Saturday, September 26, 2009

A summary of 2009 astrological enegies, my experiences.

Of course, this is colored by my personal transits and aspects.

Please feel free to add your experiences and comments!!

January started with much emotional energy and some density, rather melancolic, heavier, particularly until the 20th.
February was a month full of Aquarius energy, changes, opportunities, different views on things, liberating, and lots of unpredictable small things, and more tension around the second half of the month.
March was more dynamic, lots of mutable mode, the issues on my life were a bit confusing and changeable, also idealistic (inner planets in Pisces). There were also important changes for me (a change of house, going part-time..). The period between 15-20 March was the most charged.
April was very dynamic, and as the month progressed, more and more aggitated energy. I even got flu, just around the time that the pandemic started! The period most intense was around in second half of the month, around the 20th.
May had lots of active and impulsive energy, things were more focused now. A lively month, full of opportunities. Sounded like a new beggining.
June was identical; lots of activity, lots of energy, action, some stress too. The second half was the most intense.
July was initially relaxed, but then became heavily charged, lots of electric and unpredictable energy (Uranus) around the 10th and the 23th.
August was a grand month, lots of action, energy, much much active, lots of opportunities, it was a full month (as was last) of accelerated experiences, challenges and personal growth. I had many peak days (for good and bad) around the 4th, the 11th, the 17th and the 25th. There was no lack of impulse for action and new moves or challenges.
September was unexpectably a somewhat relaxed month (after the craze of last ones). A little bit more cool and mental. However, there was, as predicted, a intensely charged period around the 16th. There was lots of Saturn energy, so lots of restructuring, work, seriousness.

Predictions for October, November and December

October is to envolve lots of diplomacy, contacts, relationships and mental activity; a balance month, with lots of cardinal quality (thus, new moves and decisions)
November is strangely stubborn, fanatical, fiery, proud and intense. Quite scorpionic too. Does not feel so well, a dense month. More in the first half.
December feels grandious, very active and impulsive, expressive, international, expansive, very strong moves, very strong opinions.

What were your experiences?
Feel free to add your comments!

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