Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mid September Astrology - A dialogue between Saturn, Uranus and Pluto

We are now under the third time of the exact Saturn-Uranus opposition, and in two days a powerful Virgo New Moon will conjunct Saturn, triggering in orb the mutable/cardinal T-square. Retrogade Mercury will also activate this configuration between this and next week, first squaring Pluto and then opposing Uranus and conjuncting Saturn.

Such a powerful time of Saturn and Uranus is a MAJOR identity crises.

A time when we look within ourselves, in Saturn-style solitude, to look straight to our soul, our keeper of time.
"Who are we? What have we done?"
Particularly important question: "where do we stand now?"
"How are our achievements? How is our life (e.g. family, career, interests)?"
"How do we feel about it?"

And Uranus also replies: "Who is this new person which is now growing into being?"
"Who is this new identity?"
"Is change necessary? We must then liberate ourselves, use our potential."
"Take the opportunities!"

To which Saturn replies: "How can I change? How can I implement change?"
"Is this change worth? How long-lasting will change be?"
"What does it really matter?"

Pluto then tells:
"We are facing a lack of control."
"We feel powerless in face of the current global changes."
"What can I do?"
"Who I am?"
"What to sustain myself?"
And Uranus helps: "what new trends are there that I can take part of?"
"What basic potentials may we awaken and experiment with?"

Saturn tells to Pluto: "It is such a intense time. We feel like a desert in flames or being in flood. And then a little spark awakens inside..."
Uranus tells to Saturn: "This is a new revolution, a radical change of course. There is much tension, I don't feel free, this is a personal shock. This is why so much unpredictable small things are occurring these days: finally, it is a time of awakening!"

Saturn calms Uranus: "Take time, time is the best healer. Don't do foolish moves. We deserve feeling well, simple but constructive."
And Pluto tells to Uranus: "there is plenty of time my brother, the revolution lasts many years."

And on 18th September, a Virgo New Moon comes and says:
"There is a need to perfect ourselves. We must not continue the way we are. Have you notice how many small things are there to be changed?"
Saturn in Virgo rejoices:
"This is a time of purity and of simplification, no wonder that the Economy and Health systems, those big animals, have shaken."
Uranus in Pisces tells that "it is very unprecise, we don't need boundaries, we don't need to be correct and precise, I want to bring this time of grandious event, of threats that don't exist, of plenty of stuff that is not real, this is the stuff of illusions and dreams, when you ask yourself so much what is real, what is not, who awaken, my friend, you see! You awaken!"

"Soon, next year, I will enter Aries and bring a wrath of rushing energy with it, and for that I will also bring my big friend Jupiter! There will be no more time for unfinished business. In the end, this will be a great time for our great inventions and creations." The three brothers await a grand marriage in heaven in the next 3 years. Humans are in the last room of this schoolyear of evolution. Earth is indeed a difficult school.

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