Friday, September 18, 2009

Astrology in October-November: Lots of cardinal energy

Lots of planets are and will be in cardinal mode.
Meaning lots of pushing energy, and action!

Cardinal alignment tend to create identity crises and transformation, a change in course of direction, and redefinition of our core being.
If the energy in mid August and mid September was a mix of mutable and cardinal mode, from 10 October onwards, it is a much more cardinal one! This periods lasts through October and November. This is the last intense cardinal climax before the ones in March, June and August 2010. We had similar ones, in January and April this year, and September last year.

-Mars is currently in Cancer
-Sun enters Libra in 22 September, and squares Pluto
-Mercury conjunct again Saturn in 6 October, Moon in Aries, Mars sextile Uranus
-Mercury squares again Pluto in 10 October, Moon in Cancer. Mars conjuncts Node; Sun conjuncts important chart degree that was triggered in September 2008 events, last year. Important energy and events now.
-Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Pluto in cardinal mode in 16 October; very high energy
-Mars square Uranus-Saturn (only in heliocentric horoscope) in 24 October, Moon in Capricorn

Saturn enters Libra in late October

-In 7 November, Sun-Mercury is semi-square (in Scorpio) to the almost-exact square Saturn-Pluto, and square to Jupiter, opposes Sedna, Moon is in Cancer: this is powerful energy!
-In 16 November, Sun-Moon squares Neptune, Mars opposes Jupiter and it remains like this until December, Mercury sextiles Saturn-Pluto exact square. Moon in Libra and Scorpio.

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