Wednesday, September 16, 2009

T-square of Saturn, Pluto, Uranus (typical) sentences, the horoscope of feelings

From someone (the author) who has currently Uranus and Saturn exactly squaring the natal Sun, and Pluto conjuncted natal Mercury and also in conjunction orb to natal Sun.

Today it was such a intense and difficult day.
Talk about self-fullfilling prophecy!
When that tiny little gut feeling lurks around, big things are surely set to happen.
Activation of astrological transits in the horoscope results always in intense days!

"I will have to solve this (situation)"
"It cannot last longer, or like this"

"We have to change"
"I must change"
"I am not sure if I should change/move now"
"I must change but I dont know the way yet"
"I look for it, but I feel frustated since I dont find it /get it"

"There is this hidden but recurrent annoyance or situation"
"I feel fear, I feel fear of taking a decision, or establishing a compromise"
"There is this hidden fear"
"There is this continuous tension"

"I feel fear when I feel this particular emotion aroused by this situation"
" Then, at a certain point I have to confront my fear, in that situation or relationship"
"I have to release the tension above me/within me/ around me"

"I feel this is absolutely enough"
"I will quit"
"I am looking for many new opportunities"
"I feel lazy today, tomorrow I will do it"
"I feel so much wired today"

"I feel angry with this"
"This one has an exciting new thing"
"But it hasnt worked"

"If I go there, do this, things will explode"
"It is such a depressing, confusing day"

Note from the author: I still feel somewhat positive, although after a heavy eventful day.