Monday, August 24, 2009

Saturn and Uranus transit together your natal Sun

Between now and next month both Saturn and Uranus square my natal Sun, what a powerful time!
Since, at the same time, I am having Pluto square to my natal Mars (after it conjuncted my natal Sun in 2006), I am with Neptune around the ascendent, and with Saturn return approaching.
Major tensions, confusion, thinking, dillemas, desire for freedom and worries for safety.

Back in 1987, I was 6 years old, and I had a hard time.
Saturn and Uranus both started this cycle, and were conjunct to my natal Sun.
I was shy and I was confronting this situation as soon as I have entered school.
At the same time I was dealing with this, and having learning difficulties, but on another dwelling into science (astronomy and plants), painting and spirituality, which were really uncommon things for a early kid. I guess it was that damn Saturn isolation that make me search within, to discover these new passions, that would become later my life professional interests.

In 1995-1996, I had the first Saturn square to my natal Sun. I decide to follow a scientific career, mainly Biology. Uranus was also semisextile to my natal Sun at that time. It was a time of great searching, for many options, but sobering (in Saturn style), I committed then to a safe choice, and ressonating with a personal interest.

Importantly, in 1999-2000, there was a Saturn transiting my IC and Uranus entering my ASC. This would mark the beggining of a great and long-term change, a spiritual and personal awakening. This was when I entered University.

Then, in 2002-2003, Saturn was in opposition to my natal Sun, and Uranus in sextile to my natal Sun. I finished University, and I had the choice to follow either a more medicine-based career or a ecological-based career. Indeed I had many choices, as I was going abroad. Out of a personal intuition, I chose the first option. This was also safe in salary terms. Of course, for the past seven years I have had a scientific job in this first option, and going abroad was a very positive and expanding choice at that time.

Now, in late 2009, Saturn makes the closing square to my natal Sun while Uranus makes its first square to natal Sun: two very important aspects! After a few years of discontentment, I am now prepared to make a radical change, and quit my current job, and search a new one. Of course, this is coming with plenty of worries and issues of self-confidence (typical of Saturn transits) and a great need of personal freedom (typical of Uranus transits). Saturn pressures me to confront these issues and commit to a clear and solid path (something difficult now). There are several choices, but I seek a solid and far-reaching one. I am also 27, and only one year before my Saturn return. Completementary, Uranus is pushing me to follow my real interests and passions.
I guess this will be the start of a transitional period of about 7 years, due to 2016, when Saturn conjuncts again and Uranus makes a trine to my natal Sun!

Usually, the Saturn changes take about a year to be made, during which there is much thinking, frustation, going forward and setbacks, and important commitments made. I remember back in 1996 and 2002-2003 going against the wall with many options, only to find new ones were coming. Each one had its own challenge, and could prove a valuable learning lesson. In the end, only the most solid ones would pass. I guess it is quite typical to be temporarly unemployed during a hard Saturn-Uranus transit. Being honest to reject one unclear situation was also another lesson. Having patience to persist. Putting my efforts in searching and talking, going here and there. In the end, something lasting will eventually come out.

UPDATE (late 2010)
This is how Uranus transiting natal Sun happened to me:
I was working but became with a very small salary though the duration of 2009 (transit first hits). I was already unsatisfied with this job. During this time I made a trip to another country and became enthusiastic of doing there volunteering work. So during the summer 2009 I applied for this (exact transit again, retrogade) and also other projects. In early 2010 I was selected for this project and another one (exact transit now direct again). I spend the rest of 2010 happy and doing a wonderful adventure abroad. For a while, my girlfriend and I were only together through a long-distance relationship, but now we are back together. She also had Uranus opposing her natal Sun. Now we are planning following a new direction. I became much more in touch with my natal Sun (sagittarius: travelling, and 11th house: doing humanitarian work)

During this period Saturn was also transiting my natal Sun. I finished and defended my PhD, with much effort, and was worried with structuring future plans, but alternative ones. Choices were quite difficult but important to be made.

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