Monday, October 19, 2009

Saturn in Libra and Scorpio (2010-2012) - important events - reorganization of transnational treaties

Saturn in Libra 2009-2011

Saturn in Scorpio 2012-2014
Saturn in Sagittarius 2015-2018

Saturn enters in 29 October in Libra, and thus starts a great focus in relationships, treaties and a point of balance, both in our personal lives, and worldly, for our populations and countries. This marks a minor crises of world balance, before the revolutions of 2020-2025.


The next years, particularly a period of about 10 years, of greater focus on international relationships, regional alliances, new treaties, and new tensions between the geopolitical major powers. This is also a period of rapid technological innovation and further urbanization, further contrast between the rich and the poor, which paves the way for revolutions of the twenty twenties. There is a bipolarization of the major world powers and more extreme political ideals. More regional unrest, particularly in the far east and middle east, within China and in several other regions. These can create regional and international crises (like the Suez crises or the Korean war), for example, related to trading, troops and oil exports. Much more political ideals (and social unrest) will appear towards the middle and end of the decade, again paving the way for important revolutions (fighting for ideals will be growing all the way until early 2020s). Political ideals can be the start important wars. The period can also include severe depression, despite considerable technological advance.

Look around the Christmas, as the effect of Pluto-Saturn-Uranus T-square is already well under way. Mars will be retrogade then, but somewhere between March and June 2010, this great energy, is a marker of even great world events.

Here are some past examples of Saturn in Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius:

Twenties: A point of world balance between first world war and the great depression

Saturn in Libra 1921-1924 Birth of USSR, Hyperinflation in Germany
Saturn in Scorpio 1925-1927 Chinese civil war
Saturn in Sagittarius 1928-1929 First TVs, Stock market crash, Great Depression
Prosperity (between world war and great depression), rapid urbanization

Fifties: A point of world balance between the second world war and the revolutions of the sixties

Saturn in Libra 1950-1953 Korean War, Cold War
Saturn in Scorpio 1954-1957 Suez Crisis, Cold War, Decolonization of Africa
Saturn in Sagittarius 1957-1959 Cuban Revolution, Mao's Great Leap Forward in China, European Treaty of Rome
Much advance in music and cinema
Prosperity (between world war and sixties)

Eighties: A point of world balance between the seventies and the eastern revolutions of the early nineties

Saturn in Libra 1980-1982 Middle East wars (Iran-Iraq, Lebanon), Cold war crisis
Saturn in Scorpio 1983-1986 Challenger and Chernobyl disasters, Expansion of European Union
Saturn in Sagittarius 1987-1989 Soviet collapse and eastern revolutions, Tianammen protests, First Intifada, Stock market crash
Liberalization of markets, rapid economic growth (as cold war ended)
Electronic music, advances in science and technology

: A point of world balance between the last two decades, and the coming revolutions of the twenty twenties

Change in world geopolitical situation
New alliances, conflicts, treaties, international crisis
Economic growth, but some regional economic depressions
Political extremes; bipolarization of world
Advances in music and media

Other Saturn in Libra periods include the 1890s (economic depression), 1860s (America Civil war), 1830s (another economic depression) and 1800s (Napoleonic wars).

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Astrology: Week 12-18 October. Relationships come to focus

Last two weeks, this first half of October, featured a conjunction between Mercury and Saturn and opposition to Uranus, which was then followed by Mercury square Pluto, and Mars conjunt to Nodes!! Certainly, a high charged energy of change and structure.
One visible mundane effect were the many earthquakes and typhoons in the Pacific, as retrogade Mercury opposed Uranus and Mars aspected the T-square.
Although we can know in advance the high energy, we cannot predict which events can happen.

The next two weeks feature perhaps a resolution of the last weeks tensions, and a mood focused more in personal action, balance and diplomacy, and a lot of focus in relationships (Sun in Libra). I call your attention to the more intense days around 18 and 26 October.

12 Moon in Leo, Mars sextile Saturn (in orb): calmer and more expressive moods
13 Venus in conjuntion with Saturn, Mars sextile Saturn. Attention to matters of love. Structure, cautious, serious approach is recommended. Action is sometimes restricted, other times focused and concentrated.
14 Mars sextile Saturn. Moon in Virgo
15 Venus squares Pluto
16 Sun trine Neptune. A good day for dreams, inner calls, artistic expression, and social events.

17 Mars in orb quincunx to Pluto. Moon in Libra. More heavy energies arrive.
18 New Moon, which is square to Nodes! Mars quinqunx Pluto! Great transformation energies. Can be a heavy and emotional day.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Pluto - Saturn cycles and oil/ market crises or a nuclear /Middle East crises

A Pluto/Saturn, which occurs this autumn, is a heavy time and a significant turning point (last time was 2001, backwards was 1991, 1982, 1974, 1966, 1956, 1947, 1939, 1931, 1922, 1914).
It frequently correlates with wars with Israel (1948, 1956, 1967, 1973) and crises in the Middle East, nuclear tensions (1956, 1973, 1982, 2000) or large wars (1939, 1914) or severe recessions (1982, 1973, 1947, 1939, 1931, 1922), so naturally, I predict that these could happen again.

If you check history, all these years include important socio-economic changes! Respectively:

1914- world war I begins
1922- severe recession post-war
1931- the economic depression become worse
1939- start of world war II, recession again
1947- the end of world war and Roswell, Israel claims independency and 1948-Arab-Israeli war
1956- Suez crises, oil embargo, China-Taiwan tension
1966- the sixties agitation start, Arab-Israeli Six-day war
1974- Yom Kippur War, a oil embargo and crises, nuclear tension US-Russia
1982- cold war tension between US-Russia, Israel attack Iraqui nuclear facilities, US recession, Iran-Iraq war, Soviet-Afghan war
1991- Sovietic fall, end of cold war!
2001- 911 terrorist attacks, India-Pakistan nuclear tensions
2009/2010- Next Pluto/Saturn square. Possible new Middle East/ nuclear/oil crises.

Think of Pluto/Saturn like a house of cards collapsing. Well, it depends on the alignment. At the least it causes a little bit of collapse, wars and recession. At the largest, if aspected by other outer planets or in critical degrees, it causes a full blown collapse. In late 2009 and 2010, as Pluto/Saturn square Uranus in a cardinal holy cross, the effect promises to be largescale, a full blown.

Its effects starts now, and extends into late 2011. It is usually a well-defined event or crisis. Pluto/Saturn shatter the collective foundations, it can be a heavy tension or a clear blast. In Capricorn the effects are global (corporations, money, banks, governments). Libra gives a need for diplomacy, arrangements, compromises, the global relationships. Nearly always, this aspect has clear implications to the worldwide economy, and strangely, connected to oil and the Middle East.

There is also relationship between Pluto/Saturn aspects and the secrecy behind alien contacts and disclosure (1947, 1954, 1980). Perhaps the first steps leading to a full disclosure somewhere in the next decades.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Jupiter - Neptune : floods, diseases

Once in a while, natural disasters not only happen big scale, but also in groups.

During the past few weeks - maybe because of the strong Uranus/Saturn/Pluto T-square, and the ongoing Jupiter/Neptune - we are experiencing such a high number of consecutive natural floods, earthquakes and tsunamis.
We have predicted before, that this combination of Neptune is typical of floods, mass disasters and pandemics.

Just watch out the number of events in Asia-Pacific countries!
From Vietnam to Phillippines, Indonesia to Samoa, looks a little bit like they were targetted. Sadly, a great number of people have passed away.

2 Sep- Earthquake M=7.0 in Java
9 Sep- Historic flash floods in Turkey (country's capital is flooded)
19 Sep- Historic floods in Southeast USA (submerged cities)
22 Sep- Sydney (red) dust storm (historical dust storm)
26-30 Sep- Typhoon Ketsana in Phillippines (submerged country's capital), Vietnam, etc
29-30 Sep- Significant magnetic disturbance
29 Sep- Earthquake M=8.3 and tsunami in Samoa (submerged country's capital)
30 Sep- Earthquake M=7.4 in Indonesia, Pandagar (devastates the city)
1 Oct- Earthquake M=6.9 in Indonesia (second one)
2 Oct- Flash floods in South Italy
3 Oct- Typhoon Parma in Phillippines and Taiwan
4 Oct- Earthquake M=6.1 in Papua New Guinea
5 Oct- Super Typhoon Melor (Japan)

Additionally, we had also a strange number of strange diseases: the swine flu pandemic, a new outbreak of pneumonic plague in China, and a largescale wheat fungi (stem rust).
The conjunction will peak again in the next three months. This is not only typical of Neptune but also from Saturn in Virgo.

In 2004 to 2006, when Saturn opposed Neptune, we have experienced the Sumatra earthquake and Katrina. Neptune frequently invokes floods, massive water, or even heavy snows or hail. This is also under the influence of Uranus in Pisces. And expect more this winter.

On 2010, the entry of Uranus in Aries and the cardinal grand cross, with a Jupiter/Uranus, makes room for more events of a fire nature, instead of water or earth. Like volcanoes, fires or weather extremes. Particularly around March-April and July-August.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Powerful Uranus days: 4 October, 11 October and 24 October

We are now under the activated effect of the Uranus-Saturn opposition.
Expect fully charged and eventful days!

4 October
features a Full Moon in mid Libra, and a Mercury-Uranus opposition that is perfectly aspected by Uranus. Also important is the approaching Mars-Node conjunction.
11 October features a even more complex rectangle between Mars/Node, Saturn/Mercury/Venus, Uranus and North Node (and a Jupiter-Sun trine, and Sun-Moon quadrature)
24 October features a heliocentric Pluto-Mercury square (trine to Sun), and a perfect Uranus-Mars-Saturn T-square. Mars in early Leo

As the month of November progresses, the mental-uranian energy gives way to a more scorpionic-emotional-dense energy...

7 November features a Saturn-Pluto square, with semi-square to Sun/Mercury