Thursday, June 11, 2009

The epic astrological configurations

The dates of 12-17 June 2009, 14-21 August 2009, 18-22 September 2009 and 8-20 October 2010 are period of great astrological energy, which could give origin to intense events in the world in our personal lives.
  • The energies of mid June are certainly linked to the Solstice. The Sun makes a square from Gemini to the planets in Virgo and Pisces, but of course the Saturn and Uranus opposition is now with a wider orb. This is a return to the exciting transformation energies that we start observing last year between June and December, both in your life and in the world set of events. The current strong Neptune/Jupiter conjuntion energy, is making lots of room for grand ideals, for spirituality, it's an energy of the masses, also linked with floods, scientific breakthroughs and pandemic situations. But June should not be extraordinary yet.
  • Then, in mid August Mars squares the opposition which is now lining up to a exact hit in September, and Mercury squares it. This is very strong, but not the strongest yet. This was the energy for at least another economic downfall. A reminder of the break-down of society, of our beliefs and structures, as to give way to the new. This is however a gradual process, and it still takes several years to notice.
  • Mid September is epic, grand and intense. Mainly for people having current transits, but eventually also for the world. Uranus and Saturn are exactly opposite, both geocentric and heliocentric, which has happened last time in 1965-1966 (see below). But it doesn't mean something will happen (in the world), just that it marks the big entrance into the climax of 2010-2012. But, for several people with transits, the days around 18 September 2009 will be of intense energy. The continual period in middle October, between the 10th and the 23rd will feel like a build-up of energies. The list of things is the following, the awareness of the minorities is much bigger than during the sixties (sexual, race and women liberation), environmentalism, evolution of the technology, mass unrest fighting for social, economic and political reasons, exploration of the space, regional conflicts, some climatic changes, and etc. The only overall feeling I have is a return from globalism to localism, from materialism to revolution, from corporations to liberation of mankind. The T-square between Saturn, Pluto and Uranus still forms throughout 2010, and the 2012-2016 Uranus/Pluto square (exact in 2013-2014).
Remember this: 1962 brings the Cuban crisis, 1965 and 1966 brings the first social unrest and civil rights movements, Hippies and scientific advances, 1967 brings the summer of love, Hippies and riots and the Six-day war in Middle East, 1968 brings May of 68, many revolutions worldwide and the Hong King pandemic flu, 1969 brings woodstock and first man in the moon.
The impulse of transformation started right in 1965 and 1966, but its influence climaxed only in 1967-1969, two years later.
In 1931 another T-square cross happened. There was a economic depression, two years after the 1929 stock market crash. The climax of world unstability came through 1935 to 1939, between 4 to 8 years later, with the second world war. Another big conjuntion came 1850, two years after the 1848 year of revolutions. Another two big T-squares, came in 1755 and in 1776, right during the european-wide Seven Year war and the America revolution.

Thus, do not look only at late 2009, but look instead for a (first) climax in 2010-2012, even extending onwards, 2013 promises to be big due to the square Uranus/Pluto, which (second) climax should set repercusion waves of unrest through 2014, 2015 and 2016, right when Uranus climaxes into Aries! During these years, the climax is set to be mainly unfocused civil unrest, some conflicts and economic crisis. Uranus was in this position during (2017) in 1933, 1849, 1765.
Then, in 2020 and 2021, a Saturn/Pluto conjuntion and Saturn/Uranus square should set a wave of world-impact revolutions (now with a clear intent and focused direction) in 2022 extending to 2029 (a third climax). Like it was 1938, 1855, 1770 revolutions and wars.

An imagined scenario!
If I would rewrite the story of the sixties now, it would be like the following: in 2010, there comes civil movements and social unrest to the mainstream, in parallel with a Middle east war; in 2011 a "summer of love", and a "May of 68" revolutions, which spread in most western countries, and also a pandemic situation; in 2012 the "Woodstock" and "First man on the Moon" surely evoke the feeling of (at least) a worldwide expectation for a 2012 cosmic phenomena, revelation or awakening. Wouldn't this be exciting? Economic depression sets in, oil crisis around 2015 onwards, with profound social change in these years, with some leaders changing, political ideas being experimented, etc, etc, hopefully now it will be not like the thirties but even better than the seventies, followed by a grand wave of conflicts and revolutions around 2019 to 2028, at least a second America revolution, and some in Europe. By 2030, a new wave of happiness, prosperity, liberalism, truth and equality, and democracy will be like the 1950s and 1960s, the 1870s and 1880s, the 1780s and 1790s, the 1980s and 1990s.

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