Monday, August 3, 2009

Predictions of weather for August and September

These are my predictions, I will check if they were correct or not


1-2 very warm, sunny (correct)
4-5 thunderstorm
6 warm, sun
10-12 hottest and humid
13 strong thunderstorms
18 humid, possibility of rain
19-20 still warm to very warm, some sun
22 cooler weather
23-27 still warm and pleasant sunny days
30 significant drop in temperature, cold, rains

2-3 mild and generally dry
5 cool and humid
8 warmer, drier and sunny
10 fresh, cool, possibility of rain
12 calmer, nicer
14 really rainy weather
18 rain, fresh
20-22 really sunny weather
26 significant rain and more cold
30 calmer but frosts

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