Friday, August 28, 2009

Analysing kindnaped children

Natascha Kampusch, 8º Pis ASC
Had S-U-Mars conjunction, in 10th house!
Pluto aspects Mercury in 12th house!
Sun-Moon in 12th house!
Mars in quadrature to Nodes!
Venus-Neptune quadrature
Pluto-Sedna opposition
North node is in first house (need for independence)

-She was abducted when Uranus transited her 12th house (and square her natal Pluto), and Pluto entered her 10th house cusp (trining her Venus), initiating the shock and abuse by a paternal figure!! That day she a Mars-Mars quadrature.
-She escaped a few years when Uranus enters her ASC!! After a few years and natal Sun and Moon (need for freedom), and trined now his Pluto. Neptune was now conjunct in 12th house to her Mercury, a complete dissolution of influences and a long search for meaning and path. Pluto was now approaching her S-U-Mars conjunction, and Saturn her 7th house.

Elizabeth Friztl, 0º Cap or 15º Vir or 15-27º Pis, ASC
Sun squares Neptune and Nodes
Uranus-Pluto conjuntion
1st option: U-P close to MC, Sun in 8th house, Mars in 7th, Saturn and Moon near IC
2nd option: U-P in ASC, Sun in 12th house, Moon and Saturn in 7th house to 8th, Nept in 3rd, Mars in 10 or 11th
3rd option: Saturn and Moon in ASC, U-P near DSC, Mars near 4th house, Sun in 5th, Nept in 8th

-when she started to becomed abused in 1977
Uranus 9 Sco, Neptune 14 Sag, Pluto 13 Lib, Saturn 22 Leo
Uranus was near in square to Sun
Saturn in near conjunction to Sun
Neptune near in square to U-P conjunction
Pluto maybe opposing Moon (#1 and #2)

-when she was locked in August 1984 (basement started in 1982)
Uranus at 1-10 Sag, Neptune at 25-29 Sag, Pluto at 25 Lib - 0 Sco, Saturn at 12 Sco
Pluto square her Mercury; Neptune square her Saturn
1. Neptune enters her ASC in 84 (followed by Uranus later)
2. Pluto transits her 7th and enters her 8th house. Neptune and Uranus pass MC
3. Pluto transits her 1st house in childhood. Neptune and then Uranus cross her 12º IC

-when she was liberated in April 2008
Uranus at 21 Pis, Neptune at 24 Aqu, Pluto in 2 Cap, Saturn at 2 Vir
Pluto conjuncts same point where Neptune was when she was locked
Uranus squares the point where Neptune was when she was locked
Neptune is squaring the degrees where Uranus was when she was abused
Uranus already opposed her natal U-P conjunction in 2007
Neptune squares itself
1. Pluto enters now 1st house and Uranus approaches IC
2. Uranus enters now ASC and Pluto her MC
3. Pluto around IC and Uranus around DSC

Other cases reveal that always in a situation of a abduction Pluto or Neptune is transiting a critical angle (ASC, IC, DSC, or MC), and a planet, and the liberation occurs when mostly Neptune or Uranus cross that same angle.

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