420s, the 100 years war ended, and discoveries began, now around continents, and the rennascence which would make its way to our modern scientific world
In 1510s, to great discoveries, the first globalization by colonizations and global trade, protestanism in religion, and the idea that the Earth was round which now gave rise to science, and a failed popular revolution, but many changes in the empires and countries
In 1680s, a great revolution against monarchy, now firmed
In 1760s, the period gave rise to the american and french revolutions, many liberal ideals, now with worldwide impact, and now the industrial revolution
In 1840s, the period gave rise to revolutions and communist and nationalist ideals, and only acomplished the abolition of slavery, and also many scientific inventions (oil, darwin, telegraph, medical care)
In 1930s, the period gave origin to world war II, great changes in nearly all countries of the world, politically and socially, and great technological advances (tv, flights, rocket technology, atomic energy, psychology), but the ideals failed towards peace and global union
In 2010s and 2020s, there is promise of much hard global change, be it in economics, resources, politics, social unrest and wars, to promote more the union of the races, a global world, with peace and better prosperity, or course many events, inventions, political moves, manifestos and social unrest will have to shock the world (in 2013-2019) to cause a "revolution" in 2023-2029

In the years leading to 2013, like the years 1925-1929, 1842-1846, 1758-1762, 1507-1511, the world will seem to be melting and flowing (Uranus in Pisces). By 2013-2015, a breaking point occurs, and the much unrest, invention, agressive moves and novelty appearing will lead to the 2020s revolutions.
2009 is 1925, 1842, 1758, early signs
2010 is 1926, 1843, 1759
2011 is 1927, 1844, 1760
2012 is 1928, 1845, 1761
2013 is 1929, 1846, 1762, turning point
2015 is 1931, 1848, 1764, climax and new ideals
2020 is 1936, 1853, 1769, moves towards revolution
2023 is 1939, 1856, 1772, start of revolution
2029 is 1945, 1862, 1778, end of revolution

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