Saturday, September 19, 2009

Astrology Horoscope for Week 21-27 September - Digesting the big changes

After this lively and active weekend, a heavy Monday to Wednesday.

Slighty calmer end of the week.
And downright serious Capricorn-style weekend

- After such a critical, high-strung and depressive Friday, somewhat the Saturday brings new mental action, as the waxing Moon moves into Libra, and retrogade Mercury is now within 3º of the Saturn-Uranus opposition. Take action.
20- A Mercurian day, mental action, dillemas, balance of opposite, diplomacy, communication. It's a Sunday but don't give up. There is still a very strong energy from the Saturn-Uranus opposition today. But overall it could well be a lively day.

21- The Sun is within 2º square of Pluto, and Moon is about to leave Libra and enter Scorpio. Not nice for the beginning of the week. Mercury conjuncted Saturn and opposed Uranus. Communication may be harsh, tensions heavy, emotions erratic and dense. It is also equinox now. So I wish you all have a calm, happy and wise early week, since this seeds positive energies into the whole next three months!
22-The Moon gets well into mid Scorpio. Today it will feel heavier. This is an energy of intense transformation. We are still drained and down since the effect of the last week. Mercury retrogade conjuncts Saturn. Sun-Pluto square.
23- Wednesday, Moon leaving Scorpio. Mercury retrogade opposes Uranus. Sun-Pluto exact square. It may feel even heavier today! There is so much of T-square activity and transformation (Scorpio, Saturn, Pluto) energy.
24- Moon in Sag. A clear relaxation of energies.
25- Friday, Moon in Sag. A relaxed mood. But Moon approaches conjunction to Pluto, and during the afternoon squares the mutable opposition.

26- A bit heavier moods. Maybe the retrospective of this (again) big week. Moon in Capricorn. Sun in early degrees of Libra
27- Same as above. Venus is now in Virgo, lots of material focus and work. Mars approaches late Cancer, which is protectionist and very emotional energy. Saturn is also about to enter Libra, Sun entered Libra, Pluto is on Capricorn, lots of cardinal mode. Very moody end of the month.
Lots of action!

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