Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ways to deal with a Pluto transit; How to survive a Pluto transit

The Key to understand a Pluto transit.
Seven advices, based in my experience:

My way to dealing with Pluto is to:

1) first completely accept what you have been going, that need for a renewal,
2) dont resist, fight back, or dont force a change,
3) if you feel heavy for this stuck situation (dont resist but also dont force),go with the flow; research and dig deep, what is the understanding from this situation; with Pluto usually the change goes for a long time first inside ourselves and not manifesting rightly outwards as with Uranus transits,
4) then, realize that Pluto transits take a LOT of time,so dont resist, dont force, and importantly, dont want to control it; you cannot know the outcome, it requires simplicity and humbleness; the key is just to go inwards and research within ourselves, there comes the real power: our creative power, our healing power, our willfull power, the possibility for change lies inside ourselves.
5) in a specific situation that involves another one (relationship, job...) come clean with that other
6) try not to get obsessed, another Pluto problem, and
7) finnaly, Pluto makes us confront that issue, healing is one of its purposes, and slowly it plants a seed for the future (a rebirth); you can only realize its outcome many years later.

I have had Pluto transiting my MC, my natal Sun, Mercury, Moon and Mars
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