Saturday, August 29, 2009

North Korea and Iran possible revolutions

How can I bring this issue, in a more radiating light?
After all, it's a dense situation, with potential to explode as the major cardinal alignments in 2010 align with critical degrees in the chart of those two countries.

However the promise is not only for conflict and unrest, but also at the same time, for uprising and revolution, which is eagerly needed.

Looking back at the chart of the Koreas war of 1950, it looks like erratic and difficult times are just ahead, with a high possibility of intense conflict. Now, we know that Uranus and Pluto like to destroy and shock when things are just not working, so that is one possibility. But the long-term promise is one of revolution and hopefully democratic rebirth.

After a tentative approach, I assumed a Korean chart as 25 June 1950, early dawn, when the conflict started, and assumed a guessed ASC of 15º Leo
This gives a Pluto in rising
And a Sun-Uranus in 11-12 house, square Mars (which is the perfect secretive NK tendency)

We now enter a period where Saturn completes its second return, so seeking to make some real changes and confronting the issues that were not dealt with.
In 2006, Saturn enters ASC: start of nuclear tensions
In 2008-2009 Saturn return

And the cardinal alignments hit mainly Mars (so, the military and also the main path of the country), and also the Sun (hence, a crises in identity)
In 2009 Pluto opposed natal Sun, and in late April, was squared by Mars: these were the ballistic and nuclear tests
In 2009 December, Pluto opposes Sun, and Saturn squares it, while Mercury triggers the transit; at the same time Saturn conjuncts natal Mars, and Mars is retrogade in ASC and conjuncted with Pluto! This could be a time of increased tensions and even brutal war and heavy feelings; but in a positive way, Mars is quite restricted. There is frustation. By 7, 24 December and 14 January the alignment is triggered.
In 2010, during all spring, Mars transits first house Leo and conjuncts again Pluto, this is fiery energy, the promise of a new identity coming forward. At the same time, Pluto exactly squares natal Mars, which is very assertive. In mid to late March and June, the configuration is triggered, particularly during the Full Moon of 27 June, which looks explosive, since Jupiter and Uranus align there. Neptune also squares natal Venus, meaning dissolution of self-worth and the economy.
By early August 2010, the cardinal cross is precise and climaxing. Because of Jupiter and Saturn, two social structure planets, this could mean a inside revolution or civil unrest instead of war, but even a conflict would cause a civil revolution against the governments. People are tired of wars.
Then, it's mainly Uranus and Pluto that square the natal Sun and Mars, mostly by December 2010 and August 2011, still going deeply into each compulsion, motivation and agressive behaviour of the country psyche. So, this may look like a intense unrest in the Koreas somewhere between August 2010-August 2011. Following the pattern, looks like more verbal war in 2010 (Pluto-Mars) and then a more dynamic conflict or unrest in 2011 (Uranus-Mars), something coming forward. We know, that there is a very old fashion militant Mars attitude in that far away country, that is now during these next two years, pushed to reform itself.

Iran has a Uranus-Mars also now in 2009, which will be activated strongly in 18-26 September by a New Moon and Saturn. Recently, it has a Uranus-Mars T-square in mid August, the failed revolution and unrest. It is curious to see that in a middle of a cold war, the people already awakened to the fake government and revolted themselves against it. People want peace and prosperity, they want respect of other people lands and culture, and this goes as an advice not only to NK and Iran, but also Israel and the western nations. Democracy, peace and culture traditions are to be respected.
By March 2010, the Uranus-Mars is again triggered, which is another period for tension and unrest. Another timeframe for civil revolution. Then in May, Jupiter aligns, eventually a feeling of impulsive action. And in December 2010, Jupiter aligns and Mars squares, while Saturn opposes natal Sun, no better time for unrest, depression, frustation and anger. It's in early 2013 that both Pluto and Uranus square natal Sun, definitively revolution and rebirth for this country, if it hasnt happened before.

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