Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Which event will result in world transformation and revolution?

During the future Uranus in Aries-Gemini, and Pluto in Capricorn-Aquarius time, we will witness plenty of social crises, conflicts, unstable times, inventions and revolutions

There are events in 2008-2011 that are the prelude for the great change about to happen.
Things will start to gather pace by 2012, and by 2015 the crises/revolt/war/depression will establish. Tension will be high in the years around 2019, when much invention will come also forward and plenty of social unrest. By 2023, a new revolutionary war wave will unfold, and end by 2029. By 2040 it will be a whole new global period.

Because the period of 2015-2025 correlates astrologically with the period of colonization of americas, european revolutions, great depression and world war, the black plague, the american civil war and revolutionary war... Mainly it's the Uranus ingress in Aries that starts the new cycle.

If the pattern holds then we will have the start of a symbolic death between 2012 and 2015, followed by a turning point by 2023 and a global rebirth by 2029.

Which scenarios are likely?
Do you want to add your own guesses?

I have speculated about some possible scenarios:

  • 1- Economic depression causes social collapse and revolutions. A recession in 2008 becomes a full depression in 2012. A large-scale war break out by 2015 and further devastates our economic and global structure. By 2019 an incresing social tension will give way to fantastic social revolutions by 2023-2029, and alien disclosure afterwards. Alternatively, a recession by 2008, becomes a full depression by 2012, and a collapse of our society by 2015. By 2019 onwards, a time of revolutions changes dramatically our societies (or a fighting against the powers that be). Oil, energy, food, banks and currency are the issues involved.
  • 2- Regional wars become a world war, thus resulting in dramatic social change. Between 2008-2012, a regional war enlarges, and by 2015 becomes a global war, which triggers global revolutions by 2023-2029; or regional conflicts enlarge by 2015 in result of economic depression and increase to world war by 2023-2029. Alternatively, by 2012 a regional war becomes a nuclear war, and by 2015 aliens intervene, and a lot of revolutions occur in 2023-2029. This occurs due to the Iran and Korea tensions, and could involve the world major powers.
  • 3- Alien disclosure causes a great global change. By 2012 a economic depression causes collapse of some western goverments, and by 2015 alien disclosure occurs. Plenty of social/economic/scientific/spiritual revolutions occur in 2023-2029. Or a widespread fighting against the powers that be. Or there is alien disclosure by 2012, followed by greater chaos and change by 2015-2019, and revolutions and possibly alien contact occur around 2023-2029.
  • 4- A food crises or pandemic trigger war or revolutions. By 2012, a great famine or pandemic occurs. By 2015, a great depression or significant war occurs. Important revolutions and conflict occurs by 2023-2029.
  • 5- Geological, cosmic or climatic changes trigger the social transformation. By 2012 climatic, geological or cosmic changes occur dramatically. This is a little bit the famous Mayan prediction. By 2015 a destruction of most western societies occur. A rebuilding, and new positive period starts by 2023-2029. Uranus in unpredictable and awakening.

Which player will most likely occur first?
War? Economic depression? Famine or pandemic? Earth changes? Alien disclosure?
Comment about your guesses.

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pluto - Mercury, Pluto - Mars. Effect of Pluto transits

Don't be surprise if I am writting much posts lately.
I have been with a 3 year long Pluto conjuncting my Mercury in 30º Sagittarius, and squaring my Mars in 1º Libra.
Before that I have had in 2005-2008, Pluto conjunct to my natal 26º Sagittarius Sun. I will explain how the Pluto energy works.

First, I had Pluto transiting my tenth house years ago. It was heavy when it squared my ascendant and when it transited my MC. Both were heavy and dense periods, with much pressure from outside, sometimes forceful and agressive, while it break the basic structures of my old self.
Gradually as Pluto transited through my tenth house, I slowly but completely changed my views about myself, about society and about my professional goals. I became a bit of a rebel, against the external pressure of outside authority and of social structures.

In around 2006,
Pluto conjuncted my natal Sun/Neptune, and there swing back and forward from between 2005 and 2008. It came slowly, questioning my professional path at the time, I profoundly became obsessed with quitting a job that I couldn't.

Pluto brings usually an energy of powerlessness, when we are confronted with a old situation that has to die, but either we resist, or the structures are so rooted, that even as we try, we find too much resistance from the external world.
I was obglied to continue my work, under great pressure, but while obsessively searching for other new professional opportunities. Well, I discover much, many new childhood talents, many old dreams, much of what I really am. I digged much to discover how can I use what I own inside, as a contribution to our society.

Of course, the whole process is very slow, it took about several years and it is still in completion. First as Pluto conjuncted my natal Neptune, I said bye bye to old ideals and rearranged to make a clear idea of what my new goals and dreams would be. Now, since 2008, Pluto transited my natal Mercury, and of course, the use of mind becomes obsessive and deep (two other Pluto key energies). I am now preparing two new books and I write in several blogs, with many varied themes. The problem is that my mind becomes too immersed in the search for knowledge and global vision (since I have a Pluto/Saturn in sextile to my Sun/Mercury/Neptune trio). I could stay like this for a whole day, for days in a row! Sometimes I just have to stop and meditate, or go outside to make some sport. I wonder when it ends... Pluto is now within 1-2º ahead from my natal Mercury. I guess Pluto has to move further than a orb of 3º to start finishing its effect. It's the same when approaching a natal planet. Consider a 3º wide orb.

Pluto transits are unlike Uranus. While Uranus tends to to accelerate greatly and suddently as it becomes an exact aspect, Pluto is like a hidden and very long player, always somewhere there in your back.

On the top of this, I also have Pluto in square to natal Mars, another difficult one. Well, certainly, the Pluto transit to Mercury and Mars, even as a quadrature, is not do heavy as the Pluto/Sun combination. The sexual, motivational energies become another source of worry and obsession. Not easy. It's like being able to feel every sexual energy around, and being tempted to experience them, but of course, due to being in a relationships, this is not the move to do. My natal Mars in in eighth house, and due to Pluto energy, there is often a aura of dense, astral energy, as if I could become obsessed and interested with all social, political, economic and millitary issues in the news! Everything seems to be linked to the words "transformation" and "impulse and self motivation".

Next year, both Uranus and Saturn opposed and conjuncted my natal Mars, after squaring my natal Sun, which they are doing now. It surely promises to be a time of great transformation.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

A summary of 2009 astrological enegies, my experiences.

Of course, this is colored by my personal transits and aspects.

Please feel free to add your experiences and comments!!

January started with much emotional energy and some density, rather melancolic, heavier, particularly until the 20th.
February was a month full of Aquarius energy, changes, opportunities, different views on things, liberating, and lots of unpredictable small things, and more tension around the second half of the month.
March was more dynamic, lots of mutable mode, the issues on my life were a bit confusing and changeable, also idealistic (inner planets in Pisces). There were also important changes for me (a change of house, going part-time..). The period between 15-20 March was the most charged.
April was very dynamic, and as the month progressed, more and more aggitated energy. I even got flu, just around the time that the pandemic started! The period most intense was around in second half of the month, around the 20th.
May had lots of active and impulsive energy, things were more focused now. A lively month, full of opportunities. Sounded like a new beggining.
June was identical; lots of activity, lots of energy, action, some stress too. The second half was the most intense.
July was initially relaxed, but then became heavily charged, lots of electric and unpredictable energy (Uranus) around the 10th and the 23th.
August was a grand month, lots of action, energy, much much active, lots of opportunities, it was a full month (as was last) of accelerated experiences, challenges and personal growth. I had many peak days (for good and bad) around the 4th, the 11th, the 17th and the 25th. There was no lack of impulse for action and new moves or challenges.
September was unexpectably a somewhat relaxed month (after the craze of last ones). A little bit more cool and mental. However, there was, as predicted, a intensely charged period around the 16th. There was lots of Saturn energy, so lots of restructuring, work, seriousness.

Predictions for October, November and December

October is to envolve lots of diplomacy, contacts, relationships and mental activity; a balance month, with lots of cardinal quality (thus, new moves and decisions)
November is strangely stubborn, fanatical, fiery, proud and intense. Quite scorpionic too. Does not feel so well, a dense month. More in the first half.
December feels grandious, very active and impulsive, expressive, international, expansive, very strong moves, very strong opinions.

What were your experiences?
Feel free to add your comments!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Comparison of our current period with that of Christ and Roman Empire (Pluto returns again to Capricorn). Predictions for the next FOUR CENTURIES

Check also the previous post Pluto in Capricorn
In the many Pluto in Capricorn cycles, major world change occurs.
Particularly when there is a cardinal T-square with other outer planets. The 2010-2020 period is rather identical to 1770s revolutions, 530s environmental changes, or 40AD Christ appearance.

Check this comparison:

Roman Empire started in 44 BC (Pluto in Cancer), Christ was born at 4 BC (Pluto in Libra) and by 33 AC there was Christ (Pluto in Sagittarius). When Pluto transited Capricorn, in 50 AC, the Christians started to organized themselves, and by 64 AC (Pluto in Aquarius) they were significantly recognized and a long-term unrest started in the Roman Empire. The Empire started to decline by 286 (when Pluto returned to Capricorn) and the Nicaea Council established Christianity as a religion (Pluto in Aquarius) in 325. Rome fell in 476 (as Pluto moved from Aries to Leo).

Our modern world was starting with a similar configuration around 1917 (Pluto in Cancer), and about 40 years later, in the decades of 1950s and 1960s, we had established alien contact and there were important social movements (Pluto in Libra). By 1994 we had the Internet and again a spread of spiritual information (Pluto in Sagittarius). But our cosmic brothers are still not acknowledged. Just like it happen in the time of Christ.
If the cycle repeats again, then we will have a gradual recognition of the alien presence between 2010 and 2030, with a somewhat assumed disclosure by 2030-2040; this will be a time of more unrest and revolutions. It will be a painfully slow disclosure and contact.
Our modern world will start to decline (or transform) after 2250, with the established of some structure with our cosmic brothers by 2285, and a complete restructure of our civilization by 2420.

Four Pluto cycles, over a 500 years round of evolution
  1. Roman Empire rises and falls (by 480); Christianity is born and starts to be accepted (50 AC)
  2. Discoveries and colonies rises and fall (by 1960); Modern Scientific and a global world is born and starts to be accepted (1520)
  3. Revolutions, America, Political Ideals rises and fall (by 2190); A revolutionary ideal is born and starts to be accepted (1770)
  4. Our modern world rises and fall (by 2420); the idea of a free, peaceful, respect for minorities, environmental, and prosper world, with contact with our cosmic brothers is born and starts to be accepted (2010)
44 Bc to 50 Ac to 290-480 (1) Fall of Rome; Christianity born
1430 to 1520 to 1770-1960 (2) Fall of European Colonies; Scientific world born
1680 to 1770 to 2010-2190 (3) Fall of America; Revolutionary world born
1920 to 2010 to 2250-2420 (4) Fall of modern world; Web-information world born
  • Pluto in Cancer by 44 BC, 1430, 1680 and 1920 (start of a world trend)
  • Pluto in Libra by 4 BC, 1480, 1730 and 1970 (a balance point, towards globalization)
  • Pluto in Capricorn by 50 AC, 1520, 1770 and 2010 (significant information, discoveries, wars, new ideals come forward; in 2010 onwards, for a couple of decades, there will be an increasing acceptance of environmentalism, of the alien contact and knowledge, a more recognized one, of new age philosophy... the next two decades are a major balance point for our modern and global world, just like it was the 18th century social and scientific revolutions, and the 16th colonization... ) major worldwide revolution or conflict (like between the 1680 and 1770 revolutions, the 1920 and 2010 revolutions)
  • Pluto in Aquarius by 65 AC, 1535,1785 and 2025 (revolutions, unrest, acceptance of minorities and a new philosophy) Major political /popular /idealistic revolutions in the world will mark the climax of this 500 year revolutionary age, that started in 1680 and expanded in 1770. This is probably a new major political and social ideal by 2030. The effect will be the destruction of our social and political structure by 2190.
  • Pluto in Capricorn by 290 AC, 1770, 2010 and 2250 (the start of a long-term deconstruction of that which occurred in last 250 years; e.g. in 1770 the european colonies and empires and religion; in 2010 and for the next 200 years, probably there will be a major increase of our scientific perspective and our liberal ideals (from 1770) while the overall power of governments will gradually disappear!; the fall of America starts for the next centuries; in 2250 it's our modern industrial and global world that starts to decline, and the more british-america dominated world, the democratic values, the gradual end of nuclear energy and arms, the gradual end of our populational and environmental problem. By 2260-80 the idea of a free, green and peaceful world reaches a climax revolution, a manifestation and recognization, a establishment)
  • Pluto in Leo by 480 Ac, 1960, 2190 and 2420 (from the events of last cycle, the deconstruction ends; there is a major change in our civilization; the sixties end a cycle of the world that started in the past 500 years, nearly no colonies, no empires, no religion; by 2190 the balance of power in the world is probably much different than now; there is no more political power, the social contract is perhaps a mix of scientific and economic powers;around this year it should be the final fall of America and our political ideals; a famine, large war, or something else, and by 2420 nearly no british-american dominated world; population excess, industry and environment destruction; science and democracy are no more dominant perspectives; the world is probably much simple in this distant future; probably the end of our modern civilization by a meteor, environment problem or ascension, or galactic integration)
In summary
2010-2040: a major period of revolutions with critical long-term significance, a major new political/social ideal, a climax of the inheritance of 1780s revolutions, a major turning point, again a return to a more community, personal and national level intead of global; acceptance of new age/ spirituality/ aliens/ environmentalism starts now, the very gradual destruction of current political structures and powers and major world empires starts now, for the next two centuries
2040-2060: probable acceptance of spirituality and alternative energies and medicine, official alien disclosure has at least occurred, possible large scale regional conflict, a few important climatic and geological changes have occured; coexistence of high-tech and green lifestyles, of science and spirituality.
2090: a new long-term (a few decades) societal traansformation, in the style of industrial revolution, now probably much more high-tech, genetic, computer, space and green-based; I would call it the third industrial revolution and new-modern world (alien disclosure has occured, and probably some contact, and our environmental problems are now somewhat confronted): a major age for science and civilization (no world wars have occured) probably due to technological and spiritual exchange; probably centralized computers, databased, news ways of transport, interaction human-computer, teleport, etc...
2190: balance of powers in the world is much different; there are no old world powers, or America; there are no politics!; probable final fall of our western world, maybe due to a large war, natural disaster or maybe just a long-term process; there is no more new world order; there is probably no more notion of a country, perhaps only economic and continental unions; the world is now more scientific-spiritual, liberal and personal than a global political situation. The human mind potencial now should be increase, due to the recent decades of research and personal and spiritual exploration (the idea of telepathy for example). If there are future wars I bet they will be ending here, we will be learning from our nature around this time, and we will hopefully learn; this should be a turning point for world peace from now onwards.
2260: the idea of a free, green equal and peaceful world reaches a official establishment; a culmination and realization of the ideals from the sixties; while there is also a gradual fall of the old industrial currently modern world; and if hasn't happened already, nuclear arms start to disappear; gradual end of british-america perspective starts to fade; gradual end of enviromental and populacional problem in next centuries; gradual end of democratic and economic values; probably a major shift to new philosophies (simple spirituality or cosmic civilization) has occurred in recent decades). ET contact, Higher and good intelligences: if it hasn't occured around 2100, then it will occur now. Human civilization reaches a critical mass: in the next century or two either ascension or galactic integration occurs.
2320 Famine or climatic shift? Revolutions? Ascension?
2420 Society is now very simple or galactic or due to ascension, very different

Good News: We will not have a world war in next two decades!

Although we can a huge economic crises ahead, and much social changes, and certainly big revolutions in about ten years, we will not have any world war.

I was researched which alignments tends to bring widespread war, either a world war, or the kind of wars that involved all Europe in the past centuries.
No, we're in for a time of revolutions, some regional wars, but no threat of a world war.
The good news is, by 2025 we will be probably close to global peace.
After the transformation sof next decade.

  • Widespread wars tend to involve the transit of outer planets in the signs or cusps of most frequently Leo, also often in Sagittarius, and less often, Aries. Particularly the positions of Neptune and Pluto in Leo cusps (see below, in red and blue). It is quite remarkable the correlation!
  • Sometimes it is also the case of Uranus in Capricorn or an outer planet in Gemini (more revolutions).
  • Pluto in Aries tends to signify long-term conflicts (see below in green).
Outer planets in Leo and Sagittarius cusps:
  • 1950 Cold War* - Pluto in Leo (cuban crises Uranus in Leo; 1974 crises Neptune in Sag; 1983 crises Uranus in Sag, war ends when both planets conjuncted in Capricorn)
  • 1939 WWII*- Pluto enters Leo; Uranus in Aries
  • 1914 WWI*- Neptune enters Leo (Uranus in Capricorn)
  • 1804 Napoleonic wars* - Neptune and Uranus in Sagittarius cusp
  • 1755 Seven Year war*- Neptune enters Leo; Pluto enter Sagittarius; Uranus Aries
  • 1740 War of Austrian Sucession*- Uranus in Cap, Neptune in Gemini, Pluto in Scorpio
  • 1701 War of Spanish Sucession* - Pluto and Uranus enter Leo; Neptune enter Aries
  • 1689 Second hundred years war- Pluto in Leo cusp
  • 1588 Anglo-Spanish war and armada* - Neptune in Leo
  • 1568 Eighty years war*- Pluto in Aries, at start Uranus in Sagittarius-Capricorn, and Neptune in Gemini (war ends with Uranus and Neptune in Sag and Pluto in Gemini)
  • 1453 Fall of Constantinople- Pluto and Uranus in Leo cusp
  • 1337 Hundred years war-Pluto and Uranus in Aries (war ends with Pluto and Uranus in Leo)
  • 1260 Widespread war in Europe - Neptune in Leo
  • 1202 Battle Las Navas de Tolosa (massive european battle against Arabs) - Pluto and Uranus in Leo cusp
  • 1096 First crusade- Neptune in Leo cusp; Pluto in Aries
  • 717 Arab siege of Constantinople- Pluto in Leo, Neptune in Aries
  • 476 Fall of Rome- Pluto in Leo, Uranus in Sagittarius

Pluto in Capricorn
Situations of a revolutionary tendency which significantly changes the global situation
  • 2010 Current situation
  • 1770 America revolutionary war, followed by French revolutionary wars
  • 1520 Colonization of Americas, Peasants war, Siege of Vienna, Sack of Rome
  • 1280 Warfare in Meditterranean, last crusade
Rest in peace, next time Neptune enters Leo is only in 2079, and Pluto in 2183.

However, Uranus enters Aries in 2010-2011 forming a cardinal T-square (major long-term world change, unrest, discoveries and economic crises); Neptune enters Aries while Uranus enter Gemini in 2025 (revolutions, revolutionary conflicts and inventions); and Uranus enter Leo in early 2040s forming a T-square (larger tension, environmental changes)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Astrology and Greatest inventions in the world. The future of technology

It's amazing the number of the greatest inventions that occured as Uranus or Pluto transited Aries or Gemini. Also when outer planets transited Sagittarius or Aquarius.

Uranus in Gemini
Papermaking 105

Pluto in Aries
Gun powder 800s, then 1100s

Uranus in Virgo-Libra, Neptune in Aries, Pluto in Aquarius
Compass 1040
Typing print 1040 in China

Uranus in Aquarius, Pluto in Gemini
Start of discoveries 1415

Neptune in Libra, Pluto-Uranus in Leo
1450 in Europe

Uranus-Neptune in Capricorn
Discovery of Americas 1492

Uranus in Aries, Neptune in Aquarius, Pluto in Sagittarius
Copernicus (heliocentric theory) 1514
Colonization of Americas 1517

Uranus/Pluto in Aries
Microscope 1590

Uranus in Gemini, Pluto in Aries
Newspaper 1605
Telescope 1608
Thermometer 1612

Pluto in Gemini
Barometer 1643

Uranus in Aries, Neptune in Aquarius
Discovery of bacteria 1676
Newton Laws 1687

Uranus in Gemini, Neptune in Libra, Pluto in Aquarius
Steam engine 1775
America Revolution 1776
French revolution 1789
Vaccination 1796
Battery 1799

Uranus/Pluto in Aries, Neptune in Aquarius
Telegraph 1844
Anesthesia 1844
Revolutionary ideals 1848
Distillation of oil 1854
Combustion motor 1854

Uranus in Gemini
Darwin (evolution theory) 1859

Neptune/Pluto in Gemini, Uranus in Virgo-Libra
Telephone 1876
Electric lamp 1879
Tesla technology 1882
Automobile 1885
Radio 1893

Neptune/Pluto in Gemini, Uranus in Sagittarius
Airplanes 1903
Einstein (relativity) 1905

Uranus in Aries - T-square of 1930s
TV 1926
Antibiotics 1928
Space rocket 1936
Nuclear energy 1939
Electronic chip and computer 1939

Uranus in Gemini, Neptune in Libra
Roswell alien technology 1947
Discovery of DNA 1953
Laser 1960

Uranus/Pluto in Virgo-Libra
Hippies 1967
Social movements 1968
Internet 1969
Moon landing 1969

Uranus/Neptune in Capricorn
World Wide Web 1989
Modern mobile phones 1993

Uranus in Aries - T-square of 2010s

Uranus in Gemini, Neptune in Aries, Pluto in Aquarius

Counting of invention, per sign:
Uranus in Aries (15), Gemini (13), Virgo-Libra (10), Sagittarius (1), Capricorn-Aquarius (4)
Neptune in Aries(2), Gemini (7), Virgo-Libra (5), Capricorn-Aquarius (12)
Pluto in Aries (11), Gemini (9), Virgo-Libra (4), Sagittarius (2), Capricorn-Aquarius (7)

Therefore, the next great years of inventions will be:

  • the period between 2010-2014 (a radical period of change with long-term consequences, it iniciates a long 250 year cycle, with some revolutions, inventions, and grand discoveries). Uranus in Aries, much unrest, important leaders, the start of twenty years of a period of many inventions, political and social theory, minorities, evolutionary theory, computer and nuclear science
  • around 2027 (which will be a time of even greater inventions, revolutions and discoveries). I guess due to Pluto in Aquarius, new industry, new energy, social revolutions, great period of inventions...
  • around 2056 (perhaps following the opposition of 2048): maybe in the fields of medicine, spirituality and the masses (since it involves Pisces and Virgo)
  • the last two decades of the century (2072, 2076, 2080, 2085, 2094, 2100), which marks a grand long new modern age for mankind: a great focus in scientific inventions, a bit like going to the stars and radical inventions in our routine.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Astrology Horoscope for Week 21-27 September - Digesting the big changes

After this lively and active weekend, a heavy Monday to Wednesday.

Slighty calmer end of the week.
And downright serious Capricorn-style weekend

- After such a critical, high-strung and depressive Friday, somewhat the Saturday brings new mental action, as the waxing Moon moves into Libra, and retrogade Mercury is now within 3º of the Saturn-Uranus opposition. Take action.
20- A Mercurian day, mental action, dillemas, balance of opposite, diplomacy, communication. It's a Sunday but don't give up. There is still a very strong energy from the Saturn-Uranus opposition today. But overall it could well be a lively day.

21- The Sun is within 2º square of Pluto, and Moon is about to leave Libra and enter Scorpio. Not nice for the beginning of the week. Mercury conjuncted Saturn and opposed Uranus. Communication may be harsh, tensions heavy, emotions erratic and dense. It is also equinox now. So I wish you all have a calm, happy and wise early week, since this seeds positive energies into the whole next three months!
22-The Moon gets well into mid Scorpio. Today it will feel heavier. This is an energy of intense transformation. We are still drained and down since the effect of the last week. Mercury retrogade conjuncts Saturn. Sun-Pluto square.
23- Wednesday, Moon leaving Scorpio. Mercury retrogade opposes Uranus. Sun-Pluto exact square. It may feel even heavier today! There is so much of T-square activity and transformation (Scorpio, Saturn, Pluto) energy.
24- Moon in Sag. A clear relaxation of energies.
25- Friday, Moon in Sag. A relaxed mood. But Moon approaches conjunction to Pluto, and during the afternoon squares the mutable opposition.

26- A bit heavier moods. Maybe the retrospective of this (again) big week. Moon in Capricorn. Sun in early degrees of Libra
27- Same as above. Venus is now in Virgo, lots of material focus and work. Mars approaches late Cancer, which is protectionist and very emotional energy. Saturn is also about to enter Libra, Sun entered Libra, Pluto is on Capricorn, lots of cardinal mode. Very moody end of the month.
Lots of action!

Lots of Astrology Books!

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I have included books in planets, signs, relationships and compatibility, money and career vocations, cycles and transits. See also at the bottom end of the blog.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Astrology in October-November: Lots of cardinal energy

Lots of planets are and will be in cardinal mode.
Meaning lots of pushing energy, and action!

Cardinal alignment tend to create identity crises and transformation, a change in course of direction, and redefinition of our core being.
If the energy in mid August and mid September was a mix of mutable and cardinal mode, from 10 October onwards, it is a much more cardinal one! This periods lasts through October and November. This is the last intense cardinal climax before the ones in March, June and August 2010. We had similar ones, in January and April this year, and September last year.

-Mars is currently in Cancer
-Sun enters Libra in 22 September, and squares Pluto
-Mercury conjunct again Saturn in 6 October, Moon in Aries, Mars sextile Uranus
-Mercury squares again Pluto in 10 October, Moon in Cancer. Mars conjuncts Node; Sun conjuncts important chart degree that was triggered in September 2008 events, last year. Important energy and events now.
-Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Pluto in cardinal mode in 16 October; very high energy
-Mars square Uranus-Saturn (only in heliocentric horoscope) in 24 October, Moon in Capricorn

Saturn enters Libra in late October

-In 7 November, Sun-Mercury is semi-square (in Scorpio) to the almost-exact square Saturn-Pluto, and square to Jupiter, opposes Sedna, Moon is in Cancer: this is powerful energy!
-In 16 November, Sun-Moon squares Neptune, Mars opposes Jupiter and it remains like this until December, Mercury sextiles Saturn-Pluto exact square. Moon in Libra and Scorpio.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

T-square of Saturn, Pluto, Uranus (typical) sentences, the horoscope of feelings

From someone (the author) who has currently Uranus and Saturn exactly squaring the natal Sun, and Pluto conjuncted natal Mercury and also in conjunction orb to natal Sun.

Today it was such a intense and difficult day.
Talk about self-fullfilling prophecy!
When that tiny little gut feeling lurks around, big things are surely set to happen.
Activation of astrological transits in the horoscope results always in intense days!

"I will have to solve this (situation)"
"It cannot last longer, or like this"

"We have to change"
"I must change"
"I am not sure if I should change/move now"
"I must change but I dont know the way yet"
"I look for it, but I feel frustated since I dont find it /get it"

"There is this hidden but recurrent annoyance or situation"
"I feel fear, I feel fear of taking a decision, or establishing a compromise"
"There is this hidden fear"
"There is this continuous tension"

"I feel fear when I feel this particular emotion aroused by this situation"
" Then, at a certain point I have to confront my fear, in that situation or relationship"
"I have to release the tension above me/within me/ around me"

"I feel this is absolutely enough"
"I will quit"
"I am looking for many new opportunities"
"I feel lazy today, tomorrow I will do it"
"I feel so much wired today"

"I feel angry with this"
"This one has an exciting new thing"
"But it hasnt worked"

"If I go there, do this, things will explode"
"It is such a depressing, confusing day"

Note from the author: I still feel somewhat positive, although after a heavy eventful day.

Mid September Astrology - A dialogue between Saturn, Uranus and Pluto

We are now under the third time of the exact Saturn-Uranus opposition, and in two days a powerful Virgo New Moon will conjunct Saturn, triggering in orb the mutable/cardinal T-square. Retrogade Mercury will also activate this configuration between this and next week, first squaring Pluto and then opposing Uranus and conjuncting Saturn.

Such a powerful time of Saturn and Uranus is a MAJOR identity crises.

A time when we look within ourselves, in Saturn-style solitude, to look straight to our soul, our keeper of time.
"Who are we? What have we done?"
Particularly important question: "where do we stand now?"
"How are our achievements? How is our life (e.g. family, career, interests)?"
"How do we feel about it?"

And Uranus also replies: "Who is this new person which is now growing into being?"
"Who is this new identity?"
"Is change necessary? We must then liberate ourselves, use our potential."
"Take the opportunities!"

To which Saturn replies: "How can I change? How can I implement change?"
"Is this change worth? How long-lasting will change be?"
"What does it really matter?"

Pluto then tells:
"We are facing a lack of control."
"We feel powerless in face of the current global changes."
"What can I do?"
"Who I am?"
"What to sustain myself?"
And Uranus helps: "what new trends are there that I can take part of?"
"What basic potentials may we awaken and experiment with?"

Saturn tells to Pluto: "It is such a intense time. We feel like a desert in flames or being in flood. And then a little spark awakens inside..."
Uranus tells to Saturn: "This is a new revolution, a radical change of course. There is much tension, I don't feel free, this is a personal shock. This is why so much unpredictable small things are occurring these days: finally, it is a time of awakening!"

Saturn calms Uranus: "Take time, time is the best healer. Don't do foolish moves. We deserve feeling well, simple but constructive."
And Pluto tells to Uranus: "there is plenty of time my brother, the revolution lasts many years."

And on 18th September, a Virgo New Moon comes and says:
"There is a need to perfect ourselves. We must not continue the way we are. Have you notice how many small things are there to be changed?"
Saturn in Virgo rejoices:
"This is a time of purity and of simplification, no wonder that the Economy and Health systems, those big animals, have shaken."
Uranus in Pisces tells that "it is very unprecise, we don't need boundaries, we don't need to be correct and precise, I want to bring this time of grandious event, of threats that don't exist, of plenty of stuff that is not real, this is the stuff of illusions and dreams, when you ask yourself so much what is real, what is not, who awaken, my friend, you see! You awaken!"

"Soon, next year, I will enter Aries and bring a wrath of rushing energy with it, and for that I will also bring my big friend Jupiter! There will be no more time for unfinished business. In the end, this will be a great time for our great inventions and creations." The three brothers await a grand marriage in heaven in the next 3 years. Humans are in the last room of this schoolyear of evolution. Earth is indeed a difficult school.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Astrology Horoscope for Week 14-21 September - What a week!

The next week promises to be one full of intense energies!!!
A burst of energy by Tuesday and Wednesday, criticism, pessimism
A depressive, high strung, nervous Friday
A lively and active weekend

Meanwhile, enjoy a weekend full of Venus-Jupiter and Gemini!

e are now so close to the cardinal T-square which forms first this month between Saturn, Uranus and Pluto, and is highly triggered around the New Moon of the 18th September.

Watch out if you have planets in late Virgo, Gemini, Pisces or Sagittarius!
Or if you were born in mid March, June, September or December.
This can be a dramatic period of change for you!

We find Saturn transiting the last degrees of Virgo. Uranus will be also exactly opposite. This is a battle between the impulse to change, and to follow the radical new, and the impulse to keep some accountacy with the structures of your life, establishing solid ideas and confronting our fears. No moves are made in first impulse now. Everything is metodically calculated, in Virgo style, the revolution (Uranus) of a new idea, is to be made after testing every scenario, every possibility, challenge, disadvantages and virtues (Saturn). There will be no hidden stuff. It has to come out to the daylight. Even if a few companies or big banks have to file for bankrupcy. No superficial relationship survives. No trouble stays the same. No hidden wish is kept hidden.
Remember Saturn is a great teacher.

Pluto is around 1º Capricorn, and will form a square again with retrogade Mercury, while the New Moon triggers powerful the energy of the Saturn-Uranus opposition. Pluto and Saturn approach now within orb of forming a T-square with Uranus (about 4º). Next year the T-square will also involve Jupiter and Mars and will be within 2º!
Just remember 1966 and 1931 were years of T-squares and oh they were eventful years!

Please refer also to my post below, a few days ago, where will Saturn, Uranus and Pluto fall in your astrological chart. Please feel free to mail me for further contact.

Day by day
14- The Sun is just within 3º of triggering the maximum energy of the opposition. You will feel the energies of Saturn and Uranus growing as the weekend ends into the next week. It is also Moon in Cancer (emotions). Thankfully Venus is still in opposition with Jupiter (optimism and romantism) as it is by the way today, Friday 11th.
15- Ok, you can consider we are now within the climax period. The Sun is within 2º and a Mercury-Pluto square may feel heavy and quite lots of thoughts, news and moves will be into the air, and deep inside our psyches. Thankfully, a dreamy Venus opposes Neptune, which spells good for visualization and feeling. But it enters quinqunx to the Saturn-Uranus opposition.
16- Wednesday. A burst of energy. The Moon is now in Leo. Venus is exact opposite Neptune. The Sun-Saturn-Uranus opposition and Pluto-Mercury is within 1º. Watch for sparks and fire!
17- Thrusday. This is the day most intense. However, you already feel it since yesterday or so. We are before New Moon and the T-squares are perfect. The energy is near maximum. Use it wisely. There is big Saturn (pessimism but realism) and big Uranus (aggitation, revolution, innovation). The energy may feel quite pessimistic indeed, due to both a Virgo New Moon and a Sun-Saturn aspect. This causes a tension of opposition that must be wisely resolved, using both energies
18- Friday. This is another very intense day. The T-square is still perfect, all alignments within 1º, and there is a New Moon in late afternoon, in Virgo. This will feel like a big check up, criticism, nervosism, probing the different possibilities, self-accessment. Today is a subtle rebirth, a new cycle. Watch out for a new or important idea it coming into awareness!
19- Somewhat the day brings new mental action, as the waxing Moon moves into Libra, and retrogade Mercury is now within 3º of the Saturn-Uranus opposition. Take action. What a lively Saturday it will be!
20- A Mercurian day, mental action, dillemas, balance of opposite, diplomacy, communication. It's Saturday but don't give up. There is still a very strong energy from the Saturn-Uranus opposition today.
21-Today it will feel heavier. Not nice for a Monday. The Sun is within 2º square of Pluto, and Moon into Scorpio! Mercury conjuncted Saturn and opposed Uranus. Communication may be harsh, tensions heavy, emotions erratic and dense. This is an important step during this next 2-years transformation. Next week could be slighty easier, although still very intense.

Friday, September 4, 2009

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