Saturday, October 17, 2009

Astrology: Week 12-18 October. Relationships come to focus

Last two weeks, this first half of October, featured a conjunction between Mercury and Saturn and opposition to Uranus, which was then followed by Mercury square Pluto, and Mars conjunt to Nodes!! Certainly, a high charged energy of change and structure.
One visible mundane effect were the many earthquakes and typhoons in the Pacific, as retrogade Mercury opposed Uranus and Mars aspected the T-square.
Although we can know in advance the high energy, we cannot predict which events can happen.

The next two weeks feature perhaps a resolution of the last weeks tensions, and a mood focused more in personal action, balance and diplomacy, and a lot of focus in relationships (Sun in Libra). I call your attention to the more intense days around 18 and 26 October.

12 Moon in Leo, Mars sextile Saturn (in orb): calmer and more expressive moods
13 Venus in conjuntion with Saturn, Mars sextile Saturn. Attention to matters of love. Structure, cautious, serious approach is recommended. Action is sometimes restricted, other times focused and concentrated.
14 Mars sextile Saturn. Moon in Virgo
15 Venus squares Pluto
16 Sun trine Neptune. A good day for dreams, inner calls, artistic expression, and social events.

17 Mars in orb quincunx to Pluto. Moon in Libra. More heavy energies arrive.
18 New Moon, which is square to Nodes! Mars quinqunx Pluto! Great transformation energies. Can be a heavy and emotional day.

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