Saturday, August 29, 2009

Predictions weather September, October and December

These are my predictions, I will check if they were correct or not (for central Europe where I live). I have written these predictions in last day of July and posted in this blog, in 3 August

Not a bad record until now, about 80 % correct, for a 1 month prediction!!


1-2 very warm, sunny (completely correct)
4-5 thunderstorm (completely correct)
6 warm, sun (correct)
10-12 hottest and humid (wrong, there were strong thunderstorms)
13 strong thunderstorms (correct, the thunderstorms occured earlier, then showers)
18 humid, possibility of rain (wrong, only cloudy and mild)
19-20 still warm to very warm, some sun (completely correct)
22 cooler weather (correct, as it rained)
23-27 still warm and pleasant sunny days (completely correct)
30 significant drop in temperature, cold, rains (completely correct)

2-3 mild and generally dry
5 cool and humid (around 10-18ºC)
8 warmer, drier and sunny
10 fresh, cool, possibility of rain
12 calmer, nicer
14 really rainy weather
18 rain, fresh (max around 14ºC)
20-22 really sunny weather (max around 22ºC)
26 significant rain and more cold
30 calmer but frosts (5 to 13ºC)
it could be cooler than average during early September

October and November: the possibility of again unusual warm weather for end of October and early/mid November (the warmest should be around one of these dates, 1-2nd 5, 9 and 15th Nov 2009). The full Moon of 2nd November looks very unsettled, warm and fiery
2 rain, cool and humid (small probability of sleet; around 4-11ºC)
7 cool, fog, cloudy and fresh
11-12 cold (small probability of snow)
15- rain, cool to cold, showers
17-20 pleasant weather, rise in temperature
23- unstable, windy, possible rain
27- windy, some sun and warmer than average
1-2 humid, warm, sun/clouds
5- warm, clouds, windy
14-17 still nice days, eventually with max T up to 15-20ºC
18-21, 25 significant drop in temperatures, rain, possibility of sleet or snow

December: somewhat cold in early December (look for colder the 5th and 8-9th Dec); then a coldwave in end of December (white Christmas, and New Year!), mainly the colder or snow on 23rd and 31th Dec 2009.
5 fresh and rain, cold
10-14 sunny, nice
17 wet snow
20-21 cloudy and cool
23-28-31 snow and cold

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