Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pluto - Mercury, Pluto - Mars. Effect of Pluto transits

Don't be surprise if I am writting much posts lately.
I have been with a 3 year long Pluto conjuncting my Mercury in 30º Sagittarius, and squaring my Mars in 1º Libra.
Before that I have had in 2005-2008, Pluto conjunct to my natal 26º Sagittarius Sun. I will explain how the Pluto energy works.

First, I had Pluto transiting my tenth house years ago. It was heavy when it squared my ascendant and when it transited my MC. Both were heavy and dense periods, with much pressure from outside, sometimes forceful and agressive, while it break the basic structures of my old self.
Gradually as Pluto transited through my tenth house, I slowly but completely changed my views about myself, about society and about my professional goals. I became a bit of a rebel, against the external pressure of outside authority and of social structures.

In around 2006,
Pluto conjuncted my natal Sun/Neptune, and there swing back and forward from between 2005 and 2008. It came slowly, questioning my professional path at the time, I profoundly became obsessed with quitting a job that I couldn't.

Pluto brings usually an energy of powerlessness, when we are confronted with a old situation that has to die, but either we resist, or the structures are so rooted, that even as we try, we find too much resistance from the external world.
I was obglied to continue my work, under great pressure, but while obsessively searching for other new professional opportunities. Well, I discover much, many new childhood talents, many old dreams, much of what I really am. I digged much to discover how can I use what I own inside, as a contribution to our society.

Of course, the whole process is very slow, it took about several years and it is still in completion. First as Pluto conjuncted my natal Neptune, I said bye bye to old ideals and rearranged to make a clear idea of what my new goals and dreams would be. Now, since 2008, Pluto transited my natal Mercury, and of course, the use of mind becomes obsessive and deep (two other Pluto key energies). I am now preparing two new books and I write in several blogs, with many varied themes. The problem is that my mind becomes too immersed in the search for knowledge and global vision (since I have a Pluto/Saturn in sextile to my Sun/Mercury/Neptune trio). I could stay like this for a whole day, for days in a row! Sometimes I just have to stop and meditate, or go outside to make some sport. I wonder when it ends... Pluto is now within 1-2º ahead from my natal Mercury. I guess Pluto has to move further than a orb of 3º to start finishing its effect. It's the same when approaching a natal planet. Consider a 3º wide orb.

Pluto transits are unlike Uranus. While Uranus tends to to accelerate greatly and suddently as it becomes an exact aspect, Pluto is like a hidden and very long player, always somewhere there in your back.

On the top of this, I also have Pluto in square to natal Mars, another difficult one. Well, certainly, the Pluto transit to Mercury and Mars, even as a quadrature, is not do heavy as the Pluto/Sun combination. The sexual, motivational energies become another source of worry and obsession. Not easy. It's like being able to feel every sexual energy around, and being tempted to experience them, but of course, due to being in a relationships, this is not the move to do. My natal Mars in in eighth house, and due to Pluto energy, there is often a aura of dense, astral energy, as if I could become obsessed and interested with all social, political, economic and millitary issues in the news! Everything seems to be linked to the words "transformation" and "impulse and self motivation".

Next year, both Uranus and Saturn opposed and conjuncted my natal Mars, after squaring my natal Sun, which they are doing now. It surely promises to be a time of great transformation.

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