Sunday, October 4, 2009

Jupiter - Neptune : floods, diseases

Once in a while, natural disasters not only happen big scale, but also in groups.

During the past few weeks - maybe because of the strong Uranus/Saturn/Pluto T-square, and the ongoing Jupiter/Neptune - we are experiencing such a high number of consecutive natural floods, earthquakes and tsunamis.
We have predicted before, that this combination of Neptune is typical of floods, mass disasters and pandemics.

Just watch out the number of events in Asia-Pacific countries!
From Vietnam to Phillippines, Indonesia to Samoa, looks a little bit like they were targetted. Sadly, a great number of people have passed away.

2 Sep- Earthquake M=7.0 in Java
9 Sep- Historic flash floods in Turkey (country's capital is flooded)
19 Sep- Historic floods in Southeast USA (submerged cities)
22 Sep- Sydney (red) dust storm (historical dust storm)
26-30 Sep- Typhoon Ketsana in Phillippines (submerged country's capital), Vietnam, etc
29-30 Sep- Significant magnetic disturbance
29 Sep- Earthquake M=8.3 and tsunami in Samoa (submerged country's capital)
30 Sep- Earthquake M=7.4 in Indonesia, Pandagar (devastates the city)
1 Oct- Earthquake M=6.9 in Indonesia (second one)
2 Oct- Flash floods in South Italy
3 Oct- Typhoon Parma in Phillippines and Taiwan
4 Oct- Earthquake M=6.1 in Papua New Guinea
5 Oct- Super Typhoon Melor (Japan)

Additionally, we had also a strange number of strange diseases: the swine flu pandemic, a new outbreak of pneumonic plague in China, and a largescale wheat fungi (stem rust).
The conjunction will peak again in the next three months. This is not only typical of Neptune but also from Saturn in Virgo.

In 2004 to 2006, when Saturn opposed Neptune, we have experienced the Sumatra earthquake and Katrina. Neptune frequently invokes floods, massive water, or even heavy snows or hail. This is also under the influence of Uranus in Pisces. And expect more this winter.

On 2010, the entry of Uranus in Aries and the cardinal grand cross, with a Jupiter/Uranus, makes room for more events of a fire nature, instead of water or earth. Like volcanoes, fires or weather extremes. Particularly around March-April and July-August.

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