Monday, August 31, 2009

A big challenge ahead

I want to do something else of this blog.
This is a radical feeling I have been having lately.

As the August mutable-cardinal cross between Uranus, Saturn, Pluto and Mars occured I was striked with much of energy impulse to act in many new different ways. I have my natal Sun in the last degrees of Sagittarius, so all planets were affecting it!

I look backwards to my mundane predictions, study of national charts, and such dense eighth house style stuff, and I concluded I want to bring forward not only a mathematical dry cyclical prediction, but also the intuitive, insightful, human meaning behind that learning cycle. I would like to bring forward the Love and recognition of our human oneness behind that.

I look forward to rewrite a bit of my previous pieces, to introduce some humour and positive vibes onto it. I want to elevate the study of these geocosmic cycles to a new level of ressonance and vibration. Not only in mystical terms, not only in dried accurate terms, but also in very grounded practical and supportive ways, and capture the true (joyful) spirit of it.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Saturn-Uranus-Pluto T-square transiting your chart. How it works for you (work in progress)

I was writting this today, based on some research.
I guess I'm inspired!

See where your Uranus, Saturn and Pluto will be earlier next year, and read their positions in each house, below. Some configurations of this T-square (2009-2011) may feel difficult, other easier. It also depends whether it transits some of your natal planets. Feel free to mail me with your insight or comment below!

Uranus in 1st, Saturn in 7th, Pluto in 10th
PISCES very difficult
You entered now a period of great period and assertiveness, where you can strike a new path. Look for the years ahead with much change, concerning your personal identity, goals, and career. Later you will see how different this period will be when compared to previous years. Your relationships may become a very important factor. Painfull break-ups can occur. Painful changes in professional life can also occur. You will feel the heavy hand of relationships and power now. Your relationships wll be your grounding factor, so get a balance betwen the erratic need for change, and keeping your relationships. And at the same time, you will start a long new search for a new social and professional long-term meaning. This will be one of the most energetic configurations possible!

Uranus in 2nd, Saturn in 8th, Pluto in 11th AQUARIUS difficult
After years of much change, you have discovered a new identity, values and talents within yourself. Now it is the time to bring forward and make them work. You change jobs, and your income may vary, due to this interest in change, and due to interest of new ways of making your living. Saturn may bring a feeling of worry in establishing your financial security, so you may be divided within the risk and excitement of doing your own thing and working for another and having security. You have may feel pressure to correspond to your partner or a compromise with another (8th house, contracts), and thus somewhat depressed. In the long term, you must search what fullfills you. Eventually, things will end in your life (8th house) and you must establish your new path.
Have attention, since involvement with groups and humanitarian or global ideals may be a recurrent theme or issue (11th house). You have been for a long-term changing or seeking change to your career situation, so go, search and involve with your new long-term ideals (11th house). Finding joy, romance, creativity and children may be another issue.

Uranus in 3rd, Saturn in 9th, Pluto in 12th CAPRICORN easier
This is an easier configuration. You have entered or are entering a renewed social life, with much new daily activity. After years of wanting to establish your new talents and needs in your life, this appears as an uplifting period. You will be bringing forward new independence. At the same time, you may be preparing new learning situation, or searching for meaning. There might be some introspective behavior and interest in spirituality and philosophy. Search for that within your education background, and within your region of residence. You might have to change residence too, if not now, later.

Uranus in 4th, Saturn in 10th, Pluto in 1st SAGGITARIUS very difficult
You may find your personal life kind of a mess now. Familiar situations, or problems at home, or least deep inside you, cause you much restlessness and need for change. You go deep within and search for new power within, this requires great persistence and dedication. This is not easy. At the same time, you may have parenting or great professional responsability (lots of work and tasks to do) and this can cause you this restlessness or take the time you need to calm down. Balance the different situations, and go within. A great time for self-development, meditation and inner work. Many of these tools would be excellent for you. This may be a major period of change and relocation in your life.

Uranus in 5th, Saturn in 11th, Pluto in 2nd SCORPIO easier
Exciting and radical romantic or creative, or in general, your life. With much change concerning the perso you express outward. This of course, makes you discover new talents, and have new relationships with groups, ideals and social life. Overall, an easy configuration.

Uranus in 6th, Saturn in 12th, Pluto in 3th LIBRA average to difficult
This is a period where you look back to your life, and see what worked or not, and what is working or not. Thus, you may get restless with this, desiring the need for changing several small things in your daily life. Your health may suffer now. This may also stir much unrest to the people and the environment around you. Your mind is going through major changes. At times, situation can seem complicate and you lose faith. But the advice now is to calm now, to calm down the mind and change several of your assumptions, and have faith. You will enter in a new major period of your life later. Overall, despite introspective this seems not a major difficult period.

Uranus in 7th, Saturn in 1st, Pluto in 4th VIRGO difficult
Great changes in your life happen now. Your way of behaving in the outer life changes considerably, and thus so changes relationships, which often force you to change or confront situations, bringing you down and feeling lack of confidence, worried or depressed. There can be major changes at home, or in family, there is a greater need to find roots and establish foundations (possibly new) in your life. You can change place of living, but this will not be easy, but at least you will encounter many new relationships or relationships occuping much of your life.

Uranus in 8th, Saturn in 2nd, Pluto in 5th LEO difficult
A drop in income, shared resources are affected, you may have great responsability in your household expenses and having to save much more. This will make you reexamine the relationships you have with the material world and with others. Learn how to create and express yourself. You may find yourself engaging in affairs, or difficult situations with your children.

Uranus in 9th, Saturn in 3th, Pluto in 6th CANCER average
This is an easier one. You might travel abroad or expand much your horizons, ideas and philosophy of living. At the same time, you may encountering small difficulties in your daily life, concerning particularly your residence, your education and the use of your mind resources. A restless search for experience and meaning. This may affect your health but this will give you great insight for understanding the body-mind connection, and how you live a daily routine. You can also feel serious or slighty depressed at times. But this concerns with new mental discoveries. Yoga, courses, reading, further education is of great help now.

Uranus in 10th, Saturn in 4th, Pluto in 7th GEMINI difficult
The classic need for a sudden and great change or breakthrough in your professional life (after years of exploring new ideas and horizons) but you might feel stuck due to familiar situations or pressures. You can feel temporarly depressed. You feel now a need to establish roots in one place, but at the same time a need to dramatically change and innovate your career. This affects your relationships in the long-term, bringing much insight to the power and responsability, and all the issue you can confront with in a relationship, bringing you much understanding. If you have not found a partner, you will find one now, or your relationship life may change in a deep way during the next years.

Uranus in 11th, Saturn in 5th, Pluto in 8th TAURUS difficult
Now you will feel that relationships have changed you. You have finished establishing your foundations in the world, and now you deal be dealing in a new way with your relationship. You may feel heavy and brough down with this, but considerable insight into the nature of relationship will be brought. At the same time, effort concerning situations with children is also marked. Because of this, you be dealing less with your friend, or instead finding a new social life and ideals which seem contradicted by this relationship situation. Bring balance to this situation. You are looking forward many new ideals.

Uranus in 12th, Saturn in 6th, Pluto in 9th ARIES average to difficult
You may be heavily working now, without rest, and causing you to feel a lack of confidence, stress or health problems. This can be important. What is happening, is a closing of a major period of your life, where you will strike forward much more in later years. Search for new horizons, cultures, ideas, and meaning of life.

The T-square cross in my 2, 5, 8, and 11 houses

I own values, talents, gifts, material resources, books, vegetable seeds, furniture, money, investments, websites, parental and cultural influences, languages spoken, academic education, memories of experience, friends, contacts, a partner, sexual needs, potential and pleasure, senses, self-reliant knowledge, hobbies and tools.

This is my second house, now the question is to whether feel liberated and awakened (Uranus) with these things I own.

How to share, give and receive with others (8th house)? A house dealing with the intimate association with others which require to obbey to certain biological and cultural rules, i.e. an house of survival, business, sex, of dealing with the problem of living in order to fullfill our life purpose, and, if things are not correct, it means death and regeneration!
How to express them, being my nature (5th house)?
How to creatively integrate this in a global manner, with groups and the society (11th house)?

As Saturn, Uranus and Pluto transit all these houses, except the fifth, I need of course to learn how to express my values, gifts and possessions! Because I frequently act through much of the other 3 houses, forgetting about this one.

Any Leo or 5th house individual around, that can give me further insight?

I based this
which is valuable information

Saturday, August 29, 2009

North Korea and Iran possible revolutions

How can I bring this issue, in a more radiating light?
After all, it's a dense situation, with potential to explode as the major cardinal alignments in 2010 align with critical degrees in the chart of those two countries.

However the promise is not only for conflict and unrest, but also at the same time, for uprising and revolution, which is eagerly needed.

Looking back at the chart of the Koreas war of 1950, it looks like erratic and difficult times are just ahead, with a high possibility of intense conflict. Now, we know that Uranus and Pluto like to destroy and shock when things are just not working, so that is one possibility. But the long-term promise is one of revolution and hopefully democratic rebirth.

After a tentative approach, I assumed a Korean chart as 25 June 1950, early dawn, when the conflict started, and assumed a guessed ASC of 15º Leo
This gives a Pluto in rising
And a Sun-Uranus in 11-12 house, square Mars (which is the perfect secretive NK tendency)

We now enter a period where Saturn completes its second return, so seeking to make some real changes and confronting the issues that were not dealt with.
In 2006, Saturn enters ASC: start of nuclear tensions
In 2008-2009 Saturn return

And the cardinal alignments hit mainly Mars (so, the military and also the main path of the country), and also the Sun (hence, a crises in identity)
In 2009 Pluto opposed natal Sun, and in late April, was squared by Mars: these were the ballistic and nuclear tests
In 2009 December, Pluto opposes Sun, and Saturn squares it, while Mercury triggers the transit; at the same time Saturn conjuncts natal Mars, and Mars is retrogade in ASC and conjuncted with Pluto! This could be a time of increased tensions and even brutal war and heavy feelings; but in a positive way, Mars is quite restricted. There is frustation. By 7, 24 December and 14 January the alignment is triggered.
In 2010, during all spring, Mars transits first house Leo and conjuncts again Pluto, this is fiery energy, the promise of a new identity coming forward. At the same time, Pluto exactly squares natal Mars, which is very assertive. In mid to late March and June, the configuration is triggered, particularly during the Full Moon of 27 June, which looks explosive, since Jupiter and Uranus align there. Neptune also squares natal Venus, meaning dissolution of self-worth and the economy.
By early August 2010, the cardinal cross is precise and climaxing. Because of Jupiter and Saturn, two social structure planets, this could mean a inside revolution or civil unrest instead of war, but even a conflict would cause a civil revolution against the governments. People are tired of wars.
Then, it's mainly Uranus and Pluto that square the natal Sun and Mars, mostly by December 2010 and August 2011, still going deeply into each compulsion, motivation and agressive behaviour of the country psyche. So, this may look like a intense unrest in the Koreas somewhere between August 2010-August 2011. Following the pattern, looks like more verbal war in 2010 (Pluto-Mars) and then a more dynamic conflict or unrest in 2011 (Uranus-Mars), something coming forward. We know, that there is a very old fashion militant Mars attitude in that far away country, that is now during these next two years, pushed to reform itself.

Iran has a Uranus-Mars also now in 2009, which will be activated strongly in 18-26 September by a New Moon and Saturn. Recently, it has a Uranus-Mars T-square in mid August, the failed revolution and unrest. It is curious to see that in a middle of a cold war, the people already awakened to the fake government and revolted themselves against it. People want peace and prosperity, they want respect of other people lands and culture, and this goes as an advice not only to NK and Iran, but also Israel and the western nations. Democracy, peace and culture traditions are to be respected.
By March 2010, the Uranus-Mars is again triggered, which is another period for tension and unrest. Another timeframe for civil revolution. Then in May, Jupiter aligns, eventually a feeling of impulsive action. And in December 2010, Jupiter aligns and Mars squares, while Saturn opposes natal Sun, no better time for unrest, depression, frustation and anger. It's in early 2013 that both Pluto and Uranus square natal Sun, definitively revolution and rebirth for this country, if it hasnt happened before.

Predictions weather September, October and December

These are my predictions, I will check if they were correct or not (for central Europe where I live). I have written these predictions in last day of July and posted in this blog, in 3 August

Not a bad record until now, about 80 % correct, for a 1 month prediction!!


1-2 very warm, sunny (completely correct)
4-5 thunderstorm (completely correct)
6 warm, sun (correct)
10-12 hottest and humid (wrong, there were strong thunderstorms)
13 strong thunderstorms (correct, the thunderstorms occured earlier, then showers)
18 humid, possibility of rain (wrong, only cloudy and mild)
19-20 still warm to very warm, some sun (completely correct)
22 cooler weather (correct, as it rained)
23-27 still warm and pleasant sunny days (completely correct)
30 significant drop in temperature, cold, rains (completely correct)

2-3 mild and generally dry
5 cool and humid (around 10-18ºC)
8 warmer, drier and sunny
10 fresh, cool, possibility of rain
12 calmer, nicer
14 really rainy weather
18 rain, fresh (max around 14ºC)
20-22 really sunny weather (max around 22ºC)
26 significant rain and more cold
30 calmer but frosts (5 to 13ºC)
it could be cooler than average during early September

October and November: the possibility of again unusual warm weather for end of October and early/mid November (the warmest should be around one of these dates, 1-2nd 5, 9 and 15th Nov 2009). The full Moon of 2nd November looks very unsettled, warm and fiery
2 rain, cool and humid (small probability of sleet; around 4-11ºC)
7 cool, fog, cloudy and fresh
11-12 cold (small probability of snow)
15- rain, cool to cold, showers
17-20 pleasant weather, rise in temperature
23- unstable, windy, possible rain
27- windy, some sun and warmer than average
1-2 humid, warm, sun/clouds
5- warm, clouds, windy
14-17 still nice days, eventually with max T up to 15-20ºC
18-21, 25 significant drop in temperatures, rain, possibility of sleet or snow

December: somewhat cold in early December (look for colder the 5th and 8-9th Dec); then a coldwave in end of December (white Christmas, and New Year!), mainly the colder or snow on 23rd and 31th Dec 2009.
5 fresh and rain, cold
10-14 sunny, nice
17 wet snow
20-21 cloudy and cool
23-28-31 snow and cold

Friday, August 28, 2009

Analysing kindnaped children

Natascha Kampusch, 8º Pis ASC
Had S-U-Mars conjunction, in 10th house!
Pluto aspects Mercury in 12th house!
Sun-Moon in 12th house!
Mars in quadrature to Nodes!
Venus-Neptune quadrature
Pluto-Sedna opposition
North node is in first house (need for independence)

-She was abducted when Uranus transited her 12th house (and square her natal Pluto), and Pluto entered her 10th house cusp (trining her Venus), initiating the shock and abuse by a paternal figure!! That day she a Mars-Mars quadrature.
-She escaped a few years when Uranus enters her ASC!! After a few years and natal Sun and Moon (need for freedom), and trined now his Pluto. Neptune was now conjunct in 12th house to her Mercury, a complete dissolution of influences and a long search for meaning and path. Pluto was now approaching her S-U-Mars conjunction, and Saturn her 7th house.

Elizabeth Friztl, 0º Cap or 15º Vir or 15-27º Pis, ASC
Sun squares Neptune and Nodes
Uranus-Pluto conjuntion
1st option: U-P close to MC, Sun in 8th house, Mars in 7th, Saturn and Moon near IC
2nd option: U-P in ASC, Sun in 12th house, Moon and Saturn in 7th house to 8th, Nept in 3rd, Mars in 10 or 11th
3rd option: Saturn and Moon in ASC, U-P near DSC, Mars near 4th house, Sun in 5th, Nept in 8th

-when she started to becomed abused in 1977
Uranus 9 Sco, Neptune 14 Sag, Pluto 13 Lib, Saturn 22 Leo
Uranus was near in square to Sun
Saturn in near conjunction to Sun
Neptune near in square to U-P conjunction
Pluto maybe opposing Moon (#1 and #2)

-when she was locked in August 1984 (basement started in 1982)
Uranus at 1-10 Sag, Neptune at 25-29 Sag, Pluto at 25 Lib - 0 Sco, Saturn at 12 Sco
Pluto square her Mercury; Neptune square her Saturn
1. Neptune enters her ASC in 84 (followed by Uranus later)
2. Pluto transits her 7th and enters her 8th house. Neptune and Uranus pass MC
3. Pluto transits her 1st house in childhood. Neptune and then Uranus cross her 12º IC

-when she was liberated in April 2008
Uranus at 21 Pis, Neptune at 24 Aqu, Pluto in 2 Cap, Saturn at 2 Vir
Pluto conjuncts same point where Neptune was when she was locked
Uranus squares the point where Neptune was when she was locked
Neptune is squaring the degrees where Uranus was when she was abused
Uranus already opposed her natal U-P conjunction in 2007
Neptune squares itself
1. Pluto enters now 1st house and Uranus approaches IC
2. Uranus enters now ASC and Pluto her MC
3. Pluto around IC and Uranus around DSC

Other cases reveal that always in a situation of a abduction Pluto or Neptune is transiting a critical angle (ASC, IC, DSC, or MC), and a planet, and the liberation occurs when mostly Neptune or Uranus cross that same angle.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Saturn and Uranus transit together your natal Sun

Between now and next month both Saturn and Uranus square my natal Sun, what a powerful time!
Since, at the same time, I am having Pluto square to my natal Mars (after it conjuncted my natal Sun in 2006), I am with Neptune around the ascendent, and with Saturn return approaching.
Major tensions, confusion, thinking, dillemas, desire for freedom and worries for safety.

Back in 1987, I was 6 years old, and I had a hard time.
Saturn and Uranus both started this cycle, and were conjunct to my natal Sun.
I was shy and I was confronting this situation as soon as I have entered school.
At the same time I was dealing with this, and having learning difficulties, but on another dwelling into science (astronomy and plants), painting and spirituality, which were really uncommon things for a early kid. I guess it was that damn Saturn isolation that make me search within, to discover these new passions, that would become later my life professional interests.

In 1995-1996, I had the first Saturn square to my natal Sun. I decide to follow a scientific career, mainly Biology. Uranus was also semisextile to my natal Sun at that time. It was a time of great searching, for many options, but sobering (in Saturn style), I committed then to a safe choice, and ressonating with a personal interest.

Importantly, in 1999-2000, there was a Saturn transiting my IC and Uranus entering my ASC. This would mark the beggining of a great and long-term change, a spiritual and personal awakening. This was when I entered University.

Then, in 2002-2003, Saturn was in opposition to my natal Sun, and Uranus in sextile to my natal Sun. I finished University, and I had the choice to follow either a more medicine-based career or a ecological-based career. Indeed I had many choices, as I was going abroad. Out of a personal intuition, I chose the first option. This was also safe in salary terms. Of course, for the past seven years I have had a scientific job in this first option, and going abroad was a very positive and expanding choice at that time.

Now, in late 2009, Saturn makes the closing square to my natal Sun while Uranus makes its first square to natal Sun: two very important aspects! After a few years of discontentment, I am now prepared to make a radical change, and quit my current job, and search a new one. Of course, this is coming with plenty of worries and issues of self-confidence (typical of Saturn transits) and a great need of personal freedom (typical of Uranus transits). Saturn pressures me to confront these issues and commit to a clear and solid path (something difficult now). There are several choices, but I seek a solid and far-reaching one. I am also 27, and only one year before my Saturn return. Completementary, Uranus is pushing me to follow my real interests and passions.
I guess this will be the start of a transitional period of about 7 years, due to 2016, when Saturn conjuncts again and Uranus makes a trine to my natal Sun!

Usually, the Saturn changes take about a year to be made, during which there is much thinking, frustation, going forward and setbacks, and important commitments made. I remember back in 1996 and 2002-2003 going against the wall with many options, only to find new ones were coming. Each one had its own challenge, and could prove a valuable learning lesson. In the end, only the most solid ones would pass. I guess it is quite typical to be temporarly unemployed during a hard Saturn-Uranus transit. Being honest to reject one unclear situation was also another lesson. Having patience to persist. Putting my efforts in searching and talking, going here and there. In the end, something lasting will eventually come out.

UPDATE (late 2010)
This is how Uranus transiting natal Sun happened to me:
I was working but became with a very small salary though the duration of 2009 (transit first hits). I was already unsatisfied with this job. During this time I made a trip to another country and became enthusiastic of doing there volunteering work. So during the summer 2009 I applied for this (exact transit again, retrogade) and also other projects. In early 2010 I was selected for this project and another one (exact transit now direct again). I spend the rest of 2010 happy and doing a wonderful adventure abroad. For a while, my girlfriend and I were only together through a long-distance relationship, but now we are back together. She also had Uranus opposing her natal Sun. Now we are planning following a new direction. I became much more in touch with my natal Sun (sagittarius: travelling, and 11th house: doing humanitarian work)

During this period Saturn was also transiting my natal Sun. I finished and defended my PhD, with much effort, and was worried with structuring future plans, but alternative ones. Choices were quite difficult but important to be made.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Using a pendulum to see the future...

Ok, today i used a pendulum to ask what could be our future, with most probability.
Here it goes:

Mid September 2009 - Economic (or otherwise) crisis start gradually
November 2009 - Economic or social crisis becomes deeper (flu pandemic is mild)
Mid 2010 - Economic depression achieves bottom (level comparable to great depression, but other events could give a certain weirdness). Of course, this brings significant personal changes.
Mid 2011- First signs of revolutions and uprisings start
Mid 2012 - Significant social and economic recovery (similar to todays). The mood concerning these years is mainly changes related to issues of power and identity (3rd chakra, element fire)
Quite peaceful and radiating year indeed.
Early 2013 - UFO disclosure (reaction is significant social tension, not completely harmonious)
Mid 2014 - A new sort of crisis, involving components of new (mild) social crisis, half revolution or uprisings and half-conflict; this is comparable to the american and french revolutions of the european revolutions of 1848, not at a global scale but still at a large scale. Earth changes only involved minor events and mild climate change
The mood concerning the following year is mostly related to issues of resources, emotional nature, self-nature, survival and basic needs (maybe triggered the mild economic depression, and the social crisis due to disclosure). Elements of water and earth.
This is denoted as the year of most intense change.
2015- Culmination of revolutions
2020s- The mood is mostly air, communications, spiritual and scientific development; there is very mild social aggitation, revolutions and changes, knowledge is expanding and changing.
2022- Another year of more intense change, but generally managable.
2032- Calmer moods and changes
2050 - Better moods of our society (increased evolution and perfected society),
2200- There will be still changes in next two centuries before a more utopian-like humanity, and spiritual ascension.

So, we're in for nothing outstanding, but still a dramatic turning point for our civilization.
The change goes in and out, with a lot with little periods of transformation.
Quite positive the future, quite a rebirth. Quite a gradual long way too.

Now, my astrology, pendulum readings, dreams, and remote viewing, gives similar results.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Saturn-Uranus, Saturn-Pluto, FORMER TRANSITS, What did happened, in a person and global levels?

Since, there will be many Saturn-Uranus-Pluto aspects in the following years, and plenty of peopl affected by these very powerful energies, I will write an article about my own experiences with transits like these.

2009-2011 Powerful T-square
Saturn is making now an opposition to Uranus in November 2008, February 2009, September 2009, May 2010 and July 2010, in 18º, 20º, 24º, 28º Pisces-Virgo and 0º Aries-Libra
I have both my Moon affected by first transits (in 17º Virgo), my Sun exactly affected by the upcoming transits (in 25º Sagittarius) and my natal Mercury and Mars in the last at 0º Libra.

Saturn makes a square to Pluto in November 2009, February 2010 and July 2010, in 1º, 4º and 2º Capricorn and Libra (in my natal Mars and also Jupiter!). Powerful energy comes in these next two months, as first Mars forms a cross (late August), and then Sun activates the configuration again (mid September). The most powerful energy comes by mid 2010, as Jupiter and Mars join perfectly in this incredible configuration.

Globally, this marks the current economic recession, political tensions, environmental worries, and the flu pandemic.
Personally, it represents a great shift in my direction of professional life, a searching for radical new opportunities, goals and occupations (Sun), changes of residence and country (Moon), and also challenges in relationships and my self-sufficiency (Mars)
Like back in 1988 and 2000, a radical change in personal life is about to take place, and manifestating outwards in exciting ventures and changes (Uranus). However, not without much back and forward, and much closing off the past to start a new future, having of course all those
(Saturn) worries.
Mostly these changes will be set in good motion around July 2010, the last passage, but a few should already start to occur by September 2009, the middle transit.

2001-2002 Saturn-Pluto
In August 2001, November 2001 and May 2002, Pluto and Saturn were in opposition, in 12º, 13º and 16º Gemini-Sagittarius. This was in general squaring my natal Moon, in Virgo.
The energy was higher around July 2001, as Mars also join in (guess what happened two months later).
Globally, this was the 911 and some nuclear tensions between India and Pakistan.
Personally, I had much emotional upheavel during this time (Moon), related to relationships and changes in my lifestyle.
A gradual rebirth, style of what a Pluto transit makes to us.

1999-2000 Saturn-Uranus
In July 1999, November 1999 and May 2000 (in 15º, 13º, 20º Aquarius and Taurus)
This was exactly hitting my ASC-IC degrees around mid Aquarius and Taurus!
Jupiter also joined Saturn in May 2000, increasing much this energy.
Globally, this represents a new currency for Europe, some informatic fears with the turn of the millenium, and the Internet Bubble: much technology coming to the masses, including myself.
Personally, this represented my emotional (IC), social, personal and spiritual awakening (ASC). What else could happen
when Uranus and Saturn transit there!
The ASC-IC are our most powerful personal degrees, in a chart!

1993 Saturn-Pluto
Both planets square in 25º, 23º and 27º Aquarius and Scorpio, near my ASC-MC
Globally, this represents deep changes around Europe, and conflits in the Middle East.
Personally, I was still on hard times with my health (ASC) and parents (MC).
The combined energies of Pluto and Saturn are always quite heavy, breaking our stability.

1992-1993 Uranus Neptune
Both planets were in conjuntion in 17-23º Capricorn, in cusp of my house 12, squaring my natal Saturn, and exactly conjuncted with my South Node.
Globally, this was the appearance of the Internet for the masses!
Personally I was 11, I had some hard time with my health and parents (Saturn), while at the same time I began using more of my inner scientific talents (South Node).
Of course, their energy is both dreamy and unsettled, stirring and diluting. No wonder my life was quite confusing at this point.

1988-1989 Triple Saturn-Uranus-Neptune conjunction
Saturn conjuncted Uranus in 1988 in 27-29º Sagittarius and Neptune in 1989 around 10º Capricorn. This was exactly aspecting my natal Sun, and nothing afterwards.
Globally, this was the 1987 market crash, and the fall of Berlin wall and eastern revolutions!
Personally I was 7, I was in the first years of school with many dramatic personal changes, and awakening to new hobbies and talents, and social challenges (Sun).
The typical Saturn-Uranus effect, stirring personal and societal changes!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Powerful changes: 15-23 AUGUST and 18-22 SEPTEMBER 2009

There will be a much stronger astrological energy now; after the first climax last October-December 2008, this is now a stronger one!

So, many changes at a global level and a personal level!
Particularly in 15-23 August 2009, and 18-22 September 2009

Globally, I think at least a new economy crash will gradually start, that culminates this October.
I will be quitting my job next week and doing one amazing change in my life also!! So, it goes true at least with me.
The changes will be happening in a lot of people from now on through the next years!
If you need astrological advice or a question, please mail me.

Look out for excitement, radical change and awakening!

Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto and Mercury form a powerful mutable-cardinal cross this and next week. That is also aspecting a Jupiter, Neptune and Sun, New Moon opposition!


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ways to deal with a Pluto transit; How to survive a Pluto transit

The Key to understand a Pluto transit.
Seven advices, based in my experience:

My way to dealing with Pluto is to:

1) first completely accept what you have been going, that need for a renewal,
2) dont resist, fight back, or dont force a change,
3) if you feel heavy for this stuck situation (dont resist but also dont force),go with the flow; research and dig deep, what is the understanding from this situation; with Pluto usually the change goes for a long time first inside ourselves and not manifesting rightly outwards as with Uranus transits,
4) then, realize that Pluto transits take a LOT of time,so dont resist, dont force, and importantly, dont want to control it; you cannot know the outcome, it requires simplicity and humbleness; the key is just to go inwards and research within ourselves, there comes the real power: our creative power, our healing power, our willfull power, the possibility for change lies inside ourselves.
5) in a specific situation that involves another one (relationship, job...) come clean with that other
6) try not to get obsessed, another Pluto problem, and
7) finnaly, Pluto makes us confront that issue, healing is one of its purposes, and slowly it plants a seed for the future (a rebirth); you can only realize its outcome many years later.

I have had Pluto transiting my MC, my natal Sun, Mercury, Moon and Mars
If you need (free) advice, please mail me shortly with your story and questions

Monday, August 3, 2009

Predictions of weather for August and September

These are my predictions, I will check if they were correct or not


1-2 very warm, sunny (correct)
4-5 thunderstorm
6 warm, sun
10-12 hottest and humid
13 strong thunderstorms
18 humid, possibility of rain
19-20 still warm to very warm, some sun
22 cooler weather
23-27 still warm and pleasant sunny days
30 significant drop in temperature, cold, rains

2-3 mild and generally dry
5 cool and humid
8 warmer, drier and sunny
10 fresh, cool, possibility of rain
12 calmer, nicer
14 really rainy weather
18 rain, fresh
20-22 really sunny weather
26 significant rain and more cold
30 calmer but frosts