Thursday, September 10, 2009

Astrology Horoscope for Week 14-21 September - What a week!

The next week promises to be one full of intense energies!!!
A burst of energy by Tuesday and Wednesday, criticism, pessimism
A depressive, high strung, nervous Friday
A lively and active weekend

Meanwhile, enjoy a weekend full of Venus-Jupiter and Gemini!

e are now so close to the cardinal T-square which forms first this month between Saturn, Uranus and Pluto, and is highly triggered around the New Moon of the 18th September.

Watch out if you have planets in late Virgo, Gemini, Pisces or Sagittarius!
Or if you were born in mid March, June, September or December.
This can be a dramatic period of change for you!

We find Saturn transiting the last degrees of Virgo. Uranus will be also exactly opposite. This is a battle between the impulse to change, and to follow the radical new, and the impulse to keep some accountacy with the structures of your life, establishing solid ideas and confronting our fears. No moves are made in first impulse now. Everything is metodically calculated, in Virgo style, the revolution (Uranus) of a new idea, is to be made after testing every scenario, every possibility, challenge, disadvantages and virtues (Saturn). There will be no hidden stuff. It has to come out to the daylight. Even if a few companies or big banks have to file for bankrupcy. No superficial relationship survives. No trouble stays the same. No hidden wish is kept hidden.
Remember Saturn is a great teacher.

Pluto is around 1º Capricorn, and will form a square again with retrogade Mercury, while the New Moon triggers powerful the energy of the Saturn-Uranus opposition. Pluto and Saturn approach now within orb of forming a T-square with Uranus (about 4º). Next year the T-square will also involve Jupiter and Mars and will be within 2º!
Just remember 1966 and 1931 were years of T-squares and oh they were eventful years!

Please refer also to my post below, a few days ago, where will Saturn, Uranus and Pluto fall in your astrological chart. Please feel free to mail me for further contact.

Day by day
14- The Sun is just within 3º of triggering the maximum energy of the opposition. You will feel the energies of Saturn and Uranus growing as the weekend ends into the next week. It is also Moon in Cancer (emotions). Thankfully Venus is still in opposition with Jupiter (optimism and romantism) as it is by the way today, Friday 11th.
15- Ok, you can consider we are now within the climax period. The Sun is within 2º and a Mercury-Pluto square may feel heavy and quite lots of thoughts, news and moves will be into the air, and deep inside our psyches. Thankfully, a dreamy Venus opposes Neptune, which spells good for visualization and feeling. But it enters quinqunx to the Saturn-Uranus opposition.
16- Wednesday. A burst of energy. The Moon is now in Leo. Venus is exact opposite Neptune. The Sun-Saturn-Uranus opposition and Pluto-Mercury is within 1º. Watch for sparks and fire!
17- Thrusday. This is the day most intense. However, you already feel it since yesterday or so. We are before New Moon and the T-squares are perfect. The energy is near maximum. Use it wisely. There is big Saturn (pessimism but realism) and big Uranus (aggitation, revolution, innovation). The energy may feel quite pessimistic indeed, due to both a Virgo New Moon and a Sun-Saturn aspect. This causes a tension of opposition that must be wisely resolved, using both energies
18- Friday. This is another very intense day. The T-square is still perfect, all alignments within 1º, and there is a New Moon in late afternoon, in Virgo. This will feel like a big check up, criticism, nervosism, probing the different possibilities, self-accessment. Today is a subtle rebirth, a new cycle. Watch out for a new or important idea it coming into awareness!
19- Somewhat the day brings new mental action, as the waxing Moon moves into Libra, and retrogade Mercury is now within 3º of the Saturn-Uranus opposition. Take action. What a lively Saturday it will be!
20- A Mercurian day, mental action, dillemas, balance of opposite, diplomacy, communication. It's Saturday but don't give up. There is still a very strong energy from the Saturn-Uranus opposition today.
21-Today it will feel heavier. Not nice for a Monday. The Sun is within 2º square of Pluto, and Moon into Scorpio! Mercury conjuncted Saturn and opposed Uranus. Communication may be harsh, tensions heavy, emotions erratic and dense. This is an important step during this next 2-years transformation. Next week could be slighty easier, although still very intense.

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