Friday, August 14, 2009

Saturn-Uranus, Saturn-Pluto, FORMER TRANSITS, What did happened, in a person and global levels?

Since, there will be many Saturn-Uranus-Pluto aspects in the following years, and plenty of peopl affected by these very powerful energies, I will write an article about my own experiences with transits like these.

2009-2011 Powerful T-square
Saturn is making now an opposition to Uranus in November 2008, February 2009, September 2009, May 2010 and July 2010, in 18º, 20º, 24º, 28º Pisces-Virgo and 0º Aries-Libra
I have both my Moon affected by first transits (in 17º Virgo), my Sun exactly affected by the upcoming transits (in 25º Sagittarius) and my natal Mercury and Mars in the last at 0º Libra.

Saturn makes a square to Pluto in November 2009, February 2010 and July 2010, in 1º, 4º and 2º Capricorn and Libra (in my natal Mars and also Jupiter!). Powerful energy comes in these next two months, as first Mars forms a cross (late August), and then Sun activates the configuration again (mid September). The most powerful energy comes by mid 2010, as Jupiter and Mars join perfectly in this incredible configuration.

Globally, this marks the current economic recession, political tensions, environmental worries, and the flu pandemic.
Personally, it represents a great shift in my direction of professional life, a searching for radical new opportunities, goals and occupations (Sun), changes of residence and country (Moon), and also challenges in relationships and my self-sufficiency (Mars)
Like back in 1988 and 2000, a radical change in personal life is about to take place, and manifestating outwards in exciting ventures and changes (Uranus). However, not without much back and forward, and much closing off the past to start a new future, having of course all those
(Saturn) worries.
Mostly these changes will be set in good motion around July 2010, the last passage, but a few should already start to occur by September 2009, the middle transit.

2001-2002 Saturn-Pluto
In August 2001, November 2001 and May 2002, Pluto and Saturn were in opposition, in 12º, 13º and 16º Gemini-Sagittarius. This was in general squaring my natal Moon, in Virgo.
The energy was higher around July 2001, as Mars also join in (guess what happened two months later).
Globally, this was the 911 and some nuclear tensions between India and Pakistan.
Personally, I had much emotional upheavel during this time (Moon), related to relationships and changes in my lifestyle.
A gradual rebirth, style of what a Pluto transit makes to us.

1999-2000 Saturn-Uranus
In July 1999, November 1999 and May 2000 (in 15º, 13º, 20º Aquarius and Taurus)
This was exactly hitting my ASC-IC degrees around mid Aquarius and Taurus!
Jupiter also joined Saturn in May 2000, increasing much this energy.
Globally, this represents a new currency for Europe, some informatic fears with the turn of the millenium, and the Internet Bubble: much technology coming to the masses, including myself.
Personally, this represented my emotional (IC), social, personal and spiritual awakening (ASC). What else could happen
when Uranus and Saturn transit there!
The ASC-IC are our most powerful personal degrees, in a chart!

1993 Saturn-Pluto
Both planets square in 25º, 23º and 27º Aquarius and Scorpio, near my ASC-MC
Globally, this represents deep changes around Europe, and conflits in the Middle East.
Personally, I was still on hard times with my health (ASC) and parents (MC).
The combined energies of Pluto and Saturn are always quite heavy, breaking our stability.

1992-1993 Uranus Neptune
Both planets were in conjuntion in 17-23º Capricorn, in cusp of my house 12, squaring my natal Saturn, and exactly conjuncted with my South Node.
Globally, this was the appearance of the Internet for the masses!
Personally I was 11, I had some hard time with my health and parents (Saturn), while at the same time I began using more of my inner scientific talents (South Node).
Of course, their energy is both dreamy and unsettled, stirring and diluting. No wonder my life was quite confusing at this point.

1988-1989 Triple Saturn-Uranus-Neptune conjunction
Saturn conjuncted Uranus in 1988 in 27-29º Sagittarius and Neptune in 1989 around 10º Capricorn. This was exactly aspecting my natal Sun, and nothing afterwards.
Globally, this was the 1987 market crash, and the fall of Berlin wall and eastern revolutions!
Personally I was 7, I was in the first years of school with many dramatic personal changes, and awakening to new hobbies and talents, and social challenges (Sun).
The typical Saturn-Uranus effect, stirring personal and societal changes!

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