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Comparison of our current period with that of Christ and Roman Empire (Pluto returns again to Capricorn). Predictions for the next FOUR CENTURIES

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In the many Pluto in Capricorn cycles, major world change occurs.
Particularly when there is a cardinal T-square with other outer planets. The 2010-2020 period is rather identical to 1770s revolutions, 530s environmental changes, or 40AD Christ appearance.

Check this comparison:

Roman Empire started in 44 BC (Pluto in Cancer), Christ was born at 4 BC (Pluto in Libra) and by 33 AC there was Christ (Pluto in Sagittarius). When Pluto transited Capricorn, in 50 AC, the Christians started to organized themselves, and by 64 AC (Pluto in Aquarius) they were significantly recognized and a long-term unrest started in the Roman Empire. The Empire started to decline by 286 (when Pluto returned to Capricorn) and the Nicaea Council established Christianity as a religion (Pluto in Aquarius) in 325. Rome fell in 476 (as Pluto moved from Aries to Leo).

Our modern world was starting with a similar configuration around 1917 (Pluto in Cancer), and about 40 years later, in the decades of 1950s and 1960s, we had established alien contact and there were important social movements (Pluto in Libra). By 1994 we had the Internet and again a spread of spiritual information (Pluto in Sagittarius). But our cosmic brothers are still not acknowledged. Just like it happen in the time of Christ.
If the cycle repeats again, then we will have a gradual recognition of the alien presence between 2010 and 2030, with a somewhat assumed disclosure by 2030-2040; this will be a time of more unrest and revolutions. It will be a painfully slow disclosure and contact.
Our modern world will start to decline (or transform) after 2250, with the established of some structure with our cosmic brothers by 2285, and a complete restructure of our civilization by 2420.

Four Pluto cycles, over a 500 years round of evolution
  1. Roman Empire rises and falls (by 480); Christianity is born and starts to be accepted (50 AC)
  2. Discoveries and colonies rises and fall (by 1960); Modern Scientific and a global world is born and starts to be accepted (1520)
  3. Revolutions, America, Political Ideals rises and fall (by 2190); A revolutionary ideal is born and starts to be accepted (1770)
  4. Our modern world rises and fall (by 2420); the idea of a free, peaceful, respect for minorities, environmental, and prosper world, with contact with our cosmic brothers is born and starts to be accepted (2010)
44 Bc to 50 Ac to 290-480 (1) Fall of Rome; Christianity born
1430 to 1520 to 1770-1960 (2) Fall of European Colonies; Scientific world born
1680 to 1770 to 2010-2190 (3) Fall of America; Revolutionary world born
1920 to 2010 to 2250-2420 (4) Fall of modern world; Web-information world born
  • Pluto in Cancer by 44 BC, 1430, 1680 and 1920 (start of a world trend)
  • Pluto in Libra by 4 BC, 1480, 1730 and 1970 (a balance point, towards globalization)
  • Pluto in Capricorn by 50 AC, 1520, 1770 and 2010 (significant information, discoveries, wars, new ideals come forward; in 2010 onwards, for a couple of decades, there will be an increasing acceptance of environmentalism, of the alien contact and knowledge, a more recognized one, of new age philosophy... the next two decades are a major balance point for our modern and global world, just like it was the 18th century social and scientific revolutions, and the 16th colonization... ) major worldwide revolution or conflict (like between the 1680 and 1770 revolutions, the 1920 and 2010 revolutions)
  • Pluto in Aquarius by 65 AC, 1535,1785 and 2025 (revolutions, unrest, acceptance of minorities and a new philosophy) Major political /popular /idealistic revolutions in the world will mark the climax of this 500 year revolutionary age, that started in 1680 and expanded in 1770. This is probably a new major political and social ideal by 2030. The effect will be the destruction of our social and political structure by 2190.
  • Pluto in Capricorn by 290 AC, 1770, 2010 and 2250 (the start of a long-term deconstruction of that which occurred in last 250 years; e.g. in 1770 the european colonies and empires and religion; in 2010 and for the next 200 years, probably there will be a major increase of our scientific perspective and our liberal ideals (from 1770) while the overall power of governments will gradually disappear!; the fall of America starts for the next centuries; in 2250 it's our modern industrial and global world that starts to decline, and the more british-america dominated world, the democratic values, the gradual end of nuclear energy and arms, the gradual end of our populational and environmental problem. By 2260-80 the idea of a free, green and peaceful world reaches a climax revolution, a manifestation and recognization, a establishment)
  • Pluto in Leo by 480 Ac, 1960, 2190 and 2420 (from the events of last cycle, the deconstruction ends; there is a major change in our civilization; the sixties end a cycle of the world that started in the past 500 years, nearly no colonies, no empires, no religion; by 2190 the balance of power in the world is probably much different than now; there is no more political power, the social contract is perhaps a mix of scientific and economic powers;around this year it should be the final fall of America and our political ideals; a famine, large war, or something else, and by 2420 nearly no british-american dominated world; population excess, industry and environment destruction; science and democracy are no more dominant perspectives; the world is probably much simple in this distant future; probably the end of our modern civilization by a meteor, environment problem or ascension, or galactic integration)
In summary
2010-2040: a major period of revolutions with critical long-term significance, a major new political/social ideal, a climax of the inheritance of 1780s revolutions, a major turning point, again a return to a more community, personal and national level intead of global; acceptance of new age/ spirituality/ aliens/ environmentalism starts now, the very gradual destruction of current political structures and powers and major world empires starts now, for the next two centuries
2040-2060: probable acceptance of spirituality and alternative energies and medicine, official alien disclosure has at least occurred, possible large scale regional conflict, a few important climatic and geological changes have occured; coexistence of high-tech and green lifestyles, of science and spirituality.
2090: a new long-term (a few decades) societal traansformation, in the style of industrial revolution, now probably much more high-tech, genetic, computer, space and green-based; I would call it the third industrial revolution and new-modern world (alien disclosure has occured, and probably some contact, and our environmental problems are now somewhat confronted): a major age for science and civilization (no world wars have occured) probably due to technological and spiritual exchange; probably centralized computers, databased, news ways of transport, interaction human-computer, teleport, etc...
2190: balance of powers in the world is much different; there are no old world powers, or America; there are no politics!; probable final fall of our western world, maybe due to a large war, natural disaster or maybe just a long-term process; there is no more new world order; there is probably no more notion of a country, perhaps only economic and continental unions; the world is now more scientific-spiritual, liberal and personal than a global political situation. The human mind potencial now should be increase, due to the recent decades of research and personal and spiritual exploration (the idea of telepathy for example). If there are future wars I bet they will be ending here, we will be learning from our nature around this time, and we will hopefully learn; this should be a turning point for world peace from now onwards.
2260: the idea of a free, green equal and peaceful world reaches a official establishment; a culmination and realization of the ideals from the sixties; while there is also a gradual fall of the old industrial currently modern world; and if hasn't happened already, nuclear arms start to disappear; gradual end of british-america perspective starts to fade; gradual end of enviromental and populacional problem in next centuries; gradual end of democratic and economic values; probably a major shift to new philosophies (simple spirituality or cosmic civilization) has occurred in recent decades). ET contact, Higher and good intelligences: if it hasn't occured around 2100, then it will occur now. Human civilization reaches a critical mass: in the next century or two either ascension or galactic integration occurs.
2320 Famine or climatic shift? Revolutions? Ascension?
2420 Society is now very simple or galactic or due to ascension, very different

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