Sunday, July 12, 2009

Prediction of weather for July and August 2009

Warm weather should be coming, with perhaps a heatwave, between 15 July and 10 August.
Cool weather should follow after the 10 August until early September.

I am still uncertain about when the hottest peak will be whether in late July or early August.
Certain warmer days will be 15 July, 19 July, 23 July, 28-30 July (perhaps the hottest), 2-3 August, 6 August and 12 August.
As of today Mars enters Gemini, signalling the return to warm dry days. Gemini can also bring dry winds. The Moon in Aries and Gemini in 15 and 19 July usually brings hot weather.
By 21 July, a New Moon in Cancer will cool a little bit the weather. Then, Mercury enters Leo in 23 July, pushing the stage for a heatwave (adding to Mars and Venus already in warm Gemini influence). Perhaps very warm weather follows in 28-30 July, eventually very hot.

Then, there are conditions for hot and humid weather, with strong thunderstorms (maybe hurricane formation) in 1st August and 4-5 August. Still it is possible hot or very warm days in 2-3 August, 6 August and 11-12 August. At this point, Sun is in Leo, Mercury is still in Leo, Mars well into Gemini, and Venus leaving Gemini, all warming signs. It is difficult to see cool weather at this time, unless I am completely off track. At least this heatwave will rival the ones in Europe of 2003 or 2006.

Generally, it will cool afterwards, somewhere between 10 or 20 August, as both Mercury and Venus enter Virgo and Cancer, meaning rains (look at the 13 or the 18th). Also, the Sun and Mars are now in late Leo and Gemini, so the hot should be peaking and declining now.
Don't forget to the highly charged period of 14th and 20th August.

In early and mid September the cold will rush, when by the 10th September, most inner planets will be in Virgo and Cancer. Look at the 28th, 31th Aug, but particularly at 10 and 14th September, for cool or even cold weather.
Again, don't forget the highly charged new moon of 18th September.


segurelha said...

Overall, there was no extreme heat, only warm weather, so in that regard I was wrong.

However, I was correct to predict the hottest days in central Europe (where I am located) in 14-17 July, 22-23 July and between 30 July-2 August. These were also the identical periods for the hottest weather in South Europe and North Africa.
Still, variations occur from land to land (if i see other regions), so I am still learning to understand how these lunar influences affect the climate.

Look for hot days in 6th and 10-12th August, afterwards the weather will start to cool.

"Certain warmer days will be 15 July, 19 July, 23 July, 28-30 July (perhaps the hottest), 2-3 August, 6 August and 12 August."

segurelha said...

More mild weather will come then after around the 15th August (the 10-12th will still be warm), ending the hot weather. This should come as unseasonably cold, like Autumn weather, more rainy and cool. Cool weather can set in the 18th-22nd August.

The coldest should occur around the last week of August to first week of September (particularly 30th August, 5th and 10th September), and then between the last week of September of first week of October (particularly 26th September, 2nd October, 7th October, for the cold).
Maybe also the 18th September and 15th October, with some rain and cold.

Then, there comes unseasonably warm weather between late October and mid November! Look mainly for the 27th October, 1-2 November, 5th November and 14-17 November, for sunny nice days.

The December should be cold, not dramatically, but more in the last week. The possibilities of rain, cold or snows come in 5th, 8th, the 17th (perfect for snow), 23th (wet), 28th and a rainy last day of the year.