Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Which event will result in world transformation and revolution?

During the future Uranus in Aries-Gemini, and Pluto in Capricorn-Aquarius time, we will witness plenty of social crises, conflicts, unstable times, inventions and revolutions

There are events in 2008-2011 that are the prelude for the great change about to happen.
Things will start to gather pace by 2012, and by 2015 the crises/revolt/war/depression will establish. Tension will be high in the years around 2019, when much invention will come also forward and plenty of social unrest. By 2023, a new revolutionary war wave will unfold, and end by 2029. By 2040 it will be a whole new global period.

Because the period of 2015-2025 correlates astrologically with the period of colonization of americas, european revolutions, great depression and world war, the black plague, the american civil war and revolutionary war... Mainly it's the Uranus ingress in Aries that starts the new cycle.

If the pattern holds then we will have the start of a symbolic death between 2012 and 2015, followed by a turning point by 2023 and a global rebirth by 2029.

Which scenarios are likely?
Do you want to add your own guesses?

I have speculated about some possible scenarios:

  • 1- Economic depression causes social collapse and revolutions. A recession in 2008 becomes a full depression in 2012. A large-scale war break out by 2015 and further devastates our economic and global structure. By 2019 an incresing social tension will give way to fantastic social revolutions by 2023-2029, and alien disclosure afterwards. Alternatively, a recession by 2008, becomes a full depression by 2012, and a collapse of our society by 2015. By 2019 onwards, a time of revolutions changes dramatically our societies (or a fighting against the powers that be). Oil, energy, food, banks and currency are the issues involved.
  • 2- Regional wars become a world war, thus resulting in dramatic social change. Between 2008-2012, a regional war enlarges, and by 2015 becomes a global war, which triggers global revolutions by 2023-2029; or regional conflicts enlarge by 2015 in result of economic depression and increase to world war by 2023-2029. Alternatively, by 2012 a regional war becomes a nuclear war, and by 2015 aliens intervene, and a lot of revolutions occur in 2023-2029. This occurs due to the Iran and Korea tensions, and could involve the world major powers.
  • 3- Alien disclosure causes a great global change. By 2012 a economic depression causes collapse of some western goverments, and by 2015 alien disclosure occurs. Plenty of social/economic/scientific/spiritual revolutions occur in 2023-2029. Or a widespread fighting against the powers that be. Or there is alien disclosure by 2012, followed by greater chaos and change by 2015-2019, and revolutions and possibly alien contact occur around 2023-2029.
  • 4- A food crises or pandemic trigger war or revolutions. By 2012, a great famine or pandemic occurs. By 2015, a great depression or significant war occurs. Important revolutions and conflict occurs by 2023-2029.
  • 5- Geological, cosmic or climatic changes trigger the social transformation. By 2012 climatic, geological or cosmic changes occur dramatically. This is a little bit the famous Mayan prediction. By 2015 a destruction of most western societies occur. A rebuilding, and new positive period starts by 2023-2029. Uranus in unpredictable and awakening.

Which player will most likely occur first?
War? Economic depression? Famine or pandemic? Earth changes? Alien disclosure?
Comment about your guesses.

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