Sunday, July 12, 2009

Predictions October 2009. A big war? The significance of Mars, early Leo, the Nodes and Pluto/Saturn

Astrologically speaking, it follows a charged full moon in 4th October, still T-square energy in 7-13th October. As 10th and 20th October, Mars forms a cross with the Moon nodes, the transiting Sun, and Mars is in Leo cusp (watch out!), and then Saturn squares perfectly with Pluto. This is a very heavy configuration.

Important, because usually global wars tend to start and at least nearly start, when Mars (or something like Pluto or Saturn) comes in early Leo, the Nodes align with Mars or with one of these, and Pluto forms an important configuration with Saturn (or also Uranus). Give proximity to a cardinal cross, and there you have a powerful recipe. Give also proximity, at least within one year, to a Uranus-Jupiter alignment.

When WWII started, Mars was opposed Pluto in 3º Leo, and Saturn, Moon and Nodes were exactly square to this. I notice Mars leaving Capricorn and entering Aquarius. Of course, Uranus was in late Taurus and about to enter the revolutionary degrees of Gemini.
There is much more, like Eris and Sedna in Aries, Neptune entering Libra cusp, north node in Scorpio as it was in 1920, and would be in 1958, 1977, quite agressive years.

When WWI started, again Pluto and Saturn were about to conjunct in early cardinal Cancer. The same powerful effect of Pluto+Saturn. Five days before, there was a New Moon right where Pluto was. Importantly or not, Pluto was square Eris. Mars was leaving Leo and one week later, it conjuncted south node. One month later, Mars square the powerful exact Saturn-Pluto pair.
The north node was in Pisces as it would be for instance in 1932, 1970, 1989, 2008, very important years of turning points.

When the 7 year war started, another global conflict, Mars was again in Leo, this time in a Neptune-Saturn opposition, and in early Leo! Importantly, Pluto and Eris were exactly conjuncted, and square to Uranus and Sedna, and opposed by Mercury! A few months before, the nodes were aligned to this square!

More examples, during the Cuban missible crises, Mars was opposed by Saturn and Nodes, in early Leo, squared by the Moon. And in Sep 1981 and Aug 1983, we had again Pluto/Saturn conjunction that was at two times squared by Mars in early Leo, one of those, aligned with the Nodes.

Watch out for 12-25 October 2009. 12, 18, 23 or 25 October are the dates to look for. This could be the start of a major war but not a global one, since we do not have an outer planet around early Leo. However, since in mid August Mars squares both Saturn (11) and Uranus (18) and Pluto (25) this could be the start of some war, Middle-East or not, like the ones in July 2006 and August 2008. And then, the October Mars-Node + Saturn-Pluto alignments.
In 2010 (between March and July), Mars aligns again with the three outer planets, but in a very tight configuration. In September-December 2010, the Nodes align with the cardinal cross, and then Mars also! In April 2011, Mars aligns again.

Thw big 2020-2023 alignment
However the biggest to happen in future will be the Sep 2018-Apr2020-Jun 2019-Nov 2019-Mar2020-Sep2020 and May-2023-Apr-2025, when Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter align in late Capricorn and early Aquarius, and square a bit Uranus and Eris, and Nodes and Mars align for several times, and as Pluto enters Aquarius, and as Uranus is entering Gemini!

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