Saturday, August 15, 2009

Using a pendulum to see the future...

Ok, today i used a pendulum to ask what could be our future, with most probability.
Here it goes:

Mid September 2009 - Economic (or otherwise) crisis start gradually
November 2009 - Economic or social crisis becomes deeper (flu pandemic is mild)
Mid 2010 - Economic depression achieves bottom (level comparable to great depression, but other events could give a certain weirdness). Of course, this brings significant personal changes.
Mid 2011- First signs of revolutions and uprisings start
Mid 2012 - Significant social and economic recovery (similar to todays). The mood concerning these years is mainly changes related to issues of power and identity (3rd chakra, element fire)
Quite peaceful and radiating year indeed.
Early 2013 - UFO disclosure (reaction is significant social tension, not completely harmonious)
Mid 2014 - A new sort of crisis, involving components of new (mild) social crisis, half revolution or uprisings and half-conflict; this is comparable to the american and french revolutions of the european revolutions of 1848, not at a global scale but still at a large scale. Earth changes only involved minor events and mild climate change
The mood concerning the following year is mostly related to issues of resources, emotional nature, self-nature, survival and basic needs (maybe triggered the mild economic depression, and the social crisis due to disclosure). Elements of water and earth.
This is denoted as the year of most intense change.
2015- Culmination of revolutions
2020s- The mood is mostly air, communications, spiritual and scientific development; there is very mild social aggitation, revolutions and changes, knowledge is expanding and changing.
2022- Another year of more intense change, but generally managable.
2032- Calmer moods and changes
2050 - Better moods of our society (increased evolution and perfected society),
2200- There will be still changes in next two centuries before a more utopian-like humanity, and spiritual ascension.

So, we're in for nothing outstanding, but still a dramatic turning point for our civilization.
The change goes in and out, with a lot with little periods of transformation.
Quite positive the future, quite a rebirth. Quite a gradual long way too.

Now, my astrology, pendulum readings, dreams, and remote viewing, gives similar results.

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