Sunday, August 30, 2009

The T-square cross in my 2, 5, 8, and 11 houses

I own values, talents, gifts, material resources, books, vegetable seeds, furniture, money, investments, websites, parental and cultural influences, languages spoken, academic education, memories of experience, friends, contacts, a partner, sexual needs, potential and pleasure, senses, self-reliant knowledge, hobbies and tools.

This is my second house, now the question is to whether feel liberated and awakened (Uranus) with these things I own.

How to share, give and receive with others (8th house)? A house dealing with the intimate association with others which require to obbey to certain biological and cultural rules, i.e. an house of survival, business, sex, of dealing with the problem of living in order to fullfill our life purpose, and, if things are not correct, it means death and regeneration!
How to express them, being my nature (5th house)?
How to creatively integrate this in a global manner, with groups and the society (11th house)?

As Saturn, Uranus and Pluto transit all these houses, except the fifth, I need of course to learn how to express my values, gifts and possessions! Because I frequently act through much of the other 3 houses, forgetting about this one.

Any Leo or 5th house individual around, that can give me further insight?

I based this
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