Saturday, June 13, 2009

Prediction of weather for June-December 2009 (heatwave in late June ; next hot days 17-18 June and 21-22 June. Record heatwave in early August?)

I have been studying the influence of tropical/sideral astrological influence on the weather.
Basically, the warming and cooling effect is enhanced in the late degrees of one tropical fire/air or water/earth sign, respectively, and the early degrees of the following sign.

So, for example, the warmest influence is late Aries (20-30º) and early Taurus (0-10º), or late Libra (20-30º) until late Scorpio (0-30º). Or the coolest are early Sagittarius (the "Scorpio" influence) and late Capricorn and early Aquarius (the "Capricorn influence"), and even late Cancer and early Leo (the real "Cancer" influence)

When the Moon transits this regions we see daily variations of humidity and temperature.
When the Sun and Mercury are together in similar influences, this warming or cooling effect is reinforced. Venus and Mars, in combination with the Sun or Mercury in a same influence, bring about a heatwave or a coldwave. Jupiter to Pluto influences are more decade variations, and I am still studying to see if these have really a significant effect.
I focus in Europe, as I live here.

With this in mind, check what I have to predict for 2009.
There was a coldwave influence (Sun and Mercury in Capricorn, Venus in Pisces, Mars in Capricorn) in early and mid January 2009, the coldwave in Europe. And a second one in late March, with late snows (Sun, Mercury and Mars in Pisces).
There was a heatwave influence in late February (all inner planets in Aquarius or Aries) and some influence in early and mid April (Sun and Mercury in Aries), the early spring to most Europe.

Europe Heatwave in the second half of June 2009
Now, we have really a heatwave influence for the next couple of weeks in June, as Sun and Mercury are in Gemini, while Mars is still in Aries and Venus enters Gemini too! Particularly if I look at the heliocentric configurations, but also in a geocentric chart.
Look for the 17-18 June and the 21-22 June 2009 for very hot days, and still some warm weather possible for the 1st July.
Then more mild and wet weather comes in mid July, as planets enter Cancer. Look at the 8, 12 and 17 July, for more cool and rainy weather.

Europe strong Heatwave for early August 2009
But the real extreme hot, with promise to compete with the 2003 European heatwave, is set for early August. All planets are in Leo or Gemini, and even in a Heliocentric chart the influence still gives extreme hot.
Look around the 29 July, 2 August, 6 August or the 11-12 August 2009 for days with possible extreme hot, as the Moon passes in Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Aries, respectively.

The Rest of 2009: storms by early September, and fiery November, coldwave of December

The rest of 2009 brings the following (focusing in the extremes):
  • cold weather by late August and/or early September (colder 28th, 31th, 5th Sep 2009). I wonder, if this also means a strong hurricane, even more when I see the chart set for the New Moon of 18th September, conjuncted with the Uranus/Saturn.
  • the possibility of again unusual warm weather for end of October and early/mid November (the warmest should be around one of these dates, 1-2nd 5, 9 and 15th Nov 2009). The full Moon of 2nd November looks very unsettled, warm and fiery.
  • somewhat cold in early December (look for colder the 5th and 8-9th Dec)
  • coldwave in end of December (white Christmas, and New Year!), mainly the colder or snow on 23rd and 31th Dec 2009.

Look at these energies, not only as a pattern for the warm/cool weather, but also for the warm/cool human moods.


Idris said...

hello ,

I do visit your blog often and I would like to read your views about the eclipses.. the lunar / solar / lunar... in the order listed.

segurelha said...

I haven't checked the eclipses for this year. Maybe you can give a tip to where to start, or what to look for.
There is one (total solar) in 22 July.

It looks like, in Europe, I was right for two dates, and wrong for the other. 17 June was a warm day over much of the Europe (particularly over central, eastern and south Europe), as was 1st of July (particularly in London and in the south). But the 22 June brought quite cool weather for much of Europe.

It looks like the Cancer influence, of mild and cool weather of July is already coming, before the heatwave I predict in early August.

Maybe the heatwave will start also earlier, in the second half of July! Look for the extreme hot in the last 10 days of the month.


HY. I read some of your article and i want to ask you if you can say me how it looks my natal theme in sideral zodiac type. Thank you. A wait for an answer.